Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – H Street, NE

This rental is located at 301 G St, NE:

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The listing says:


This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $2,850/Mo.

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  • is this ad a joke? i pay less than that to rent a 2bd/2ba 1100sqft condo ON u street NW. ridic.

    • Especially citing that out-of-date kitchen. I’d expect at least stainless steel appliances. High ceilings only go so far.

  • talula

    Those windows look enormous!!

    • seriously, I was thinking, that’s a strange doggy door/dumbwaiter thing until I realized that was the bedroom door(!)

  • I seriously hope that’s a joke

  • Yeah I kinda expected something a little more high-end for that price.

  • yuck…i can smell the mildew from my monitor.

  • Full disclosure, I live in another unit in the same building.

    It is a very clean and well maintained building. Not sure where you get the “yuck” factor. The units are all really unique and kept.

    As for the price, go look up Senate Square or some of the other buildings in the area where you are paying over $3k. Yeah, they come with a workout room and such, but the price points are relatively similar. Plus, two blocks from Union Station. Granted, an updated kitchen wouldn’t hurt this unit.

  • i’m still not convinced this is worth more than 2400/month – and that’s being generous.

  • I agree the apartment isn’t the nicest inside, but for a lot of people this location is quite superior to U ST NW. For example, anyone that frequently needs to travel to NYC, people who work in politics, etc.

    U St is a great area but its not end all be all or anything.

    • Yup, and lots of us work in the Eastern quadrants of DC, and this location is more accessible to VA and parts of MD also.

  • true, but H st NE is just not there yet.
    also, if someone can afford $2850/month in rent, they surely can afford a $12 cab ride to union station for trips their frequent trips to NYC.

    • This is really Capitol Hill/Union Station neighborhood, not H St NE, though.

      Sure you can get a quick cab, but that takes additional time and is a pain.

      Have you priced homes/apartments in this neighborhood? Prices are basically the same as any other high end area.

      It’s cool manne, I’m sure lots of people would prefer U to this location. But lots of other people would feel the opposite way. Both sides are right… no biggie.

      • Based on your name, is it safe to assume you have a vested self-interest in seeing prices go as high as possible here? No one’s saying it’s U Street or it should be, but this is far from a crime-free area and at some point you landlords need to stop seeing whether you can find another overpaid sucker to line your pockets and start thinking about long-term stability of the area. Driving everybody out but the wealthiest is not a viable solution.

  • Are there two bedrooms plus a loft, or are they counting the loft as one of the bedrooms?

  • Pretty– but the bathroom and kitchen are pretty sad. Someone pointed out that this was comparable to Senate Square and such, but at least in those newer buildings you have tons of amenities (such as a pool, large gym, community rooms, etc), plus much nicer (and updated) kitchens and bathrooms. Anyone willing to pay this much money for far less advantages is a bit of a putz.

  • this is why DC rent prices are so high–people actually pay these prices!!

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