Dear PoPville – Adams Morgan Church Hotel Hearing Sept. 6th

“Dear PoPville,

Looks like the zoning meeting for the Adams Morgan church hotel is happening on 9/6 at 6:30. Some neat additions to the property are proposed including a youth center.”


On July 29, 2011, the Office of Zoning received an application from Adams Morgan Church Hotel, LLC, on behalf of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Washington, D.C., and Glancer Properties, LLC, the owners of the subject property (collectively, the “Applicant”). The Applicant is requesting approval of a consolidated planned unit development (“PUD”) and related map amendment for the property located at 1770 Euclid Street, N.W. (Lots 872 and 875 in Square 2560) and 2390 Champlain Street, N.W. (Lot 127 in Square 2560) (the “Property”). The Office of Planning provided its report to the Zoning Commission, dated November 4, 2011, and the case was set down for hearing by the Commission on November 14, 2011. The Applicant provided its prehearing statement to the Commission on April 30, 2012.

The Property consists of approximately 42,279 square feet. It is currently improved with the 100-year old First Church of Christ, Scientist (the “Church Building”), a surface parking lot, and an office building. Lot 872 of the Property is zoned R-5-B. Lots 875 and 127 of the Property are zoned RC/C-2-B. Through the requested PUD-related map amendment, all three lots in this Property would be rezoned to C-2-B. The purpose of the PUD and map amendment is to permit the development of an addition to the Church Building, which together with the restored Church Building will operate as a hotel with a maximum of 227 rooms, restaurant, related retail adjuncts, an underground parking garage, and a community center, with office and filing space, to be used by ANC 1C, Adams Morgan Youth Leadership Academy, and other Adams Morgan community groups and non-profits. (the “Project”).

The proposed PUD will have a total gross floor area of approximately 182,612 square feet. The Church Building will serve as the main entrance to the hotel, with a secondary and vehicular entrance on Champlain Street. The parking garage will be accessed from Champlain Street, N.W., and will contain approximately 174 parking spaces.

The Project will have a total floor area ratio (“FAR”) of approximately 4.32 and building heights ranging from approximately 53 feet to 90 feet.

This public hearing will be conducted in accordance with the contested case provisions of the Zoning Regulations, 11 DCMR § 3022.

For more information about this case, please review a copy of the public hearing notice:

Public Hearing Notice

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  • Still blows my mind that there are people against this project. I understand that there are all kinds of sensibilities out there, but why would you rather have an empty and decrepit over a job generating luxury hotel.

    • I don’t get the opposition, either. I tried talking to a “protestor” who had tied up a sign to a vacant storefront on Columbia Road and he went on a generally illogical and incoherent rant about the city needing to spend more on libraries and parks and not on subsidies for “corporate interests.” When I pointed out the Mt. Pleasant library was about to re-open after multi-millions of investment by DC, he scoffed.

      The project seems likely to impact Champlain Street people most of all, since that’s where the parking garage entrance will be and the building height will change the skyline. But restricting development to three-storey residential just isn’t economically feasible for the neighborhood anymore, So unless the surrounding neighbors want to purchase the property and turn it into a museum, it’s unclear to me what else can be done with a hulking, historically protected white elephant like this.

      I’m really hoping the hotel gets built, too. It could really make a big difference in the neighborhood and make it much more livable.

  • Fantastic. This will revitalize the neighborhood. Can’t think of any reason why this wouldn’t be appropriate use for a major commercial thoroughfare.

  • A youth center? For realz?? Seems like an odd thing to have in a 4-star hotel.

    • Actually, contrary to what the original poster wrote, the “youth center” (office and meeting space for the Adams Morgan Youth Leadership Academy) has always been a part of the project. It will actually be part of a larger community space in the basement that will feature several offices and conference rooms for nonprofits and a larger community meeting room where things like the ANC meetings or other community groups may hold meetings.

  • omg, do we want adams morgan to become THE NEXT ADAMS MORGAN?

  • I encourage all of us in SUPPORT of this project to come out and show it. All too often those of us who support a development stay at home while the minority of Nimbys show up and have the floor. They get the coverage and sway opinion. I have read all the coverage on this and talked to all my neighbors and this has overwhelming support. This will bring a lot of disposable income and day time foot traffic to the neighborhood. That will revitalize the retail options in the neighborhood. Really hope this gets built.

  • Please let this getting going. Hopefully this will bring light to the neighborhood scourge: that horrendous 1970s statue of a child climbing on a man’s shoulder in Unity Park.

  • This project always seemed like a no-brainer to me. It’s not like someone is trying to shoe-horn in a toxic waste facility in the neighborhood! It’s a hotel which will have overwhelmingly positive benefits for Adams Morgan…and residents will benefit b/c of a likely increase in retail and adult F&B establishments, not the liquor-pouring factories that make the area a scary war zone on weekend nights. There are people out there who reflexively hate change, and want to be able to dictate what comes and goes into their neighborhoods. Stop fearing change and accept that is a very, very good thing that someone wants to put an upscale hotel in your neighborhood.

    Only downside I can see is the hotel potentially attracting attendees of those obnoxious hate-fests/conservative conferences that seem to take place at the Marriott or Omni over in Woodley Park. Yuck. On second thought ditch the hotel!!

    • Nah, I wouldn’t worry about those types of convention-goers in Adams Morgan. To them, this is still “the brown side of town.” See the Tea Party’s guide to visiting Washington DC if you need an example.

  • Excellent. Hopefully the influx of business will help to fill all the other congenitally empty storefronts (I’m thinking of you former DCCD – you broke my heart).

  • I own a condo in a building on the 1700 block of Columbia Road, and I’m hoping that the hotel project will spur the arrival of nicer retail establishments on the 1700 block.

    The renovated Safeway and the new CVS are all very well and good, but overall there are too many cell phone retailers, yet-to-be-filled storefronts, and downscale niche-market places (including a cash-checking place… or is it two such places?).

  • It’s not the project per se. It’s the idiocy of throwing money at a developer so that they will deign to make a profit in our neighborhoods.

  • Would be nice to be able to walk that corner without feeling you are going to get jumped by all the drunks that hang out there.

  • The hotel will bring many needed construction and permanent jobs to the area. It will also have a 24/7 presence on that corner and will help enliven that section of the area. This 24/7 foot traffic will also help provide the kind of numbers needed to attract more retail operators to Adams Morgan. This project is a win-win-win for everyone.

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