Mie N Yu Closing in Georgetown

3125 M Street, NW

Another long time restaurant closing in Georgetown. @mienyu tweets:

“Tonight we close our doors for the last time after almost 10 years on M Street. Thanks for your patronage and support!”

Their website says:

“It’s hard to believe we’re closing our doors after almost 10 years on M Street. We’ve enjoyed sharing our unique food and beverage flavors with visitors near and far, and the whole Mie N Yu family has so greatly appreciated your support over the years. Thank you for dining with us, for welcoming us into your organizations, for spending a few extra moments with us at the bar. We’ll certainly miss being a part of Georgetown’s vibrant community.”

We judged Mie N Yu, located at 3125 M Street, NW, back in Aug. 2010.

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  • Wow – surprised about this one. Any scuttlebutt?
    It always seemed busy when I went.
    That stretch of M has lost several restaurants recently with only one new opening.

    • If a lot of solid restaurants are closing, it must mean that rents are getting really high to that point that a restaurant on M Street is no longer profitable. Closing after 10 years would sync with the typical lease turnover of the commercial space.

      The owners of the property figure that they can probably charge a higher rent for non-restaurant use of that space.

  • Shocked – always busy, good atmosphere/service, fun bathrooms – are they moving?

  • I went here once on a date. Great food (though pricey), cool ambiance, and nice decor. I’m kinda sad to see this one go.

  • I never find myself in Georgetown anymore, but I used to go to Mie N Yu from time to time when I first moved to the area. Although it was pricey I always loved the decor, including the bathrooms downstairs. The cocktails were really wonderful too. Like the others, I’m surprised– this always felt like a Georgetown mainstay and one of the better places to grab a drink in the neighborhood.

  • Rarely go to Georgetown, but found myself in here a few times for drinks. The atmosphere and friendly bartender service will be missed.

  • Good riddance, went there once with my wife and the waitress and hostess were incredibly rude, they refused to sit as at a table and they gave us a table on a corner where we were ignored for 15 minutes.

  • Meh food, expensive drinks, but one of the best bathrooms in DC.

  • ALL CLOSED—mie n you, pizzeria uno, the guards, nathan’s, garrett’s, papparazzi, furin’s, mendocino grill, champions, third edition and serendipity(soon to be)—marshall’s and home goods going in georgetown park, no parking, horrible ANC—-georgetown is dead. There are 15 cooler neighborhoods to go to.

  • It’s the kind of place that’s “good for groups” which means mediocre food and fairly institutional service. And yes, I’ve been there, as part of a group!

  • mie n yu really was one of the better places in georgetown for a drink. always interesting people watching, truly excellent cocktails, and nice atmosphere. have a great memory of sitting in the window seats during a heavy snow fall maybe 5 years ago, when a snow emergency was in place and there were no cars parked in georgetown and zero automobile traffic, snowflakes reflecting in the streetlights, etc.

  • Good riddance! It was overpriced with so-so food. And most of the restaurants that have closed recently have been terrible anyway or have gone severely down hill for years. Though I am not optimistic that anything good will come in place of these establishments, I won’t really miss any of them.

  • I liked the DJs, drinks, people watching, unique decor and atmosphere (the birdcage table?) and yes the unisex, attendant served bathroom was a trip (I used to tell people DON’T miss the bathroom.) Some times you just want to mack out.
    But I don’t get over to Georgetown much. Last time I ate out there was with out of town visitors at 1789 which was of course overpriced but great food with a celebrity sighting thrown in.

  • food taste like butt.

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