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Photo by PoPville flickr user Brandon Kopp

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Where was that picture taken? That is beautiful.

  • Where was this lovely photo taken?

  • Jinx 🙂

  • Looks like the Maryland Heights, overlooking Harpers Ferry.

  • Rant: Akridge closed the sidewalk on 17th between RI Ave. and M St. Total disregard for pedestrians, all of whom were walking in the street on 17th this morning against traffic. If you need to close a sidewalk, you need to provide accommodations for people on foot.

    Rave: It’s like I have a brand new bike. Got a new rear wheel, new brakes and a tune-up. I spent more than I paid for the bike originally, but it rides like a dream. Go Bicycle Space DC!

    • “If you need to close a sidewalk, you need to provide accommodations for people on foot.” Exactly!!! I feel this same way every time I try to walk south on 14th St from U to T. If I’m going to get a sandwich at Taylor, I have to cross the street at U and then cross back at T. They have barricades set up in the street but, instead of allow pedestrians to walk through this way, the contractors park their trucks in that space. It irritates me to no end.

      • I’m going to email Akridge today so if anyone knows the applicable DC code, let me know. I’m searching for it now, but no luck.

        • These guys are actually allowed to close the sidewalk, bike lanes, alleys etc. but must pay the city for “occupying public space”. They pay varying rates depending on length of time the space is occupied, the number of feet occupied, and the degree of public use (occupying a sidewalk or bike lane costs more than occupying an alley).

          It’s really friggin’ annoying and dangerous, however it seems the city is fine with it so long as the construction firm gets the permit and pays for it. I wrote to DDOT to complain about the 14th Street bike lane closures and never got a response.

          See Section C, “Public Inconvenience Fee”:

          DC – where everything’s for sale!

    • Did they close the sidewalk on BOTH sides of the street? If not, an easy solution may be to cross the street and use the other sidewalk. See…..easy fix to your problem. Don’t get so stressed…..life is way too short.

    • Unfortunately in DC there is no law requiring accommodation for construction companies doing work that infringes (unlike other cities that require scaffolding to go up before work can even begin). Or if there is a law, the companies knows that nobody will do anything to enforce it.

  • Rant – crossing in a crosswalk across Wisconsin Ave. with two kids. Everyone nicely stops except MPD which proceeds to just blaze on through looking right at me. They were not responding to a call, mind you. I yelled at them but to no availl.

  • Rant: the Taylor on 14th doesn’t put enough cheese on their sandwiches.

    Rave: Dinner booked for the boyfriend’s birthday!

    Rave: His aunt is coming to town!

    Rant: So is his mother, which means we have to clean our place.

  • Rave: Found out that the second, smaller break room on my floor has a toaster oven! Can’t wait to bring in homemade sandwiches and heat them up to melt the cheese and make the bread nice and crispy.

  • Im serioulsy considering adopting a dog. It would be my first. The part that scares me is the expense if the dog gets really sick. Not sure I can afford vet bills that run into the thousands of $$.

    • Pet insurance is actually pretty affordable and was totally worth it the one time I had to use it. Also, consider the fact that if you’re adopting the dog, it probably would not get the medical treatment anyways, so it’s no worse off with you.

    • I am in the same situation right now. A neighbor told me that she has pet insurance for her dog and it covers practically everything and is $40 a month… I am going to research it a bit more today.

    • Pet insurance? Maybe some other PoPers have experience buying health insurance for their pets?

    • Rut row, cue the 10s of angry comments you’ll get, saying if you don’t have the $$ to handle the dog’s vet bills, then you have no sense getting a dog (eye-roll). Take it with a grain of salt. Adopting an animal in need is a wonderful, open-hearted thing to do. Congratulations!

      I investigated this a little bit when we first adopted our kittens–companies offer “pet insurance” where they’ll cover the costs of major surgery or other unexpected vet bills for a monthly/annual fee. Just read the fine print, but it might calm some of your financial fears.

      • Don’t let the prospect of vet bills get in the way of getting a dog. Pet insurance is a great thing. We have it, pay about $35 a month and have used it twice this year alone when our michevious dog has gotten into potentially lethal amounts of food items that are not good for her. Our vet bills were 90% covered by pet insurance and we were paid back within two weeks of submitting a claim. The benefits of having a dog DEFINITELY outweigh the potential problems. Do it! It’s the best decision we ever made.

