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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Very sick wife
    Rant: Arrogant doctors and condescending nurses

    Rave: Wife getting better
    Rave: Colleagues who have my back; friends who buy me beer
    Rave: The new set of doctors and nurses in the ICU

  • Rant: Yesterday I had shortness of breath, dizziness, blurred vision. No idea why but I guess a rave is that it’s gone for now.

    Rant: Bum knee that isn’t supposed to be bum after two surgeries. It doesn’t feel so hot.

    Rave: Husband home last night – he just landed some incredible foundational support for his work to the tune of a whole bunch of money – go Husband!!

    Rave: Our two year anniversay coming up next week – looking forward to relaxing and celebrating.

    • Wow, me too, I was so dizzy all day yesterday, a bit today too. Very odd, just came on around 1030 and wouldn’t let up.

      • That’s weird! Maybe it’s the weather or something? I hope you’re feeling better. As for me, it’s back as of 2PM!

  • Rant: Kids at school tormenting my young daughter over the color of her skin. So sad to see her crying her eyes out as the kids kept saying “you are ____, you are ____” .

    Revel: What advice do I give a 5 year old in this situation? Sticks and stones? SNL Biden – I am monkey strong, I’ll come over there and wipe the smirk off your face? You wanna a piece of me? Yeah, that’s right, that’s my color, and I am proud of it!

    • Have you talked to her teacher or the principal? Maybe that should be the first step.

      • Yes of course, alerted them right away — daddy the tattletale. Hope they don’t beat her up now for ratting them out to the authorities.

        • I’d tell my kid, “yes, you are ____. Tell them, yes, you are ____, big deal, and quit bothering me. That wasn’t very nice of them, so never mind. Tomorrow, some of those same kids will be your best friends, and I don’t think they’d want to be teased.”

          I don’t know why you’re reveling about teaching your kid to start swinging. Cultivate thick skin, and your kid will be stronger for it.

          • Did you really take the Biden comment has a father genuinely delighting in the thought of teaching his kid to fight?

      • I second Anon. Definitely talk to the principal and teachers so they can nip this in the bud. Same thing happened to me when I was young. It is a terrible experience. 🙁

    • Are these racist taunts systematic and widespread? Is your daughter having trouble making friends in her school? If the answer is yes to both of these questions, it might be worth considering ultimately moving her to another, better suited school if resources allow. Young minds are already busy learning new things and making social connections (including learning how to share and co-exist with peers). However, expecting a 5 year-old to thrive in a hotbed of miniature racists-in-the-making may prove exhausting for her (and you). Is it worth it? It might make her stronger, but it also might break the poor kid down needlessly if the school administration is unsympathetic and most of the kids are ne’er do wells.

    • Breaks my heart to think of some poor kindergartener crying over being teased… I hope she has one or two friends who stick up for her. Is she the only one being picked on for this reason, or are there others?

      • I’ve spent my whole life working to prove stereotypes wrong. It’s made me stronger. People who don’t go through adversity will never know how to bridge gaps with people that don’t like them. Don’t worry over it, teach your kid to resolve the issue by remaining down to earth and making friends, one at a time. Life only gets harder as we grow, teaching your kid how to overcome the odds will be a life-long skill. GI-Joe!

        • And knowing is half the battle!

        • Kind of a hard lesson for a five year old though. I think part of the beauty of being a kid is being care free. They have the rest of their life to overcome adversity. Let’s give them a period of time where they can feel safe and have fun and be kids. I think the concerns of the OP are very valid. I also like how OP left out the race. Not relevant and if OP had put it in we would be focusing on a whole different line of questions.

          • If the other kids are calling this one out for their race already, it’s never too early to start teaching them how to be considerate of others, and how to get along and make friends. It starts at an early age, and learning how to be mindful early on will help them to shape solid life-long views.

    • My brother recently called me to talk to my niece in a similar situation. My maiden name was “Strange” and now that she is in first grade, the teasing has begun. I told her the way to deal with it is to own it. When people asked me to repeat my last name, I said “Strange. As in weird. Exactly what you thought you heard.” I started making the jokes first, and it became a running schtik about how I should marry someone whose last name would make mine even funnier. The only way to turn that situation is to own it. Bullies hate someone who doesn’t get upset.

