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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • anon. gardener

    I am so thankful to have power. Huge tree across the street split in half and took out power for some of our neighbors. We only lost our satellite tv signal and our outdoor table (flipped and shattered the glass.) This weather is nuts.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: looks like I got out of DC right on time!
    Rave/rant?: in DC the cat brings mice to my building’s door, here cat brought a coral snake this morning
    Rave: mom’s food, nice weather, family

    • Yikes! But are you sure it was a Coral snake and not a Scarlet kingsnake?

      Coral snake = “Red and yellow, kill a fellow” (the bands of red touch the bands of yellow)

      Kingsnake = “Red and black, friend of Jack.” (The bands of red touch the bands of black.

      Coral snakes rarely bite people unless they are handled (being shy and lacking fangs) but when they do it is way bad – and extra bad for a cat!

      • anon. gardener

        thanks for the rhyme! I always worry when i see stripey snakes, and can’t remember how to tell coral snakes from kingsnakes. (the one time a year i am in coral snake country, and in my nightmares. 🙂 )

      • pablo .raw

        I googled it and it was a fake coral, but I didn’t say it in order to ad more drama to the post 🙂 !!

  • Russian brides? Has it really come to this?

    • Nah, it’s not the wholesome and earnest Midwesterners who are the problem. It’s the entitled, loud, tattooed, and drunk ones who deserve to spend their lives alone. And if the limp-wristed dweebs in skinny jeans and wispy beards would stop dumpster diving, that indeed would be their fate.

  • Rave: Exciting bike ride home last night. Waited out the worst of the storm under a restaurant awning, but once the wind settled down and all I had to deal with was rain, I hit the road again and had a great ride.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Only damage from scary storm last night was 1 pot of plants that plunged to its death.

    Rant: The flowers were just about to bloom.

    Rave: Never lost power (unlike my sister) so I still have glorious air conditioning.

  • No power in the palisades 🙁 I’ve been fortunate to be able rto hang outout in A/C all- day, but I’m worried about how my cats are handling the heat 🙁


    If the traffic lights aren’t working,it’s a four way stop. It doesn’t mean SUV’s can just drive straight through. And waiving afterward doesn’t make it ok.

    • anon. gardener

      omg, for reals!! we went out this afternoon – people have lost their minds. Since we were in a big truck, we were able to honk and gesture and otherwise shame people into more civilised behavior. But man, we got our errand done and went right back home. It is not a good day to drive.

  • Rave: We still have power. Good thing since the heat index is off the charts.

    Rant: Mosquitoes are back. Dang.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: crater lake, swimming, eating, relaxing. PoP t-shirt photo may happen.

  • Can anyone predict when we will be free of all the women in Spandex Yoga Wear?
    At the Yoga Studio? Fine.
    At McDonald’s, work, the movies, Whole Foods…? PLEASE give us a break.

    • Emmaleigh504

      To me the worst are the yoga/workout pants that stop just below the knee. It’s a terrible look on EVERYONE. Sure, your ass may look good, but the rest of you looks stumpy & weird. Also, I don’t want to see your ass.

      • If you’re taking advantage of the free outdoor yoga that’s available this time of year you may not want full-length yoga pants. And yes, sometimes after my outdoor yoga class I might want to take a walk, go to CVS, or maybe even meet a friend for a casual dinner. Are yoga pants really that offensive? Considering all the other things people choose to wear? They’re more flattering than most jeans, khakis, drawstring pants, shorts, miniskirts, or sweatpants.

        • Ugh. No, they’re not more flattering than jeans. But? I wear horses. Ergo, I wear breeches. Therefore, I really can’t talk!

          • *RIDE. I RIDE horses. And WEAR breeches.

          • A perfectly fitted pair of jeans might be more flattering, but how many women have jeans that are professionally tailored? My jeans are always skin-tight in the thighs and butt, with a huge gap in the waist, and way too long. Most women who wear jeans have this problem, or the opposite (saggy butt with a muffin top billowing over the waistband). And don’t even get me started on skinny jeans… The nice thing about yoga pants is that they’re fitted and smooth, giving a streamlined look that is far more attractive. I guess they’d look bad on fat women, but fat women usually aren’t doing yoga in the first place.

      • novadancer

        so what are the 5’3 and under crowd to do? Sorry but I disagree – I love my yoga/running pants that hit a little below the knee. Otherwise I’m wearing pants that drag on the ground.

        Also, I am supposed to change to run into the grocery store after the gym? Sorry, not going to happen.

        what IS offensive is dudes (and chicks in sports bras only) without shirts on that do not have less than 10% body fat!

        • Yeah, I’m 5’2″ and yoga pants are always too long on me. Activewear rarely comes in petite sizes, and even if it did they’re probably still be too long for me. Fortunately I know how to hem, and for yoga pants it doesn’t have to be done neatly.

  • I loved the sprinkler today, for my kid’s bliss. The birds really dug it too.

  • rant: to the guy outside of marx cafe, during half time of the euro cup final, who yelled something rude to me as i waved my hand in front of my face (three times) to clear the smoke of 6 smokers blocking the sidewalk: it’s not about you, i don’t care if you smoke, smoke 4 packs a day if you want, knock yourself out. i happen to be pregnant and if i smelled that much cigarette smoke, it would have made me nauseous, and i probably would have gone home and puked. do you really want to be a guy who yells insults at strangers on the street? have some respect for other people.
    rave: i’m pregnant!

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