3 Stars Brewing Company Launch Parties Aug. 9th and 10th


From a press release:

Let the pandemonium begin! 3 Stars Brewing Company invites all of DC (or at least everyone 21+ of age) to come celebrate their entry into the market at two separate release events during the week of August 6th at Churchkey & The Big Hunt.

The premiere release event is being hosted at Churchkey (1337 14th St., NW) on Thursday, August 9th starting at 4 PM. All three 3 Stars beers – the Pandemic Porter, the Southern Belle, and the Urban Farmhouse – will be featured on draft. The guys will also be showcasing the Pandemic and the Urban Farmhouse Saison in cask that evening with a special cask of the Southern Belle (more detail about this will be available that evening for attendees only).

If you can’t make it to Churchkey on Thursday night, join the 3 Stars Brewing Company team at The Big Hunt on the 10th for a Friday Night Craft Beer Bash (what better way to kick off the weekend and pre-game your liver and palette for DC Beer Week?!). The festivities begin at 5 PM at The Big Hunt (1345 Connecticut Ave., NW), with all three beers on draft and at least one available in cask. This event is open to the general public (21+ only please).

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  • big hunt all day

  • Definitely excited about this. Having more local breweries will force everyone to elevate their game.

    • Oh, absolutely. Because none of the current batch of local brewers are making anything that will really knock your socks off. Except maybe Flying Dog with some of their more experimental and limited-release brews, but I kind of hesitate to call them “local.”

      • Totally agree. The local breweries (I’m not counting Dogfight Head, or any Baltimore or Frederick breweries) range from bad to average, but more competition should foster better quality.

      • Yeah, most micros these days seem to specialize in brewing ales that taste like Sierra Nevada. I have nothing against Sierra Nevada (it’s one of my favorites), but I want something different. It would be nice to have an American brewed Czech style pilsner.

        • @anonymous wanting craft pilsners… there is no other country that has as great of a selection of beers as America does.

          Oskar Blues: Mama’s Little Yella Pils
          Victory: Prima Pils
          Sixpoint: Crisp
          Troegs: Sunshine Pils
          Heavy Seas: Small Craft Warning
          Brooklyn: Brooklyn Pils

  • claire

    Sounds awesome – and I happen to have that Friday off so I’ll definitely be trying my best to make one of the events!

  • Excited for more local brews, but also hoping that maybe one of them will start making things other than pale ales? Four IPAs, four other ales, and some other thick ones. Even DC Brau is just three pale ales that are too sweet and taste interchangeable. What about a weiss? A bock? Is there a DC hops subsidy?

    I want to be excited about dc beer popularity, but would be more excited about some DC beer variety.

    • See the post — a Farmhouse Ale and a Porter (and their website says Southern Belle is an Imperial Brown Ale, nice!). Not exactly the PA/IPAs you bemoan. I’m quite the hophead, but I agree that the local breweries need to branch out (probably because I don’t think the local IPAs/PAs are very good). I’m excited to see Three Stars releasing some different style beers, very excited to try the Farmhouse Ale and Southern Belle.

      • Yup. Read the post and their web site. Not super experienced brewer here, but it’s my understanding that farmhouse ales and saisons were just types of seasonal/crafty…wait for it…pale ales, and with high alcohol contents like IPAs but less bitter.

        DC beers 2 years ago -> novelty yay! DC beers today -> pale ale doldrums yawnfest.

        • claire

          Farmhouse ales/saisons can actually be very interesting when done right – often mildly funky and, to my palate, more flavorful than regular pale ales. Certainly a whole different category than IPAs (which, I agree, seems to be all DC Brau, at least, offers, even though under slightly different names). I’m quite excited about the imperial brown ale and porter though – definitely bucking the trend there!

          • Claire is spot on. Also, Saisons generally have a lower alcohol content than IPAs (and many pale ales as well), generally coming in between 4%-6.5% on the highest end (e.g. Saison Dupont). You really should try a saison or two, I think you’d find it a refreshing change from American PA/IPA

    • I agree that the local brewers are in danger of getting into a rut, but that’s kind of the stage brewing here is at. The DC Brau beers I’ve had have been unexceptional, and ridiculously overpriced for local beer ($7 for the porter at Big Hunt – more expensive than better offerings from Lagunitas), but many brewers start off with crowd-pleasing (boring) beers, since that’s what the majority of the population likes. Once they get more market share, they can start getting creative. I’m excited about what 3 Stars could offer and I really think that more competition will bring better local beer to DC.

      • You lost me at Lagunitas

        • It’s a solid brewery from Petaluma, CA. Try it sometime – U think you’ll like their stuff. And if you’re ever out west, they have some seasonals that don’t make it out here too often. Good stuff. And not $7 a pint.

      • If you thing the draught prices are bad, you should try buying a 6-pack. I like their beer a lot, but $12 for a 6-pack is just obscene.

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