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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Ditching work for the game today. Weather looks beautiful.

  • em

    Rant: Work is getting in the way of my playoff baseball enjoyment.

    Revel: Tickets to tomorrow’s game

    Go Nats!

  • Rant: Direct quote from my coworker, while talking about the riots in Apple’s Chinese factories: ” I mean some of the phones are scratched because of the riots….Can you IMAGINE waking up at 3 am to get your new phone and having it be scratched??! Unreal.”

    Yes she was serious. Demanding better working conditions? Pshhaww.

    • At least she’s consistent. She didn’t care about the plight of the Chinese workers when they weren’t rioting, so why should she care when they are rioting? And I predict that the riots will have absolutely no impact on demand for iPhones which would imply that most Apple customers care about the workers about as much as she does – as long as there’s no interruption in the flow of the latest over-priced status symbol toys.

      • You’re right, “bandwagon” human rights supporters are the pits. I mean after learning about the Congo’s Coltan conflicts, I was like “Who cares?!! I just gots to have my iPhone.”

  • RANT: Fuck MLB for giving the Yankees-O’s every 7pm TV slot. And MLB wonders why they have a hard time developing new markets?!?

    RAVE/RANT: Have tix for tomorrow’s game @ 4pm. However, this means I will probably miss the long scheduled happy hour with my co-workers at 5:30pm (I actually really like them, especially seeing the non-work sides of their personalities, and we rarely grab drinks together).

    • two days in a row that you’re worked up by the Yankees and MLB. Just enjoy the ride fella. Oh – and you’ll get a late afternoon start tomorrow (sorry that MLB didn’t consult your happy hour schedule) and Friday night.

      • I just think it’s bullshit that they put the first four Yankee games at 730pm, which is prime time, and then they get 5pm on Saturday. I mean, really? Why don’t the Yankees-O’s have a 1pm game in their series, like the other 3 series being conducted? Nats fans have jobs too and we’d like to attend a game at a normal hour.

        That said, I hope the O’s beat the Yanks so we can get rid of this scheduling nonsense.

        • saf

          I hope the Os beat the Yanks because the Yanks are evil.

          I want a MARC series!

          • Oh god, I would love that. It would be funny to see the MLB freak out about it as two overlapping media markets would probably mean fairly low ratings for the MLB. I doubt the rest of the country would tune in for a mid-Atlantic MARC series.

            And let me use this space once again to say FUCK THE YANKEES.

        • at least you got a 1pm game. I’m an A’s fan in DC and we got the NOON game last weekend, eastern time. So all the A’s fans at home had to wake up at 9am to catch the game. That’s pretty lame. I echo your sentiment about the Yankees. But I still love playoff baseball!

    • Look on the bright side: at least the Red Sox and Phillies both are sitting at home.

  • Rant: Dressed too warmly today -woops!

    Rave: Sweetzels ginger snaps. Yum- so good with morning tea or evening nutella 😉

    Rave: Spending the evening outside enjoying the nice weather.

    • Rave #3: WXPN online broadcast of the “885 songs that rock”. Awesome!
      Rave #4: Husband back from work trip tomorrow!!

    • +1. Although I will always refer to them by their original name, Ivan’s. Ah, a Philly halloween tradition.

  • Rant: People who bought tickets to today’s game are now complaining that it is at 1 PM. What part of “TBD” did you not understand?

    Revel: Heading to the ballpark for a great game. GO NATS!!!!

  • Rant: A good friend is moving out of state today.

    Rave: Got to see him a lot this past week.

    Rave: Boss letting us leave an hour early to beat the post-game rush. Let’s go Nats!

    Neither here nor there: Two women in my office got engaged this weekend. Glad for them, but I hope the constant stream of people coming by to congratulate them ends soon… it’s super distracting!

  • Rant: Not being able to write police officers tickets for traffic infractions.

    Rant II: Police who lie b/c they can’t/won’t admit they were in the wrong.

  • rant: drivers that are making right turns…but don’t move into the right lane. I don’t understand this. The entire right line is open – no cars parked, no cars driving in it so why not fully move into the right lane? Instead they start breaking and moving half way into the right lane – causing the cars behind to have to slow down or quickly change lanes to avoid having to slow down.

