Toki Underground Reduces Hours, Closing on Sundays

1234 H Street, NE

From Toki’s website:

Toki Underground’s NEW change in hours of operation in effect this week, beginning Monday, September 24, 2012.

Monday thru Wednesday: 5pm – 10pm
Thursday: 5pm – 11pm
Friday – Saturday: 5pm – 12am
Sundays: CLOSED

The major changes to note:

On Thursdays, the kitchen will close at 11pm (previously, 12am).
On Fridays and Saturdays, the kitchen will close at 12am (previously, 2am).
We will be closed every Sunday.

Toki Underground remains committed to providing market-fresh ramen at the highest standards of service and at the lowest cost to our customers on a daily basis. We are choosing to close on Sundays to continue to meet the standards we impose on ourselves here at the restaurant as well as those that we receive from our loyal customers on a regular basis.

However, there is good news to these changes. We are now offering carry out every day that we are open (previously, Monday through Thursday).

We judged Toki in Dec. 2011. Anyone ever try the carryout?

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  • I’ve only been there once and love it. I’m sure they’re not reducing hours to any lack of business, I and two friends tried to go at like, 6:30 on a saturday and they said they couldn’t seat us until 10. Good thing the pug is right downstairs.

  • I think this has something to do with opening another establishment.

  • DC CapHill

    Yes, I’ve had the takeout several times, and it’s totally respectable. The base is in one large plastic container, and the other ingredients (ramen, egg, pork belly, etc.) are in a separate plastic container. This is great, because the noodles don’t start to absorb any liquid prematurely, and the liquid is also still nearly scalding hot when you get it home.

    Once you call in an order, the average time to pick-up is 15-20 minutes, which is amazing considering the volume of food being moved. The only issue I ever have isn’t with the quality of the food, but the quantity, as I don’t have a massive ramen bowl to get everything into the “tub” at the same time!

  • The best. Only complaint is that the daily specials are not available. As noted earlier, the food is well packed, service is speedy, and the noodles are excellent. There is a good reason that this place is always packed.

    By the way, the owner is a good neighborhood citizen, he donated his space at the H street Festival to the group trying to keep libraries in public schools.

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