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  • Oh man, don’t let my kids see this! Sweet Jesus!

  • did they get a DCRA permit for that? Is this zone legal? Can I see the blue prints? And what is the condo fee? Is it a 1bd, 1bath?

  • Its cap hill, of course its professionally designed. God only knows what they paid the architect! But yeah, Im wondering the same thing on the permits. The NIMBYS will have a field day wtih this (once they are done sabotaging all over projects on the hill).

  • How long until it gets broken into?

  • Sweeeet! And when the kids outgrow it, just get a cert. of occupancy, rent it out for $2100/month, and pad the college fund.

  • Great place for defending zombie attacks.

  • DCRA will immediately deem this a TOP PRIORITY for red tape application. Never mind the thousands of illegal slumlords and rampant all night illegal construction. THE BUREAUCRATS MUST STOP THE TREE HOUSE TAKEOVER!

  • Sad that my first thoughts as well were “The historic preservationists will have a field day with this one!”

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