Harrison Rec Center Playground and Basketball Courts Closed for Renovations

“Dear PoPville,

I saw this sign today at Harrison Rec center (1330 V St, NW). Do you know what renovations they’re doing? The playground could really use some TLC!”

The Friends of Harrison Recreation Center update in an email:

“Washington Gas will be doing some upgrades to the building and grounds (new energy-efficient appliances, a solar panel, some painting and landscaping) in the coming weeks.

DPR is still assessing whether Harrison will be eligible for new playground equipment in FY13 (centers who have the highest need will be identified).”

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  • I hardly ever see kids using the facilities at Harrison. I occasionally see groups of young men (20-35 years of age) playing a game of pick up hoops. And, of course, there’s various old dudes sitting around smoking and just generally being creepy.

    Perhaps it’s more busy after school when we’re all still at work? I’m more likely to see kids causing mischief in the alley behind my apartment building than to see them using the baseball field or the basketball court.

    • I think Norman took care of that problem months ago. It’s pretty much just kids who go there now.

    • Well, if you get home from work at night then of course you won’t see kids playing on the baseball field. My kid plays in Banneker City league at Harrison Rec, practices during the week, games on Saturdays.

      The basketball court also gets heavy use.

  • There is a lot of activity at this site – the Banneker City Little League plays there, there is a summer movie series there (Pelican Brief is playing this Wednesday), and there has been an increase in the little ones using this site. Site manager has been doing a great job.

  • It’s also very busy during school. Several area schools use the field and playground for recess and gym classes.

  • I’ve never seen this playground not swarming with kids during the day. I especially hope they cover the skull-cracking bricks that stick out of the ground under the swings.. Hardly kid-friendly. So glad they’re doing this but I hope it’s quick. The baseball field is gorgeous.

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