      But, teachers and other adults have to be brought in. I cried every day after school 4th-5th grade. THe girls decided they didn’t like me and declared me invisible – and anyone who spoke to me would become invisible too. They were miserable years. But now the ringleader waits on me at Walmart when I visit home, so that makes me feel better. 🙂

  • Rantish-Rave: New business in North Columbia Heights! Checked out the remodeling/reconstruction job on the diagonal street (Ogden?) off 14th between Oak and Meridian. It’s a….spa/nail salon.

    On the plus side, it looks like they’re doing a thoughtful update to space, and I am thrilled to have responsible, clean, professional businesses going in on the block.

    On the negative side…we just got a new nail salon up the block (Utopia)! Plus, I have always dreamed of that space as an open-air tiki lounge….who knows why.

    Bonus rantish-rave: Construction signs and new walls up Bacon Funeral Home. Condemnation or beginning of remodeling?

  • Rave: Haircut and color with the new stylist worked out really well.

    Rave: Coworker brought back delicious salted caramel chocolates from Seattle.

    Rave: The weather! Wearing boots and feeling good.

  • Rave: Skype with the BFF last night.

    Rant: It is so cold in my office.

  • My tenant just told me she and her boyfriend are moving on. Great, wasn’t a big fan of the boyfriend. Should I be worried about trying to find a renter in Eckington? Across the way just opened 600 unit apartment complex? Sink my money into renovating the basement and then they add all this new stuff.

    • I doubt it. The rental market still has slim picking from what I understand. We just had our place up and had a lot of interest.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I was lazy over the weekend & didn’t do laundry, so now I either get to do laundry on a work-night or wear the uncomfortable and/or ugly small clothes & shirts.

    Rant: Short staffed at work + hiring freeze = too much work to finish it all in a timely manner. Clients not amused.

    Rave: Sent my mom’s birthday present only 2 days late this year!

    Rave: Life is pretty good.

    • I always do laundry on weeknights. It’s a low impact activity that doesn’t take a lot of mental focus. Why would you want to waste valuable weekend time on it??

      • talula

        Me too! I hate spending my precious weekend time on laundry. Plus the laundry room in my building is empty on weekday nights so I can use multiple machines at the same time.

        • Emmaleigh504

          The laundry room in my building is empty on weekend afternoons and pretty busy on weeknights, so I’m leaning towards ugly, uncomfortable clothes for the end of the week.

          • I often do laundry in the morning, I never have to fight for machines! I stumble downstairs first thing and put things in the washer, take a shower, then move clothes to the dryer, and dry my hair/get dressed while it’s tumbling. I pick it up right before I leave, I might hang up blouses but otherwise don’t fold until I get home. It adds about 10 minutes to my morning (4 flights and a long hallway between my apartment and laundry room!), but to me that’s a fair trade to not be stuck at home on Saturday afternoons.

    • I always do laundry, late or not, it helps the week to feel like it’s going forward faster. No slacking!

    • Is that “smallclothes” in the “Game of Thrones” sense, i.e., meaning “underwear”?

  • Rant: Hate. My. Job. The only redeeming quality is:

    Rave: At least I can pay my bills.

  • msmaryedith

    Rant: Working out like crazy and not seeing results. I stepped on the scale this morning and had gained 2 pounds (and no, clothes are not fitting better, either). My guy friend worked out once and stopped eating as terribly as he normally does for a week and lost 6 lbs. So frustrating.

    Rant: First cold of the season. Blech. Makes it harder to work out.

    • Argh… so frustrating. Period, maybe?

    • Men always have an easier time losing weight- blah! Just keep at it. Also, keep in mind that women’s weights fluctuate throughout the month for obvious reasons. My sister-in-law shared that with me not long ago when I was getting frustrated about gaining a couple pounds even after a solid few weeks of running. Don’t get hung up on any particular number, but aim for a good range and keep going!

