Marvin Expands Into 2nd Floor of Blackbyrd at 14th and U Street, NW

Marvin, 2007 14th St, NW has expanded into the 2nd floor space of Blackbyrd at 2005 14th St, NW – from Marvin’s liquor license amendment:

“Expansion of the operation on the second floor to the adjacent building at 2005 14th Street, NW (additional 87 seats).”

The folks at Marvin tell me:

“The original lounge has been updated and converted to a private dining room and the new lounge, the former 2nd floor of Blackbyrd will be the home of the DJ booth. So we can now book private dinners up to 40 people; host late night events and created a better flow to the roofdeck spaces.”


I can’t believe it has already been five years since Marvin first opened at 14th and U Street.

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  • Remember when $15 for a burger seemed ridiculously expensive? Ah, life and money both behave like loose quicksilver in a nest of cracks. When they’re gone we can’t tell where–or what the devil we did with ’em!

  • I am confused, this expansion happened a good while ago right? I know I was up there back in May and I walked over to Blackbyrd from the Marvin deck.

  • orderedchaos

    That’s fine as long as they keep Blackbyrd around — their oyster HH is a great deal, and the servers are terrific.

  • Upstairs only at Blackbyrd will become more dining space for Marvin. Downstairs Blackbyrd will stay the same!

  • So Blackbyrd will be one floor only now, essentially. (wonder what the stairs will be used for now, another entrance to Marvin?)

  • I loved the second floor at Blackbyrd. It was one of very few places near U Street to get a good drink, listen to good music and chill without a huge crowd of obnoxious, loud-talking drunk people. (And you didn’t have to wait for an hour to get in, you could just walk right upstairs.) I will miss it. But I guess the loud drunks are where the money is.

  • It’s a good rooftop, but I still have a bone to pick with Marvin’s over their refusal to have ANY happy hour drinks ever.

  • u street = adams morgan? I think so.

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