Uptown Tap House Coming to Former 4Ps/Four Fields Space Around Labor Day in Cleveland Park

3412 Connecticut Ave, NW

Back in May we learned that an upscale Irish pub was going to come to the former 4Ps/Four Fields space in Cleveland Park. Thanks to a reader for sending a craigslist ad with a bit more detail:

“Uptown Tap House is a new addition to Cleveland Park offering a sophisticated selection of locally inspired seafood dishes, house specialty prime rib and an expedition raw bar complemented by an upscale beverage program along with legendary service.”

A message from Susie Taylor, President CPCA on the Cleveland Park listserv says:

“I believe they hope to open sometime shortly after Labor Day.”

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  • “…along with legendary service.” Jumping the gun just a bit? Although the prospect of a decent raw bar in that area is titillating.

    I guess this where AU students will go… After they’ve graduated, got a cush job for a government contractor thanks to Dad, squirted out a couple kids, and moved to the “suburbs” of DC.

  • Wow that all sounds soooo lame. Like McKormick and Smicks. Locally “inspired” seafood dishes=frozen crab cakes. House Specialty Prime Rib? Who writes this stuff? Upscale Beverage Program? The word “upscale” should be banned from the English language. pfffffft. God forbid we have any unpretentious dives left in DC. If they were going to kill 4P’s couldnt the landlords that be have scored a decent tenant? That’s a great location with a great patio.

    • Knowing that it comes from the McFadden’s chain, it will definitely suck. But it couldn’t possibly suck more than the 4P’s did.

  • Hoppin clams! WTF is an “expedition raw bar?” Do they have a tank in back for spear fishing? Is it relatively cholera-free? Are the leeches locally sourced? So many questions.

  • Boo, hiss. Cleveland Park doesn’t need another “upscale” establishment.

  • No chance of $2 beers on Sundays for NFL, is there?

    • Surprisingly good place in the general area for Sunday football: Italian Pizza Kitchen down Connecticut in Woodley. I believe they were doing $3 for any draft last year, they’ve got big screens and Sunday Ticket, and it’s not really a football-watching destination for a lot of people, so it’s easy to find a spot and get a TV tuned into your game and sort of take the place over. Plus the bartender last year was cool and enjoyed having company, so it wasn’t unusual for beers to be on the house. And the pizza is delicious. Definitely worth checking out.

  • Why is everyone being such an asshole about a new bar? Freak out much? What is the ad suppose to say? “Decent bar with food we hope appeases people seeks employees who will show up.”? Come on. Grow up people and chill with the bitterness.

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