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  • mtpgal

    Am I the only one disappointed by Z Burger? Admittedly, I’m a vegetarian. However, their milkshakes taste like chemicals and their grilled cheese was way too much cheese on a hamburger bun. I was so excited to have a decent milkshake place nearby, but this ain’t it.

    • saf

      I have not been to this one. I’m not going to bother, since the Tenleytown one was so disappointing.

      I love burgers, but didn’t like theirs. I love shakes, but didn’t like theirs. And I LOVE onion rings, and HATED theirs.

    • Ordered the same exact grilled cheese as I do at Five Guys. SOOO much better, and their fries are great. Chipotle mayo doesn’t hurt either. Wife said it was better than Good Stuff.

    • Maybe not the only one, but I’m not one of the disappointed. The burgers and cheesesteaks are pretty good — especially with the multiple choice of toppings, but the star is the hot dog, which is indescribably delicious, and the prices make it a good cheap meal. Then again, I’m obviously not a vegetarian.

  • Best burger joint in the neighborhood from what I can see. We loved it.

    The people were friendly, its very cool inside, the food was good, especially the “chemical” milkshakes…

  • mtpgal

    Hmm, maybe I should give them another shot. I did go shortly after the opening, so maybe they were still getting it together.

  • I just tried one of their shakes last night because a friend claimed they weren’t that good and I found that hard to believe. Well, my friend was right. I agree with mtpgal who said they taste like chemicals. I don’t know how you can screw up the taste of a milkshake, but Z Burger somehow figured out a way. I have not tried any of their other food yet, but am inclined not to now that I’ve tasted their shakes.

  • The Cheesesteak is pretty good. The burger is just like Five guys which some may appreciate. Giving that I live 100 yards from it, they have earned my business by default though. Stick with the cheesesteak with fries. I had a chocolate cherry milkshake I thought was ok.

  • Just ate there for the first time a few days ago. I didn’t try the chemical-laced shakes everyone here is mentioning, but I did order a burger and fries. The burger was good–nothing amazing–but the seasoned fries were outstanding. Will go again.

  • I agree. I felt like they ground up chewable cold medicine and mixed it with ice cream. Also, both the burger and the grilled cheese pale in comparison to five guys. The interior designer also ruined a beautiful theater with a half-ass low-budget attempt to reconcile the historic interiors with Z-burgers red/black motif.

    Then again, I’m an architect so I hate everything.

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