Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – H Street, NE

This rental is located at 904 5th Street, NE:

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The listing says:

“1 BR/1BA apartment w/enclosed porch. Apartment has refinished hardwood floors and new windows. Located in close proximity to Union Station and Metro transportation. Good Credit required. Use L&F Application-fee is $40 per adult.”

Unfortunately no photos of the inside but I think the price and location makes it promising – this 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,000/Mo.

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  • That seems like a crazy good deal for a 1 bedroom. I’d be interested in seeing some pictures though.

    • It sounds pretty fair to me. It’s quite a hike to Union Station from there and you have to pass through some really rough areas, and you’re going to get lots of diesel fumes and noise from being so close to the rail yard. So if you can live with those tradeoffs, it’s not a bad deal.

      • i hope you’re kidding. i live steps away from this apt complex. it’s a 10 min walk to the metro. there are no rough areas, unless you consider the new Giant’s construction on 3rd and H, and the hopscotch bridge “rough”. diesel fumes and noise from the rail yard? no fumes, and sometimes you hear a train tooting it’s horn. i really hope you’re just trolling…

        • You may be right, but it really varies from block to block. The sounds of the train whistles and grinding brakes, along with diesel fumes, waft over here in different patterns.

  • Ehhhh…I’m always a little suspicious of apartments that seem too good/cheap to be true AND don’t include any interior photos with the listing. Would be curious to hear if anyone’s seen the inside of this place, though.

    • No interior pics and I’m not sure about the neighborhood either. I live further east but I take the D3 sometimes which comes down K street there. A bit iffy (not an expert on the area though, clearly).

      Still, it’s a deal worth checking out.

  • It’s probably an unrenovated craphole, but give me that for this price over something sparking for $600 more per month. A little thought and a few Ikea trips can make places like these quite appealing, and they usually have good radiator heat.

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