    • MsNesbitt

      I feel you. I’ve been there! The only thing that jumpstarted my weight loss was a major diet overhaul (protein shakes, low carb meals, etc). It seemed like once I started losing a few pounds, my body woke up and realized what was happening – and then exercising had a greater impact (and I could go back to normal healthy eating). I’m sure someone else will comment that this is a terrible plan, but hey, it’s what worked for me!

      • msmaryedith

        You’re probably right. I have been eating fairly well (lots of roasted veggies, Greek yogurt, fruit, water). I guess I was reluctant to totally changing the diet when I was working out 2 hours a day–I’m afraid I’d pass out 🙂

    • Losing weight/getting in shape can be a step function – periods with no noticeable change followed by big jumps. Keep at it!

      But maybe more importantly, how do you FEEL? When I started exercising after a long period of inactivity, I didn’t lose any weight or look any different, but I was a lot less lethargic and just felt better all around.

      • msmaryedith

        Thanks for the positive vibes. I guess part of my problem is that right now I just feel so crummy (with the cold) that I don’t want to work out! I had been pretty good about working out for a while, but this intense period is relatively new. Initially I felt really great, but being sick makes me feel lethargic again. I took a couple of days off last week to rest up, but I am still congested and icky. I’ll keep at it, though.

    • I found that changing up my workouts (less intense cardio like yoga and walking instead of spin class and jogging) made a difference combined with eliminating carbs, esp. in the AM.

      • msmaryedith

        Thanks for the tip–I’m doing spin and barre and so it’s good combo of high impact and relatively low-impact, but maybe I should mix it up a bit more. I signed up for a “30 in 30” challenge at my studio so I’ve been really dedicated, but it is mostly the same two workouts. I’ve finished 21 of the 30 classes already, so maybe I’ll take off a couple of days and switch it up and just do some yoga or walking.

        • If you’re at Biker Barre, the problem may be that they don’t teach proper form, so cardio without form is totally ineffective. I was doing this at Captiol Hill MAFA, and lost no weight over 6 motnhs. So I tried out Biker Barre for just the one class, and found there was no form instruction. So now I’m back to Capitol Hill Yoga and CHAW’s ballet class where they really focus on form. I’m hoping that will help. Maybe then I’ll build up strength and learn enough form to go back to cardio. Except I have no energy, so I’m not really going.

          • msmaryedith

            I do go there, and I know that some instructors are better than others as far as corrections/focusing on form (sounds like you had a bad experience). I try to go only to those who do because I agree that without that, it’s not really worth going.

    • Hang in there and keep up the workouts. I am on week 4 of a running program and I’m just starting to see the scale budge a pound or two after 3 consistent weeks of 6 x per week workouts. It can be frustrating to keep going without seeing results, but remember it took you a while to gain it and you can’t expect it to come off overnight. Just be careful that you aren’t replacing those calories after your intense workouts. I tend to get hungry after long runs and I have to really be strong to not give into those cravings. They say weight loss is about 30% exercise and 70% diet so look to your diet to make sure you are cutting those 500 calories per day if you want to see a 1 pound drop per week. Good luck and keep us updated with your progress!

      • msmaryedith

        Thanks! Honestly, I don’t think I’m replacing the calories after the workouts–I’m usually so beat that I’m not that hungry after. But I probably need to get into a routine of tracking my intake again.

        • You also want to make sure you’re eating enough. A light in calories protein shake is great after a hard workout to keep your metabolism going. My current fave is pumpkin+almond milk+greek yogurt+1 banana. If you don’t eat enough, your body can shut down and try to hold on to the fat you’re trying to get rid of.

    • msmaryedith

      Thanks to all of you guys for the nice responses! It helps to have some cheerleaders 🙂

  • talula

    Rave: Visited two new DC resturants recently: Izakaya Seki and Doner Bistro, and both were delicious!

    Rant: Work and the upcoming move to a new apartment and new neighborhood are stressing me out

  • All of my coworkers are out of the office
    I. am. so. bored.

