After 7 Years Crafty Bastards Not Coming to Adams Morgan This Year

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From the Adams Morgan BID, CityPaper Publisher Amy Austin writes:

It is with great disappointment that we are announcing that City Paper will not be able to host Crafty Bastards at Marie Reed this October. The challenges of producing an outdoor festival on school property have gotten progressively steeper, which led us to a decision to look for an indoor venue. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find an indoor space in Adams Morgan that has the capacity the festival needs.

For those not familiar with Crafty Bastards, you can read about it here. It’s been a consistently great event for Adams Morgan. Though, back in 2010 I wondered if the festival had gotten too large for Marie Reed.

For fans of Crafty Bastards – do you think having the event in an indoor venue is a good idea?

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  • So is it just not going to happen? That is sad. Bummer that it’s so complicated to do it on publicly owned property. A few years back there was a summer CB up in Silver Spring. I have my fingers crossed they will find a space!

  • I always like outdoor festivals this time of year, but I think it needs to move out of Adams Morgan to somplace with more space. I wonder if they’ve considered the Yards Park? That would be a great place to have it.

  • Yes to an indoor Crafty Bastards! I don’t care where it takes place, just as long as it happens. They really could use a larger venue though–last year’s festival was packed even in a steady rain.

  • Definitely prefer it indoors…last year it got rained out and ruined the fun of the whole event!

  • How about ULine Arena?! I think they rent out that space from time to time. The location is metro accessible.

    • +1. Great idea. Would the organizers be able to “buy out” the weekend from the parking company that currently utilizes the space?

      • It doesn’t seem like the parking company uses it on the week. I hope the Crafty Bastards organizers have looked in to using possibly using ULine, we’ll see.

  • Maybe a solution would be to combine it with the Adam’s Morgan Days festival when some of the streets are closed down.

  • Why not bring it over to H Street NE? We already host the only street festival worth attending in DC. 🙂 [ducks to avoid backlash]

  • The DC Armory would be a good place for it.

  • Hah, there goes my one scheduled visit to Adams Morgan every year. I second Yards Park. Not near as hip as AM, but it certainly has the space.

    • You should put Adams Morgan Day on your calendar as a replacement. Much better than CB, IMO.

      • totally different experiences.

        adams morgan day is a spectacle of drinking, eating on the curb, and bands and hot people watching.

        crafty bastards is about weird unique stuff to buy and watching break dancing.

  • I bet they had to get permits for every table and every tent that they put up from DC.

    That costs a lot of $$.

    But more significantly it takes a lot of TIME to negotiate the madness down at DCRA.

    Oh well.

    • I can’t speak for CB but having put on a small (4 days/ 25 tents/day) DCRA does charge you/tent. I think it was like 35/tent 3 years ago and I’m sure it’s doubled since then. I was doing this festival under a govt agency and only had to shell out 600+ from my pocket but had I not had their help, it would have cost over. 10,000. No lie. That shit is a racket

  • I really dont care! indoors or outdoors…Just do it!

  • Why not do a month-long pop up shop in Adams Morgan with one weekend with stalls up and down Columbia Road. The old CVS is a large space. The old Blockbuster is also a large space. There are certainly enough vacant storefronts to combine into one large event. Is it just not happening this year?

  • A pipe dream, but just close 18th st (a’la Adams Morgan Day) and put the artists right there on either side of the street, in a 1-1.5 block area. Plenty of space + a nice amount of foot traffic for the restaurants.

  • i’d love to see a street festival under the whitehurst freeway.

    doesn’t get over the dcra redtape, but it would still be cool.

  • Indoors or out, any place with more room would be good as far as I’m concerned. They were really starting to outgrow the Adams Morgan space.

    • “. . . starting to outgrow the Adams Morgan space.” Whaaa? Last year, albeit in the cold rain, they started using the lower field. That’s a huge space and it wasn’t nearly filled by vendors.

      My guess is that because of turnover at the City Paper they lost the ‘know-how’ or will to do it again.

  • How about the new Union Market

  • lame… completely lame…

  • Is the old Uline Arena available? … lots of useable indoor space

  • Indoor sounds mar-vaaa-lous.

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