  • Revel: Beginning the adoption process today. Not for a pet, but for a child. Stressed, excited, and scared shitless.

    Rant: I have a million questions about things that I don’t know, and there are things that I don’t even know that I don’t know. Any words of advice, PoPers?

    • No advice, but I wish you the absolute best of luck! I think adoption is a very beautiful thing.

    • Congratulations and good luck! I have no advice for you, but I wanted to share this. My mom was adopted by two of the most wonderful people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Some people think that families who adopt can never have the special connection that blood-related families have, but my family is proof that this is not true. It’s funny, but I’ve always felt closer to my maternal grandparents than I ever did with my paternal, blood-related grandparents. I’m thankful for adoption because it brought my mom to those two special people and her to them, and it gave me the best grandparents anyone could ever ask for.

    • BRAVO to you!

    • Are you doing international or domestic adoption? Either way, best of luck! When I was working in Rwanda, I ran across this blog that seemed like a great explanation/support for international adoptions – pureandlasting.com.
      My husband has three adopted siblings – we’ll definitely be adopting some day in the future.

    • Good luck!

      I’ll bet there are people in PoPville who have adopted children and can offer some advice.

    • Good luck and be patient. Depends on if you’re adopting internationally and through a private agency or domestically. I adopted two from foster care.

  • where is this coffee mug from? it’s super cute

  • Rave – Let’s go Nats! Everyone’s so excited today…it’s infectious.

    Rant – Pesky conference is getting in the way of baseball enjoyment, like the poster above. Everyone will be checking the score on their smartphones, though….we will have the last laugh!

  • Rant: My job. Veiled threats about my job security, and my department being constantly blamed for mistakes that we have no control over. I’m leaving this job in 3 and a half months but am seriously wondering if it’s worth my sanity in that time.
    Rant: Mad at myself for being so financially dependent on the money from this job, which I have to have in order to move. I feel like I’ve stuck myself between a rock and hard place.
    Rave: Awesome friends and boy who are wonderful in listening to me vent, telling me to hang in there and being altogether encouraging and supportive.

  • Rant: DPW has a team on my street, -four trucks, 9 men, half-hour (so far) of standing around talking on their phones, talking & joking with each other general hi-jinks and no work.

    Even if they eventually clean up the litter it will all be back by tomorrow.
    Why can’t we be like European cities and simply have a couple of guys that go around all day with brooms and wheeled bins? Better yet, why not hire some homeless guys to do this?

    Rave: Headed to NY tomorrow to see “Discovering Columbus.”

    • We could have a team of people to do this like Europe if we paid taxes like European countries pay taxes. I say this as someone who would gladly pay more taxes for more services.

    • Victoria, complain to your councilmember if you have a chance.

      It’s disgraceful that so many D.C. government agencies seem to do their jobs only when councilmembers prod them to… but as long as that’s the case, contacting your councilmember is a good option.

      Also consider complaining to the head of DPW.

  • Rave: Just got back from an amazing overseas trip

    Rave: My boyfriend proposed on said trip and we are engaged!

    Rant: Not a single one

  • I wish tenants would be mindful of their loud noise and not let their children stomp, run wild, and bounce balls on top of other tenants heads disturbing their quality of life. You can do these things in a mult-family building. Some people are so inconsiderate.

  • rant: homeless woman sleeping in the stairwell of my building. Don’t want her there, don’t want her out in the cold, don’t know what to do.

    rant2: Plain oatmeal isn’t as good as I remember.

    rave: the coupe will be open 24/7 starting today at 5pm, and I will be having 3am pancakes at least once a month.

    • I am eating old fashion oat meal now with honey. 30 minutes later, I will be hungrey again. Pancakes sound good!

    • If the temp drops below 32 you can call the Hypothermia Hotline: 1-800-535-7252. I’m not sure what they would do if you called now but you can always try.

    • Try savory oatmeal – saute some diced onion in olive oil, when it is soft, add the oatmeal & saute (stir often) until it smells toasty. Add boiling water with a little salt or stock – a little at a time like cooking risotto. Be careful on the first addition – it will steam up. Serve with more olive oil if you like.

