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  • I ate here last week for my boyfriend’s birthday! Good beer selection (wish it was bigger, but they had enough of a variety where picky me was even content with the options), delicious light fried calamari, and fish and chips with an interesting (sweet) variation of tartar sauce. Check it out if you’re in the neighborhood – it had really good service, was very clean, and had some great TVs in the bar. I live up on Wisconsin so it’s nice to see some new restaurants to offer variety in the area.

  • I went there on opening night. The staff was super friendly, but I was really disappointed in the beer selection. Nothing I could really put my finger on, I think it just happened to be a list of beers I personally didn’t find terribly appealing. Also, there was not a single budget option for booze, so I guess they are really banking on people only having one or two and letting food sales make up the rest. Not a terrible experience overall though.

    The one thing I really didn’t like though was how open and white and brightly lit it was. Not really what you think of when you think of an English pub.

  • Don’t let the IOC see that sign. They’ll get a lawsuit for their excitement!

  • In response to anonymous on July 31st at 1:50PM:

    Mayfair & Pine is not a British pub. It’s an American Gastropub. It has British influences because the chefs honeymooned in London, San Francisco because they both met in culinary school and lived there, and Las Vegas from both of them working at Nobhill for Michael Mina. There is also a huge focus on American sourced ingredients and products on both the food and beverage menus, so I repeat, Mayfair & Pine is NOT an English Pub or British gastropub.

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