Absolute Pizza Kabab Replaces Buffalo LA Pizzeria Next to the Blaguard in Adams Morgan

Thanks to a reader for sending word:

“Buffalo LA Pizzeria is being replaced by…another pizza place. Absolute Kabab Pizza has taken up residence at 2005 18th St, NW.”

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  • Awesome! ‘Cause that’s just what AdMo was missing – a pizza place! This neighborhood is stuck in a rut from a dining/retail perspective.

    • As Andrew points out, your view is pretty outdated. In addition to the restaurants he listed, there’s also Mintwood Place which recently opened. Just because you ate jumbo slice there a few years back doesn’t mean that AdMo doesn’t have some of the better restaurant choices in the city right now.

  • Lift the liquor license moratorium! Let new blood flow in, forcing the long standing monopolies to compete.

  • Not to pick a fight about the diversity of Adams Morgan dining establishment, but the neighborhood has certainly a ton more food options then it did even just three or four years ago. It pisses me off that folks who clearly haven’t been to neighborhood in years dismiss it as this wasteland that only includes jumbo slice. If you haven’t taken advantage of the food options in Adams Morgan, then you’re missing out on what is the most densely packed area of good food options in DC.

    In the last two years alone, AdMo has seen a ton of new places open that aren’t in the over sized slice business. Right next store to the Absoulte Pizza is Jack Rose, which is a fairly unique restaurant for DC. Not to mention Mintwood Place, Sakuramen, Southern Hospitality, Smoke and Barrel, the sandwiches at the AdMo Win Shop, and even the Blaguard’s random Wednesday Koren BBQ pop-up.

    That doesn’t even include the places that have been around longer that are still great non-pizza restaurants. Cashion’s Eat Place is one of the best restaurants in DC. There is also Black Squirrel, the Reef, the Diner, Tryst,
    La Fourchette, Little Fountain Cafe, Casa Oaxaca, Himalayan Heritage, Meskerem, Mama Ayesha’s, Pasta Mia, and Super Taco. And those are just the places I can name off the top of my head.

    The bottom line is people still want to dump on AdMo, and yea it has its problems like every other neighborhood. But diversity in food avaiable and how good most of the restaurants are is definitely not one of them.

  • Are these “new” places actually new or are the still under the same ownership and they are just being *reinvented, repackaged, repurposed and represented*?

    • On the new places I listed, arguably only one was repacked: Smoke and Barrel. But it is much different that its predecessor Asylum, so it’s hard to say it is just a repackage. The rest of the new restaurants are not reinventions or just rebranding.

      And I didn’t even lump Mellow Mushroom into the new restaurant because they do serve by the slice pizza. It is, however, 10,000 times better than then jumbo slice joints. So add another to the list!

    • same dirty garbage jumbo slice look into their kitchen before you buy it
      all the jumbo slices pizza places is only for drunks if you are a sober you cant eat this trash.this new Absolute kebab is same owner just name change

  • Having moved to Gallery Place from Adams Morgan about a year ago, I miss many of those places you listed. Some others: Bourbon, Las Canteras, Bardia’s New Orleans Cafe, Perry’s, Napoleon, Astor Mediterranean.

    Also, many of them are reasonably priced in comparison to other parts of the District.

    • and don’t forget the new Mellow Mushroom, which while pizza, is tasty, gourmet pizza (i.e., not in the same discussion as disgusting Jumbo slice).

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