Props to the Cops – Armed Bicycle Thief Arrested

Photo by PoPville flickr user KJinDC

From MPD:

Shortly before 430pm on September 24, 2012, a complainant was riding her bicycle in the alley in the 600 block of Newton Place, NW., when she was approached by a juvenile suspect. The juvenile suspect demanded her bicycle. When the complainant refused to give her bicycle to the suspect, the suspect produced a gun. The suspect took the bicycle and while taking the bicycle the suspects gun fell to the ground. The complainant picked up the gun and ran home. The suspect fled on foot, where he was observed by Fourth District Officers in the 3500 block of Georgia Avenue, NW. The officers stopped the suspect and he was identified by the complainant as the person that robbed her.

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  • I guess props for making an arrest are good but lets not kid ourselves. If this was a juvenile, he is probably already back on the streets or in Park Morton today totally unsupervised. Arrests mean nothing in DC when it comes to juveniles. I wish we could get actual follow up on where this kid is a month from now or 6 months from now. Although I can guess. Once he actually shoots someone, which is highly likely, then he will get real jail time.

  • And so begins the DC Bikes For Guns Program.

  • I wish this juvenile try to rob a Dominican, after picking the gun he would be shot right there.

  • Isn’t it illegal for a juvenile to own a gun in DC? Call me confused…

    • Yes, it is. However, how many criminals have legally obtained their guns?

      • Jared Loughner and James Holmes purchased theirs legally to name a few off the top of my head.

        • And you can only really name them because their names were all over the news. But can you name any of the suspects involved with gun violence that occurs in the DC area? It’s more than just 2 people.

    • I do not think that anyone (juvenile or adult) really cares whether or not they legally own the gun that they are about to use to rob someone!

  • jim_ed

    Props to the cops indeed, they held up their end of the bargain by catching the perp.

    Now we can all rest assured that the offender will never commit a crime again after he gets a stern finger wagging and long hug from Phil Mendelsohn.

  • The complainant should have shot the juvenile right then and there.

  • had the victim shot the ‘juvenile’, what would have happened? no doubt there is a million ways this hypothetical could go, but something like this is what i’m wondering: gun drops, victim picks it up and fires at the perp hitting him in the chest (but he lives). can the victim say something like ‘look, dude pulled a gun over a huffy. i had no idea what he was capable of or what other weapons he had, and i gaffled his ass’?

    • I think a self defense case can easily be made here. Something like “He pulled a gun, dropped it and when I picked it up he lunged at me and I fired.”

      The case would really boil down to the gunshot and trajectory. If the criminal was shot in the back while fleeing then the original complainant is basically screwed. Or if say the criminal was shot once and then shot 4 more times while on the ground- most likely serious jail time for the complainant.

      But hey, I’m no lawyer. But I do watch a lot of Law & Order so that counts for something right?

      • Self-defense cases can’t really be made for killing someone, according to lawyer friends I’ve asked in the past. They don’t hold up in court generally. Can we all take a step back and say, thank God NO ONE was killed or injured? And killing is wrong, and so is vigilanteism? Good for the complainant for getting the gun, because now the kid has one less gun in his possession. And good for him for not being a vigilante. Shame on us for wishing a kid, even a kid who robs people at gunpoint, dead.

    • Even if the suspect/juvenile pulled another gun when the complaint had the original gun and shot him – I’m sure DC would find a way to charge the complaint with firing a unregistered handgun or something.

    • Unfortunately you can’t use lethal force to recover property. You can use lethal force to defend yourself. Lesson…always claim self defense.

  • Since the DC legal and political system considers violent youth crime something akin to an irritant, perhaps DC residents should find a way to embrace and enjoy it. Maybe I can encourage a kid to steal one of the three rice cookers I got for Christmas. Or how about we win a $5 coupon to Safeway each time we’re accosted? That would be sort of fun.

  • Just kids having fun.

  • That there are so many kids in DC with guns is a travesty. Our elected officials should be ashamed.

    • DC elected officials with shame? Not gonna happen anytime soon. Lets see, two are already headed to prision. Looks my CM Brown is in the hot seat now. And Graham, who has been on the take from the taxi industrustry for YEARS (among his other ongoign fed investigations now) has the nerve to bully Uber at a hearing on taxi regs yesterday. And then poor Mary Cheh and her critical legislating on safe removal of rodents from DC to VA and allowing self-driving cars (which on exists as prototypes now)…sigh. And Mendelson never met a juvenile delinquent he didn’t coddle just managed to get himself promoted to Chair of this clown show Council we keep electing.

    • I tend to blame more the loser kid and his/her worthless welfare reprobate parents.

  • I liked this movie a lot more when it took place in post-war Italy.

  • Love all the “coded” racial undertones in this comment thread. Keep it up guys – maybe DC will one day swing GOP!

    • Oh quit stirring the pot.

    • Like what?

      • uh, sounds like you noticed facts on the ground, didn’t like them because they don’t jive with what you want to believe, and then are reading into comments what you would have us not notice.

    • Your an idiot. Swing GOP? The discussion is how juveniles should have consequences to their actions which they currently don’t.

    • I like your implication that being against crime equates to being against a particular race, which also means you think one particular race is hugely supportive of crime as a part of its culture. You’re a racist fool.

      • Look out, the homeowners in “emerging” neighborhoods are angry! Are you guys going to threaten to “kill” politicians who take away the mortgage interest deduction?

        Duh, of course crime is reprehensible. But this talk about “killing” perpetrators and seeing what kind of bullshit self-defense claim you could get away with screams of a bunch of NIMBY George Zimmermans.

  • Rant #2: I am home sick today. Just took one of my dogs for a walk. As we sauntered up 15th St. between Euclid and Fuller, a man exposed himself to me as he passed. From a few meters away, he called, “Aw, so cute! What’s your dog’s name?!” which is pretty unusual for a strange man. As he got closer I realized his hands were holding his fly open, his dick hanging out. I yelled “fuck you!” and he acted upset but kept walking. Disgusting and scary.

  • It is great that the juvenile was so hapless that he lost his gun. It is great that the cops eventually caught and arrested him. It is APPALLING that there are kids with guns in DC who feel absolutely no compunction or fear at all, so much so that they blithely rob people in the middle of the afternoon.

    • It’s equally appalling, or at least surprising, that there’s no real outcry from DC residents to do anything about it. Thousands of people found the time to email their reps about Uber but nothing like that happens when it comes to crime.

  • DC CapHill

    +1000000 on “pick up the gun and shoot the perp where they stood.” That would have finally, FINALLY played out a scenario I would have liked to see the outcome of.

    As a former victim of a violent crime, I have long awaited the day some perp got their ass kicked, or killed during the commission of a crime like this. As was noted, you know damned well they are back on the street, probably already packing again, and next time, will just shoot and take, since this job got botched.

    If you are waiting for the “justice system” to right these wrongs, don’t hold your breath…….

  • So it finally happened to me. Walking home in Petworth a young teen decided to act all tough and threatening and get up in my face. Glad he didn’t break my jaw, or me his. Why do young kids in DC desire to be so tough and violent? To impress the ladies? Jeese.

  • In the bad old days, if a perp dropped his gun, he would get shot with it.

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