    Rave: Burgers and margaritas at the Derby last night. Yummmy.

  • Rant: Pettiness. Cattiness. When does this stop?

    Rave: Fall-themed munchkins at Dunkin Donuts. Omnomnom.

  • rant – got rear ended last night and people honked and yelled as us as we waited for police (we moved as far off the road as feasible) – no witnesses waited on the scene

    rave – no one was hurt

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: went out of my way to do a photography work
    Rave: another very satisfied client

  • Rant: Just saw in the WaPo that they arrest a man in NW 700 block of Kenyon for exposing himself to children. Now I’ve seen on this site a few weeks ago that folks have been complaining of a man exposing himself around that same area…and they are only NOW getting him.


  • Rant: Moving to the west coast and I just cannot get excited about it. I am overwhelmed by details related to the move and by pressure from family to make plans to come back and visit. And most of all I am frustrated by my own inability to get excited for this.

  • Rant: Mr. 57-year-old drunk driver from Virginia whose mess I’m still cleaning up after he nailed my parked car.

    The tally so far is nearly $1,000 and countless hours of my time trying to unravel the results of his poor decision making. The insurance company is still trying to figure out exactly how much damage he did and how much they’ll actually pay for out of his policy.

    Rant 2: Geico.

    If the drunk had been insured by any other company (not Geico, like me) Geico would have apparently waived the repair deductible for me and paid for my rental car. But because they can’t go after another company for those expenses, they refuse to pay them. Instead, I get to bear the brunt of the costs for however long it takes them to figure out total damage costs vs. the drunk’s claim limits.

    Slime-y, to say the least. Maybe not so on the up-and-up either?

    • So both of you are insured with Geico, and consequently they won’t pay for your deductible or rental? Even in terms of reimbursing you for them if you pay up front to have it repaired?

      Something seems off there. You were parked; he was drunk. How can there be a question of who was at fault? Geico can’t subrogate against itself, but it shouldn’t make you pay for either of those in the long run. I’m so sorry.

    • Likely worth taking the offending insurance company to small claims court. Will get you that 2k or 3k it sounds like you are going to be out back.

    • What you are describing makes no sense. Either your policy provides for rental car coverage or it doesn’t. That coverage isn’t conditional on another company paying for the repair. I got a rental car while waiting for my car to be repaired after I hit a deer. I know people who had rental cars while waiting for their cars to be repaired from storm damage. Obviously in those cases there was no other insurance company to get money from.

      • You’re describing comprehensive damage where your policy pays for rental. If his policy has rental coverage then that will pay for a car, but if it doesn’t (or he doesn’t care to use it), he should be able to seek payment/reimbursement for a rental car from the negligent party’s policy. But sounds like Geico is dragging its feet.

    • Call/write Virginia and DC Insurance Commissioner.
      In the past when I had issues similar to this I called my state’s (Washington) Insurance Commissioner and all it took was one letter from them to the offending insurance company and all was better.

      • Thanks for this idea! It might be worth a shot. Going through customer service is definitely not getting me anywhere.

        The icing on the incompetence cake – the adjuster apparently failed to read the accident report and they didn’t even asses (let alone repair) the actual point of impact! Picked up my car only to find that they repaired the hood (which was squished by being pushed forward into another vehicle), but hadn’t looked at the rear.

        Are there decent other local options?

  • Rave: ScratchDC. Thank you PoP for posting their info – I don’t know what we would eat without them. And that duck and polenta from last night. Mmmm. I could have licked the polenta pot clean.

    Rant: Too fat and happy to rant about anything.

  • Rave: Homemade strawberry rhubarb jam + peanutbutter = sandwich. NomNomNom…

    Rant: Walked out of the house this morning without a jacket, thinking “It’ll warm up in no time.” Nope, still chilly!

    Rave: No plans tonight! Get to go home, hopefully do laundry, and catch up on Bones. And possibly watch the debate. Possibly.

    Rant: First thing this morning I was reprimanded by an 80-some year old priest for an innocent mistake that happened a month ago. Let it go already!

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