    • Legitimate rescue organizations/shelters have vetted all dogs before making them available for adoption. That means heartworm,distemper & parvo negative – the big ones. You might still get kennel cough – but that’s not a big deal. Also – ask every question you might have. They aren’t trying to scam you – just place wonderful loving dogs with loving homes. I couldn’t be happier with my mutt!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: People who think changing the wording to a question will make my answer change. It doesn’t work that way.

    Rave: PoP Tshirts traveling to Texas; I have an unnatural attraction to that state. I think they put something in the water.

    • You would probably like Austin.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I’m sure Austin is great, but it is not high on my visit Texas list. My absolute favorite place in Texas is Fort Stockton.

        • Fort Stockton? Wow! That place is (was) literally a one road town. Back in the late 80’s I did that drive between San Antonio and El Paso several times and wow there were always tumble weeds and sand on the main road in Ft. Stockton.

          There were no radio stations you could get while on I-10 except some high powered AM Mexican radio stations we could pick up around the Ft. Stockton area. Needless to say we had lots of mixtapes in the car… But it was an awesome drive especially when you had those crazy desert thunderstorms.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I was there in the 90s, still a 1 road town. I only ever spent the night there or drove through, but it has the most amazing Mexican restaurant… and the giant bird. I just love it.

    • That’s because Texas is the best and people naturally want the best in life!

  • Rant: Ann Coulter
    Rave: Glorious Fall Weather in DC!

  • Rave: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are my favorite holidays. I love this time of the year.

    Rant: Macy’s downtown have had up Christmas decorations in the basement since September.

    • Amen to your both your rave and rant. I was watching NBC on demand last night and the commericals were all Target Christmas commercials! One of my dogs even got up and left after it came on.

      • LOL; that was funny about your dog getting up and leaving, after seeing a Target Christmas commercial. Bless his or her heart. Retail stores are rushing Christmas and other holidays, before they get here. In the future, some retail stores may have Christmas decorations up in July. LOL

  • Rave: I absolutely love love love my new house in 16th Street Heights.
    Rant: Totally sick of this head cold.

  • Rant: Pepco.

    After double charging my checking account a substantial amount of money, I’m two weeks into my wait to get it back. They stole $300 from my checking account instantly. You’d think they could get my refund to me at least within a few days.

    • Stole? Have you filed a police report?

    • msmaryedith

      Sometimes tweeting about it helps. They do NOT like that bad publicity, and are often more quick to respond!

    • novadancer

      have you contacted your bank? When this has happened with mine, they reverse the charge during investigation.

    • thebear

      As was already suggested, contact your bank to dispute the double-dipping.

      This is a frequent problem, and makes absolutely clear why one should NEVER allow anyone to automatically debit your payment. Instead, use your bank’s online billpay to initiate payments. Most utilities and credit cards/loans are paid electronically so as long you submit the payment before 5PM 1 business day before it is due. If a payee is not on ACH and a paper check must be mailed, 5 business days before the due date. Set reminders in your calendar for when you need to schedule something. Yeah, you have to actually do some work but if you don’t want the hassle of your account being screwed up then you alone must take responsibility and control.

  • Rant: Ridiculously tired this morning and can barely function at work. Also might be getting a sore throat.

    Rave: Had a really good date last night—the first “first date” in almost 2 years. Dude was nice, talkative, cute, and a really good kisser. Hubba hubba!

  • For those of you who love hiking and beautiful views…this picture was taken on the Maryland Heights Trail Overlook…in Hapers Ferry,WV…you can find more info on the trail here http://www.nps.gov/hafe/planyourvisit/upload/Md-Hts2011-2.pdf…AMAZING HIKE

  • Rant: Richard Mourdock, and the general disregard politicians have for science.

    Rant: After being threatened with physical violence on the K6 bus route because of my white skin color last week, I’m making a conscious choice to take a safer bus route home from a different Metro station. I used to think all the sneers and the “you don’t belong here” looks were in my head, but apparently not!

    I think I deserve a mental health day soon..

    A rave, let’s try to find one. Leaf peeping. I do love this season, so that’s a rave.