      And only use old-fashioned oats – never quick cook or instant. It only takes about 5 more minutes but makes a huge difference in texture.

  • Rave: Excited to finally get a job offer
    Rant: The pay is so insultingly low that I may have to pass on it…except that I’m desperate to start working. Trying to figure out how to negotiate without talking myself out of the running. Help???

    • can you negotiate some sweet vacation time?

    • Does the job sound good otherwise? I got a job offer once that paid about $20k less than what an entry-level job in my field should have been. On top of that, it sounded like they were trying to make me into a secretary even though my background is in engineering. Even though I’d be searching for jobs for months and was getting a little desperate, I didn’t think it was right to accept a job where the employer was trying to cheapen me right off the bat.

    • If they offered you the job, it is rare that they’d change their mind if you asked for more money. They’ll just say nope, sorry, that’s the best we can offer you.

      Also, what are the benefits like? Do you have to contribute to your health care? How much vacation time do you get? I know someone who gets paid relatively low money, but also gets 6 weeks of vacation time (and that was from the start of employment!). Perhaps the salary is low, but it is made up in other ways? And is there anyone within the company you could reach out to to get a better idea of the work environment?

      And I’m sure you already know this: but if you do ask for more money, be sure to do plenty of research and provide supporting info to back up your request.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Father-in-law was diagnosed with throat cancer. Don’t know how bad it is yet. Husband is in rough shape with this news in addition to stuff already on his plate.

    Revel: Going to visit this weekend.

    Revel: Understanding boss and supportive friends.

    • Best of luck to your F-in-Law. I am totally ignroant about throat cancer, but my experience with other cancers is if they are caught early, your odds are pretty good (obviously not with all though unfortunately).

      And also due to my experiences, I would say the following: if the doc throws out the terms: rare, aggressive, or highly aggressive, don’t worry. The latter two might actually be a good thing since that means chemo can be more effective the more aggressive a cancer is. In regards to rare, that just means what it is- rare. Thankfully (at least in my experince) that didn’t also mean the treatment options were limited because of that.

    • There’s a doctor at UPenn Hospital who invented a robot for throat surgery that makes recovery a breeze, depending on the location and size of the cancer. I think his name is Weinstein.

    • anon. gardener

      my father was diagnosed with late stage throat cancer in 1987 or thereabouts. they initially gave him 3 months to live, but after surgery and chemo he lived almost 25 years. Treatments for this kind of cancer have advanced A LOT since then. Think positive thoughts and ask lots of questions. I will be sending lots of positive energy your way!

  • OK my rant from 2 weeks ago didn’t make it widely into the universe so I guess I will again have to put it out there again…..

    PLEASE with people with cats keep your cats INDOORS (I know the little buggers can stage a “prison” break but I am guess most of the ones I see are deliberately let out). Once again on my walk to work I was greeted was a dead cat. I hate seeing such tiny creatures gone- they didn’t deserve that. And I really hate starting my day that way I get bummed (though not as bummed as the person who cat was wandering outside and is now dead).

    • ugh – where did you see dead cat? I hope it wasnt a tabby. Mine did a jailbreak Sunday am and havent seen her since. I’ve been combing the neighborhood and no sign dead or alive.

  • Rant: Sketchball apartment manager giving me the run around about my new place. Makes me not want to give you any money, buddy!

    Rant: Current place being diffiicult about paying rent after they destroyed my stuff through their negligence.

    Rave: The end is in sight. Moving to a new place soon!

  • Rant: How is DC allowed to give zone parking tickets at night? The signs have daytime hours on them. If my girlfriend from Maryland visits (regularly) overnight in DC she gets a 100$ parking ticket? Is DC forcing me to co-habitate early? Either the signs need to be accurate or they need to stop ticketing people illegally.

    Rave: Redskins Vikings at FED EX on Sunday! Look out for me on TV!

    • They’re ticketing her because of the “regular visit” factor; presumably they suspect her of being a D.C. resident who hasn’t complied with the requirements as far as updating her registration.

