Cava Grill Opens Today in Columbia Heights

3105 14th St, NW

Good news to start the week off – Cava Grill opens today in Columbia Heights at 3105 14th St, NW (between Irving and Keynon in the former Radiance Medspa space.) Their philosophy:

“We believe in big flavor with a small footprint. Our food is made from delicious, simple, authentic Greek and fresh local ingredients. All our meats are hormone- and antibiotic-free. All our dips and spreads are all-natural. Our bowls, drink cups, cutlery, napkins, and paper bags are compostable, and we recycle our glass and plastic.”

You can see their menu here. They are open daily from 11 am – 10 pm.

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  • Good to know that the cutlery is compostable. Don’t think that works on the sidewalk though.

  • Can Not WAIT! I think I’ll go later this week. Everyone who’s tried their other location just raves about it. When Lime Wire opens and if/when Z Burger opens, Finally we’ll have solid alternatives over Chipotle/Five Guys/Panera-PotBellys.

  • i’m excited for this place to open but bummed that it seems to be yet another take-out place in our neighborhood. I wish it was a sit-down restaurant like their Hill location.

    • agreed. love their Hill happy hour.

    • agreed – love their lamb sliders and their drinks!

    • Cava Mezze Grill and Cava Mezze (the sit-down restaurants in rockville, barracks row, and clarendon) are two different business models. Grill is more like a Greek-style Chipotle than sit-down restaurant…though I too wish this were a Cava Mezze, however my wallet is very happy its not.

    • To be fair, a number of sit-down places (The Pinch, Kangaroo Boxing Club, Maple, and El Chucho) have opened in the neighborhood very recently. After looking at the Cava space, I doubt it could support a sit-down restaurant.

  • alxindc

    I need to go and investigate, especially that “crazy feta” 🙂

    • Their crazy feta is delicious, but their harissa is where it’s at (they make a stellar combo). Only thing that’s so-so is the hummus. Also, if you are a veg like me, you’re going to love the falafel.

  • went to their preview lunch yesterday. very good stuff! what a great addition to the neighborhood!

  • Just had it for lunch. Lamb was yummy. Crazy feta was crazy good. The best part was that there were no crazy lines.

    Pretty organized for day one.

  • Had a bowl w/ falafel for lunch today. It was decent, but not great. I’m assuming that’s because I was one of the first dozen or so customers. Seemed like the falafel had been cooked earlier in the morning and had possibly been sitting for a bit. It also had whole chick peas in it, which seemed kind of odd, but tasted ok. Will definitely try it again. The people were really nice.

  • Went to their event on sunday, delish! Loved everything (incl the falafel with lots of chickpeas). Way better than roti.

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