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  • This has been a disgusting eyesore for a long time. I hope they have been taxed appropriately, but probably not, because of the corruption in the tax office.

    Finally, the RE tax Director has resigned. It seems like he was doing a lot of “deals” with commercial building owners. It would be good to look at the tax records of this “horses ass” award-winner.

    • It’s listed in the real property database as class 004 – Blighted and assessed at $778K. Outstanding tax due is $77,115.06. Presumably that’s why they’ve finally started moving.

      I would link to it, but the real property db doesn’t allow direct links. It’s SSL 2835 0124 if you want to look it up.

  • Too bad it’s not a sign for JV Demolition, Inc.

  • I’ll believe it when i see the work started and completed project (see partially incompleted renovations a bit further south on 14th – across from the Dance Institute)

    • I’m with you. A construction sign does not a renovation maketh. I’ve seen way too many “Coming soon!” signs to get my hopes up. Then again, DC’s real estate market is, and has been, supercharged for a long time.

      • The coming soon sign is probably just a way to get it off the blighted property list for a while until DCRA gets enough complaints to put it back on there once again.

  • PoP readers should call that number and email that address every day until this building looks at least semi-decent.

  • Don’t hold your breadth. A lot of that reno work on that block has been done on the cheap and looks ugly. Take the quiet mind yoga building and similar ones. With all the railing against the Cleveland Park ANC and similar heavy handed neighborhoods, a little balance and focus on aesthetics would go a long way. My next exhibit would be the red derby roof deck cojoined twin eyesore. Maybe an awesome deck but it sure is ugly.

  • Bacon funerals were just a bad idea to begin with. No one wants to bury bacon.

  • Judging by the contractor’s portfolio, I don’t have much hope for a good design here…. and given the ugly box they are starting with, unless they are going to demolish it all and start over, I predict an ugly stucco box with out of scale plastic windows and vinyl architectural appliques to make it look “ye olde time historical.”

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