    • Yeah, check to see what the violation was and I’m guessing you’ll find it wasn’t for violating zone parking restrictions. Probably something to do with out-of-state plates.

    • Do you have a visitor’s pass she can use? A lot of areas — Wards 1 and 4, anyway—are experimenting with this.

      • We shouldn’t have to pay for love!

        Besides that, I’m not ready for her to move in. DC should have a better solution. >:(

        • The passes are free.

          If passes aren’t available, call your local police department or councilmember, there’s some way to let them know that your SO, nanny, contractor, whoever is parking on your street regularly.

        • Go to your local police precinct and get her a two week visitor pass. It allows her to park in the zones at all hours of the day.

          That said, I think you can fight the $100 ticket and get out of it. Though, I’m not sure if it’s worth her time.

        • Solution:

          Try a parking garage or lot. If thre aren’t any near you, there are certain Metro lots where you can leave a car for extended periods.

        • Thanks guys, the main problem is that passes need to be repeatedly renewed which is a big hassle, just in going to the DMV alone…

          I don’t think I’m complaining too much by saying the process is tedious, I’m currently in a temporary apartment while I renovate my house, i usually have off street parking at my regular house for her. The whole thing is an ordeal, and signs should be required to be accurate.

          • There is a process for registering out-of-state frequent visitors and it works (or at least worked for me two years ago):

            Recurring visitor (frequent short term visits) report to a DMV service location and prove non-residency by presenting a copy of the original lease, deed or mortgage statement and a utility bill no more than 60-days old. The documents must be in the name of the registered owner of the vehicle. A copy of the vehicle registration in your name is also required. You may also mail the required documents to:

            DC Department of Motor Vehicles
            ATTN: ROSA Exemption
            PO Box 90120
            Washington, DC 20090


          • I might be wrong, but doesn’t she just have to go to a DMV location (or mail this in) and prove she is not a resident of DC, just a frequent visitor?

            The DMV website says: Recurring visitor (frequent short term visits) report to a DMV service location and prove non-residency by presenting a copy of the original lease, deed or mortgage statement and a utility bill no more than 60-days old. The documents must be in the name of the registered owner of the vehicle. A copy of the vehicle registration in your name is also required. You may also mail the required documents to:

            DC Department of Motor Vehicles
            ATTN: ROSA Exemption
            PO Box 90120
            Washington, DC 20090

            Her information is then entered in the system and I think this would get her out of overnight tickets (ROSA tickets), but not other tickets such as parking in your zone for longer than two hours.

          • if she submits this, she is exempt from ROSA tickets for 1 year

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Go Nats and all that, but I am so sick of baseball. I’m trying to get my Natitude, but I haven’t found it yet. (I was born sick of baseball, much to my parents’ horror.)

    Rave: Someone sent in a good evaluation to my boss about my work. No one ever sends in evals so it’s really cool. Bonus: person who sent it in is super hot 🙂

  • Rant: Huh. Pretty sure I have toothpaste in my hair. Not sure how that happened.

    Rave: Half of the office gone today, boss included, and not much work. I might just pull up the Nats game…

  • RAVE: A’s Win!

    RANT: Game didn’t end until almost midnight, and they don’t start until 9:30 tonight. Meh, my work can suffer a bit I suppose.

    • and it was a “quick” game by playoff standards too! At least it ended a bit before midnight. I don’t know if I will be able to stay up for the next two games (I’ll aim to do it tomorrow if there is a game 5).

  • RANT: DC Water (I think?) digging up 16th Street between U Street and Kalorama every morning, forcing three lanes of rush hour traffic to merge into one and weave back and forth between the blinking arrows. Why can’t they do this at night, or at least not during morning rush hour? “World Class City” etc! It has been going on for months and now it takes 45 minutes just to get from Columbia Heights downtown on the bus. Grrrr.

    RAVE: They didn’t seem to be working this morning and the commute was better. Finally finished?

  • Another rant: What is with the Nats stranding runners today? Can’t keep losing those opportunities!

    ugh. I have to listen to an insufferable cards fan in the office today. No bueno.

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