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  • Looks interesting.

  • I love this place…but $9 for the standard 2 eggs, home fries, toast and bacon? Seems a little steep!

  • The Pinch, I say these comments out of love, so you can consider these issues as you keep getting more awesome. I went to brunch during your first week. Food – awesome! LOVED the donuts. The staff was lovely. But two annoying factors that would keep me from coming back if it was like this next time I came in for brunch:

    1) The floor was SO DIRTY. I am guessing that, since brunch was a new thing, they are not used to mopping up after a busy Saturday night. If you had dark floors (or it was dark out), cool, no problem, but your floors are light gray tile, and we’re in day time here.

    2) Peeps at the bar were drinking the bottomless mimosas directly out of carafes and were wasted, loud and annoying. I get it, one does get the bottomless brunch drinks for a nice day drink buzz, but since Lauriol Plaza was just dinged for this practice (i.e., half pitchers), might want to back off it a little. I get that they can’t control customer behavior, but they can influence it.

    • Likewise – I live on Parkwood, big fan of you guys, but why have you kept those hideous bars on your windows and door? Have to admit, if it wasn’t for me living on your street and really wanting to support you (again, big fan) these would make me reconsider visiting. Most of the homes on Parkwood no longer have security bars, I cut mine off when we bought 3 years ago, and haven’t had any problems. Also think it would be more acceptable if you were just a bar, less so for restaurants if that makes any sense.

      • From the outside (at least in that picture) it looks like a strip club.

        • Completely agree. Haven’t been yet because the place looks pretty sketchy. Or at best, just dirty with the bars and big black door. Is there any natural light in there? My husband actually thought it was a strip club and that Pinch was a cutesy name for it.

          If they could invest in updating the exterior a little bit I think they would have a much better shot of making it.

  • “Pinch” always makes me think of the New York Times puppet on Red Eye.

  • I’ve loved everything I’ve tried at the Pinch, and I think their prices are more than fair, considering the amount/quality of food you receive. Can’t wait to try brunch!

    Agree with others that the decor is laughably awful, but I think they are doing their best to improve things as they get going.

  • Sounds interesting, would love to check it out sometime. However, I have to agree with the other comments – the place really does look sketchy from the outside. Bars on windows have to go, open them up a little, let the light in, put up a nice sign, replace the address numbers, etc. if you don’t know the place it there, you would think “strip club” or a generally sleazy place.

  • Great place… been there twice now. The beer is super cold which is just the way I like it!

  • I went today to try the brunch and it was really good! The staff was very nice.
    I hope they can improve the look as this is what might be preventing people from trying the place. Thumbs up for food!!!

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