Judging Food Trucks – Pepe

From their Facebook page:

“José Andrés’ food truck

Serving Spanish flauta sandwiches, soup, and virgin cocktails.”

I’ve been noticing the Pepe food truck in Columbia Heights – anyone try them out yet? How does the food compare to the food from his restaurants?

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  • Overpriced and mediocre, just like every damn Jose Andres restaurant.

  • I’ve tried Pepe once and while I enjoyed my lunch, I found it overprice for the size of the sandwich.

  • Great Gazpacho!

  • I tried the jamon serrano and cheese flauta sandwich and it was great. Simple, basic, but just like in Spain. I’ve spent a good bit of time in various regions of Spain and the flautas from Pepe are just like the staples you would find there. Not trying anything too fancy, but achieving a tasting result. I also got the jamon croquetas, which were good, but not as good as others I’ve had. I’d return, but on a limited basis as it is drastically over priced. The flauta sandwiches are the same price as a large sandwich that would be substantial enough to fill you up for lunch.

  • I got the sandwich that has the fried chicken tenders in it (don’t remember the name). It was ok, but the sandwich was literally the smallest sandwich I had ever purchased (it wasn’t much more than 2 small chicken tenders between two thin pieces of bread). I was a little stunned when they handed it to me because I had just paid them $11. I should’ve asked for my money back. Pepe practically ruined my day.


  • its hard to justify such an overpriced sandwich. I also don’t appreciate those with their own restaurant encroaching on independent food trucks, many of which are struggling.

    • did you appreciate when food trucks encroached on independent restaurants by parking outside them during lunch, with little or no regulation?? it’s a dog eat dog world out there.

      I did eat from this truck for $11 I got what looked like an emaciated hot dog

      • Agreed, I find it highly hypocritical that people defend food trucks from restuarants, but think the opposite is ridiculous.

        And I was in line once at his truck. The person in front of me got the $20 sandwich and I laughed out loud when I saw it come out. It was the tiniest most emaciated little sandwich I had ever seen. I went to Jimmy Johns instead.

        Quality is worth paying for, but this guy must think everyone is a rich idiot.

  • I have never been so dissapointed by a Food Truck before. I was expecting a lot from a popular chef and I honestly felt like I was taken advantage of. I understand that some ingredients are expensive, but there was barely any in my tiny sandwich. I was angry after I finished my meal. It was expensive and I was still hungry after I was done.

  • My wife is Spanish and she said that the sandwich she got the other day from Pepe was the best she has eaten in her entire life. Perhaps an exagerration, but still good food. Also loved the gazpacho.

    But oh man, the price. Personally, I find it very tasty but also a very poor value.

  • If you want a lunchtime laugh, just go sit near the truck and watch first-time visitors’ faces when they receive their sandwiches. I’m still a fan of Andres’ restaurants, but this, and some of his other more recent ventures, seem to provide revolting value.

  • I went months ago and got the $20 sandwich (Ibérico pork and Serrano ham). I too was upset when I saw how tiny it was, but (a) it was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had – truly extraordinary – I spent the rest of the day daydreaming about it; and (b) I was totally full after eating it, and I have a fairly large appetite.

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