Heads Up – Theft and attempted break in

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Dear PoPville,

I live on the unit block of Hamilton Street NW and back on September 14th at a little after 9 am, someone attempted to break into my house. The alarm company was unable to reach me and the police were dispatched there. The cops told my friend who was able to go over, it didn’t look like anything was tampered with and didn’t see an attempt at a break in.

I arrived back at my home at 3:50 pm, parked my car behind my house and immediately from 100 feet back could see that not only was the screen raised but the window itself was also lifted. I can see where the police might think I left the screen up–which seems bizarre as every other window screen was down except the one by the kitchen which had also been raised. The fact of the matter is, if they had bothered to walk up the two steps on my back stoop they would be at eye level with the window and see that it was lifted off the sill, or even if they walked about five feet back from the house on the alley. (And yes this goes for my friend too who just took the police at their word and didn’t bother to look at the back of the house).

The window they tried to get in was, at least I thought, locked. But the last time I locked it the top portion had slipped down a little and it did not catch. However because the alarm was set, once they raised it the lower portion slipped by the sensor setting off the alarm and scaring the people away.

I called my friend, told her what had happened and she suggested I write my neighborhood representative to let them know. I’m not sure how current the lists are but I emailed a representative of ANC 4D05, at least according to the list I found from dc.gov but never received a response. I also called my alarm company–the main reason for doing both of these things is 1. to inform my neighborhood that while they were unsuccessful, our block was still targeted and 2. It is a statistic that should be reported and 3. I can’t believe the cops weren’t that thorough when they checked out my house.

The second incident happened sometime between 10:30 am and 7 pm on this Wednesday. I ordered items from Macy’s and the package was stolen off my front porch before I came home. I was surprised because this is the first time since I moved in, in May 2004 that I have had something stolen off my front porch, that’s not to say I have never had anything stolen before but this email is already long enough.

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  • Sad but par for the course. Be sure to report this on the DC feedback/agency grading site at grade.dc.gov so it will get some attention and hopefully change for the better!

    Really sorry this happened to you.

  • You are lucky if the police even got out of the car. I’ve seen them not bother to even come to a full stop, just sloooooooooowly drive by. I’m told that they get a lot of false reports.

  • this is not about your alarm company, it’s about the incompetence of the DC police. call your rep.

  • I write this as I sit here for what seems like the 5th day this month of all day working from home waiting for packages to be delivered. If you had packages stolen off your front porch, blame the thief first, then blame yourself for being naive. Either have it delivered to your office, someplace where someone is home to receive it (or a place with receptionist/doorman), or stay at home yourself to wait for it. There’s crime I worry about, and crime that is so easy to commit and also easy to avoid becoming a victim that it’s not worth hoping for justice.

  • I live on Farragut st NW and in June had my car broken into in the middle of the night… I called the police in the morning when I discovered discovered someone tried to hotwire the ignition, they showed up about 25 minutes later. While talking to the police outside my house, another women came up to us and said her van was also broken into and a van from the community center at the corner of the street had been stolen. Needless to say, I haven’t heard anything from the two police officers who came to take my information, and I’d be willing to guarantee the other woman hasn’t either.

  • PDleftMtP

    Sad fact is that you can’t have packages left on your porch in PoPville. It’s been a problem for years. The bad guys trail the delivery trucks (which means hiding the packages doesn’t help much either) – the cops caught a couple of them a few months back by doing the same thing, but I’m sure someone else took their place.

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