Coppi’s Closing for a Year on U Street Saturday

by Prince Of Petworth July 11, 2012 at 12:30 pm 20 Comments

1418 U Street, NW

First Utopia then DC Noodles and now Coppi’s.

Dear PoPville,

Hey, sad news, coppi’s is the next and last, I guess, to go on that block (hopefully only temporarily). I went by there last night for dinner and the note was posted on the door. I talked with Carlos and he says they’ll be re-opening in about a year… I sure hope so! Last day is July 14 :(

  • ew

    Maybe I don’t remember from the original story, but is this development project compensating these business owners for needing to close for a year while they build this complex? I can’t imagine that anyone was pleased about having to shut down for a year, and I’m wondering how these people intend to replace lost income from closing due to circumstances beyond their control..? Or am I misunderstanding the backstory completely?

    • anon

      I know there is a compensation plan involved, but don’t know the specifics… can anyone link out to the details? would be interesting to read

  • Denizen of Tenallytown

    Hope they actually come back. It’s gotta be a big financial strain to cease operations and then start them back up a year later.

    Did they ever find a lead in the Nori Amaya murder case?

  • It blows that McDonald’s seems to be the only business on this corner not affected by the Louis construction.

    • That place is a constant source of trash (litter) and it bugs the heck out of me. They should be responsible for cleaning that corner. It’ll never happen, but they should.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not McDonald’s, it’s the people who eat there.

    • UStreeter

      There should be a reality show based on that McDonalds. Sometimes I go buy a diet coke, sit in there, and enjoy. I once saw an argument between two crazy people as to which of them was living in the men’s room.

  • Jason

    I live and lived on the 11th floor across the hall from where Nori was murdered and am still sick to my stomach that no arrest have been made in 2 years. I’m sure the gumshoes are hard work.

    • Anonymous

      Being a “gumshoe” is, in fact, hard work. It can be VERY hard work.

  • styglan1dc

    I’m sorry but do people really like Coppi’s that much? The place has always been mediocre at best and extremely overpriced for what you are getting.

    Yes, I know local, organic, seasonal and sustainable are all words that lead to pricey food but that never explained how I felt stunned when seeing the bill when dining there. It never felt good enough to justify the high prices.

    Don’t get me wrong – I want to see the place succeed. They are always nice and welcoming, the space is fun to eat in (if a bit crowded) and the food is interesting, but after 4-5 mediocre meals over two years living around the corner I took it off my list of date restaurants.

    • Anonymous

      I agree completely (though it’s been at least four years since I’ve been there).

    • I go there all the time and love it. Half price wine on Tuesdays, and awesome staff and great service, and really delicious food. I think its expensive as compared to, say, Posto, but it’s like 100 steps from my front door so I will miss it. What is the family going to do for a year while it’s closed? Vacation?

    • I remember going there when they first opened circa 1993 and thinking, “Damn. This stuff is expensive. And an 8″ pizza? WTF is that?” So we’d end up eating some cheap slop at State of the Union or Ben’s.

    • To each his own, I guess – this is hands down my favorite restaurant in DC. Certainly not cheap eats, but I’ve never had anything but amazing food and service there, and I don’t think you get that for cheaper many other places. Plus, I love that you can get appetizer portions (which are definitely large enough for a meal) of all their pastas, and have always appreciated that the staff are quick to point that out, even if it means people buy the cheaper option. I’ll definitely miss Coppi’s while they’re gone, and reallyreallyreally hope they do open back up in a year!

      • Totally agree – I love Coppi’s and really hope they get a fair shake to return. That goes for all the businesses that are being forced to close. I worry that when push comes to shove, some or all of them may not return.

    • UStreeter

      I love this place. Good food, great atmosphere. My current and I went on our first date there. (Okay, okay, so did my ex and I…and my other ex and I…but whatever, it’s special.) I really hope it reopens.

    • KenyonDweller

      Coppi’s has always been a favorite of mine. We stopped going so much once restaurants started opening in Columbia Heights, but last time I ate there, I still enjoyed it.

    • too bad it’s closing maybe when they reopen they can add some light…always too dark in there and too packed. feel liked we are stuffed in like sardines.

  • Victor

    Hopefully when they reopen they’ll do so with new wait staff…service here has always sucked.


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