DC Reynolds Now Offering Saturday Brunch

3628 Georgia Ave, NW

Always happy to share new brunch options! Check out DC Reynolds’ new brunch menu:

Smoked Pork Benedict
english muffin/smoked pork tenderloin/poached eggs/hollandaise/home fries

Chicken N’ Waffles
sweet potato waffle/fried chicken confit/maple-pecan syrup

Smoked Chicken Hash
smoked chicken/potatoes/peppers/onions/poached egg/hollandaise
*substitute veggie sausage

Challah French Toast
maple-pecan syrup/strawberry compote/applewood smoked bacon/home fries

Smoked Pork Omelette
smoked pork shoulder/goat cheese/dc fries

Veggie Omelette
asparagus/quinoa/goat cheese/dc fries

Sweet Potato Waffle
maple-pecan syrup/applewood smoked bacon

Breakfast Burger
fried egg/cheddar/applewood smoked bacon/dc fries

Pulled Pork Sandwich
bbq pork/fresh slaw/tomato-cucumber salad


DC Fries
house cut/seasoned
Home Fries w/ Onions
Applewood Smoked Bacon
Veggie Sausage


Bottomless Mimosa/Bloody Mary
Orange Juice
French Press Coffee (33 oz)

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  • I was here for their soft brunch opening on Fourth of July. I had the sweet potato waffle, substituted with veggie sausage, and it was all delicious. My companions had the bottomless mimosas ($10 fyi), the chicken and waffles, the challah french toast, veggie omelette, as well downing a bottle of champagne (not on the menu).

    Everything I had was excellent, our server was very patient with the two entrees some of our party ordered, and kept the bottomless mimosas flowing. I will be returning.

  • I will have to check this out!

  • Looks great! I’m no vegetarian but that veggie omelette looks delish! Wish there were prices on this page.

  • orderedchaos

    I was at the soft opening on the 4th. The Smoked Pork Benedict was delicious, and my wife enjoyed the chicken & waffles.

    The food service was very slow, but it was their first time doing brunch so that’s to be expected. And with bottomless beverages flowing we were in no rush anyway. 🙂

  • This sounds awesome.

  • Any idea if it’s Saturday and Sunday or just Sunday?

  • Also went on the 4th, and the chicken and waffles were unbelievable. Also the best iced coffee I’ve ever had (they served Qualia). Staff was awesome as always, and very interested in our experience since it was their first day. ONLY critique: less ice in the bottomless mimosas.

  • Big fan of the food here… Don’t they have a schedule for showing movies on the patio too? Some really good movie nights would be great seeing that it’s not really a DJ venue.

  • Never know how to handle Challah French Toast served with bacon. It’s just too weird to me. Of course this is a pretty pig-heavy menus so I guess it’s cute they add the Jewish food…


  • saf

    They need to add tea to the beverage list. (I like coffee, but have one tea-drinking brunch companion.

  • Went today. Some service issues with the kitchen and fairly shocking coffee prices ($7 for French press, $2 for a small ice coffee and no option for just a hot cup) but the food was tasty and the service friendly.

    • Hey Kitton, thanks for being patient today. In regards to the coffee we are looking at making that change. We wanted to use local coffee guys (and are) but the only current way to do it with them is via french press. We are contemplating getting a smaller press as the 7.00 option you listed is more like 4 cups of coffee. Thanks for the feedback. We really do appriciate it.


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