Townhouse Kitchen & Bar Coming to 700 6th Street, NW by the Verizon Center

700 6th St, NW

Lots of news on spots coming near the Verizon Center this week ( Daikaya Ramen Shop and a new cocktail lounge near Fuel Pizza.) And now one more – Townhouse Kitchen & Bar is coming to 700 6th Street, NW. Their liquor license application says:

“A casual yet elegant urban restaurant and wine bar serving small plates, sandwiches, salads and entrees with a seating capacity of 243 and a total occupancy load of 301. Request a sidewalk café with 46 seats.”

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  • Cue the “I am so sick of the small plates trend” comments in 3…2…1

  • I wonder if it will be as good as Townhouse Tavern. They used to have the best battered chicken fingers.

    This will be a nice lunch spot for me.

    • You actually ate at Townhouse Tavern? Seriously? That place was SO filthy and crawling with vermin. I mean, I had plenty of drinks there (the booze would kill off the germs) but you actually ate there??? Wow.

    • Oh boy, that used to be one of my favorite bars back in the day! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve been there, since I recall that you could still smoke the last time I was there.

      But I’d rather go hungry than eat there!

      • “I know it’s been a long time since I’ve been there, since I recall that you could still smoke the last time I was there.”

        I was starting to think the same thing, until I realized I didn’t start going there until after the smoking ban went into effect. I guess between the residual smoke smell that will never go away, and the staff’s lax policy towards following the laws, it still seemed like smoking was allowed.

    • And their Tuesday night crabfest during the summer was great too. Their Maryland Crab soup was incredible.

  • Fairly certain I read a while ago that it is a restaurant out of Chicago:

  • Why would call a restaurant “Townhouse” if it’s not actually in a townhouse? This is being added to my list of dumb restaurant names.

  • I guess my other comment didn’t go through with the link, but this is a restaurant out of Chicago.

  • One just opened in Baltimore as well

  • If it’s part of the same chain…They just opened one of these in Dallas at the Galleria Mall. Like OMG Becky! (shivers)

  • I’ve been to their recently opened Baltimore location and had a great experience. Looking forward to the new DC Townhouse!

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