    • I’m sorry to hear that happened, and especially that you now have altered your schedule because of it. Did you try contacting the cops – not on an emergency basis, but maybe going in and letting them know it happened? OK, probably that would do no good, but I’d be so outraged that I’d want to do *something.*

  • Rant: I have this weird thing in that I actually like it when I’m sick or injured. Well, I wanted sick? I got it. Ugh. Sooooo achy.

    Rave: Took down the huge, cracked mirror over our fireplace last night. No longer afraid that it will fall on someone but what we found behind it was pretty gross..and a different shade of paint.

    Rave/Rant: Watched ‘Magic Mike’ with the housemates last night. I love me some Channing Tatum but damn, that movie is awful!

  • General Question: What was going on on North Capital and T Street today? There were a lot of young people standing around on the overpass, with camera’s almost like b grade film crew and they had taken one of the safety fence panels down so they could get a better shot of what ever they were going to film on North Capital. Anybody know what was up? Odd time of day to do a film shoot during rush hour traffic.

  • Rant: Working on renovation figures, while switching jobs, and working my current job… Not a good look. I’m also not looking forward to a month before being paid on the new job. Working at a desk waiting for 2 week checks, not as rosy as it seems.

    Rant: Student Loans and Gas Prices.

    Rant: Politicians forgetting who pays their salaries and why they were elected.

    Rave: First High School reunion in over 20 years this weekend, no date when all my classmates are married with kids. I’m rolling solo, may be the only one. Kind of scary in a way too, this may actually be a rant.

    • I went solo to my 20 year reunion this summer and it was a blast! I actually think those of us who left our significant others at home had a better time than those who brought theirs – we could chat and hang out and tell “inside jokes” withough having to worry about keeping our date entertained or if they were bored. Just go there with minimal expectations and have fun!

    • I went solo to my 20-year reunion earlier this month, and had a really good time.

      I was a little worried that most people would be married with kids and would be condescending about it, but there were a lot of other single, no-kids people there, and I didn’t feel like anyone — single or married — was judging me. No one even asked if I had a partner back home!

  • Rant – for some unknown reason, the power was out on my block only (perhaps one more block too? but that’s it) – power was out for 10+ hours.

    Rave – since the outage was so (absurdly) localized, I could still go around the corner and get food on Mt P street.

    Rave – power was at least back on when I got up this morning.

    Rant – first time I woke up was 4am & it took over an hour to fall back asleep – it’s going to be a long day!

  • novadancer

    Rant: my boss continuing (has been every day since i got back!) to complain about having to work until 4 am while I was in Peru for two weeks… The admin asst clued me in that he didn’t come in until 5pm that day…hmm, that’s more like 2 – 3 extra hours. So sorry he had to actually do a little work for a change 😉

  • Rant: I fell last Thursday and busted up my knee. It’s finally healing and the pain isn’t as sharp anymore, but it’s just so sore. At least the bruises are fading.
    Rant: It needs to freeze. The bugs are moving inside my apartment, and that is not cool.
    Rave: A friend cleaning out her closet gave me lots of clothes, so I have fun new stuff to play with.
    Rave: Fall!

  • RANT: Last-minute meetings that happen every. Single. Day. Multiple times per day. That are mandatory. This has been happening since I started a new project, 4 weeks ago. I haven’t been able to take off at my normally-scheduled time since this started. I have had to cancel 3 different appointments (2 doctors’ appointments, one haircut) because of this. This is so frustrating, and I see no end in sight.

    Rave: It’s not Monday.

  • Rant: I want to get my driver’s license in DC and the next available appointment is the end of December!!!

    Rant: I wouldn’t bother but it is becoming a huge issue for me and my boyfriend who thinks I am affecting his quality of life by not moving out to the boonies and commuting hours every day

    Rave: Boyfriend really is great and after our biggest fight I think we came to some understanding and compromise.

    Rave: 2 more months to practice driving (long story on why I don’t have it, though I am an adult)

    • Did you receive instruction from any DC driving instructor/schools? I’m having a hard time finding recommendations and reviews for DC driving schools. Good luck on your test!

      • Woo hoo! Glad I am not alone 🙂

        Said boyfriend has been teaching me, but I was looking into idrivesmart.com for a while, being that they seem the least sketchy.

        Good luck good luck! I know it can be tough, especially trying to learn when everyone around here is so unfriendly in vehicles…

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