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Owners of the Blaguard Opening New Bistro and Beer Garden in Petworth

by Prince Of Petworth October 15, 2012 at 10:22 pm 27 Comments

2003 18th Street, NW

Big news for the 3900 block of Georgia Avenue in Petworth. The owners of the Blaguard have taken over 3911 Georgia Ave, NW (next to Qualia Coffee) and plan on doing an extensive renovation (9 months to a year) before opening a new bistro and beer garden for the back patio.

3911 Georgia Ave, NW

The 3900 block of Georgia Ave continues it’s renaissance starting with Qualia Coffee and more recently, renovations have brought a new dry cleaners, real estate office, consignment store and a new chiropractor’s office is also coming to 3909 Georgia Ave, NW.

Can’t wait to learn more about the new bistro and beer garden!

3900 block of Georgia Ave, NW

  • Anonymous

    Rodolfo in de House!

  • Shawn


  • Great news!

  • David Tumblin

    We shoudl also note that the project to redevelop the Safeway is insured by the agent who also has an office in that block. It is great to see local small businesses benefitting!

  • Yogurtmonkey

    This place and Mad Momo’s are going to be roughly equidistant from my condo. I wish it were possible to be drunk in two separate establishments simultaneously. I have a feeling my Check Liver light is going to be on a lot in the next year.

  • Anonymous

    Good for Petworth! There seems to be quite a bit of activity in that enclave.

  • As long as they plan to serve DC Brau, they’ve got my support! Go Georgia Ave!

    • Kevin

      Choclate City is superior!

  • Glad to see more new places coming to the area!

  • dat

    Can’t wait to check it out.

  • Anonymous

    So what’s the word on the Blaguard? Shortly after it opened I can recall hearing nothing but bad things about it, but I believe there’s been a change in ownership since then.

    • Grand Funk

      Bad things like winning Best Neighborhood Bar last year??

    • Anonymous

      You are correct in that there is new ownership. In 2010 the Blaguard was purchased, renovated and revamped by new owners. Since then it has won the City Paper’s Best Neighborhood bar designation two years running.

  • Awesome news. Now hopefully the retail development starts to creep northward up Georgia Ave.

  • Very exciting. Woo-hoo!

  • Excellent.

  • Love to see development continue creeping up GA Ave. This is terrific news!

  • anonymous

    So many fantastic things are happening within a few blocks of this spot–it’s just fabulous!

  • Anonymous

    Thrilled and anxious to give it my business!

  • Anonymous

    Keep creeping up Georgia! I will get blackout here everyday after work

  • Anonymous

    old blaguard owner is current owner of blue banana..BTW is that considered a gay bar?

    • nyerd

      Most certainly not. It’s a sports/live music spot with a pretty nice patio and big buck Hunter!

    • anon

      Tangential question on the Blue Banana… how sports-y is it?

      I’ve never been in there because I don’t really like sports and had the impression it was a sports bar, but a friend was saying he’d heard it was more of a regular bar that happens to show sports.

      I like to support places in the neighborhood, so I’d be open to the Blue Banana if it’s less sports-y than I originally thought.

  • jl

    This is fantastic!! Definitely am going to enjoy rolling on down the street to this place! Glad to see more new business’ setting up shop here on Georgia Ave.


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