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Did Your Neighborhood Get Hit Bad by the Storm?

by Prince Of Petworth June 30, 2012 at 7:36 am 18 Comments

Photo from 8th St, SE by Josh

Photo from PoPville twitter follower @PuckBuddys

“Roof sheared off home on 1900 block of 13th Street, NW”

Photo from PoPville twitter follower @CSSiddall

“Big damage to 5 houses on 13th at ‪#WallachPlace‬. Missing roof w/ downpour expected. Roofer here. None hurt.”

Hope everyone’s power is back up now or very soon! Did your block lose any trees? Stay safe and cool today.

DDOT wrote:

Crews from the District Department of Transportation’s (DDOT) Urban Forestry Administration (UFA) are preparing to remove downed trees, branches and debris from District streets and neighborhoods. Crews are inspecting locations tonight to determine where contractors will set up to conduct this activity. Due to the power outrages and downed wires tree cleaning activities will be slow at first until daylight

Residents are reminded to stay away from downed wires. They could be energized and electrical contact could be fatal. Residents are also reminded to stay clear of broken hanging branches as they can fall at anytime.

District residents are reminded to call 311 or go online at 311.dc.gov to report downed trees and branches in public space and to be prepared to provide specific details about the location. The service requests are immediately forwarded to DDOT’s Urban Forestry Administration (UFA). Priority is given to street trees that have fallen on homes, cars and power lines, and trees that are blocking roadways; then UFA will shift its focus to storm clean up in alleys and other tree related storm debris.

DDOT is also coordinating with Pepco to address locations where wires are tangled in downed trees. To report a power outage please call Pepco at 877-PEPCO62. Customers may report outages online at pepco.com or download Pepco’s smart phone app, pepco.com/mobileapp, to report and track their outages.

District residents are reminded that trees and branches that fall on or from private property are the responsibility of the property owners.

Photo from Georgetown by PoPville twitter follower @DrewW13

Photo from 13th and Q St, NW by PoPville twitter follower @josh_fruscello

Photo from Kenyon and Mt. Pleasant St, NW by PoPville twitter follower @johnyorkwhit

  • Akc

    Lots of damage around 13th and U. A deck blew down as did what looks like a roof or garage roof and one whole backyard wall/deck collapsed and the debris is spread across the 3 or 4 adjacent yards! Police and fire tape in the alley because of downed or threatened lines of some sort. (maybe phone bc I thought power lines were underground in dc, but I’m not sure.)

  • There were full blocks of Q, R and Florida around 5th – 2nd that had no power hours before the storm. Pepco arrived to fix the blackout and said they wouldnt leave until it went back up, but must have left when the storm started. We didnt get it back until 5 30 this morning.

  • Alex

    A tree fell on our car in Adams Morgan. It’s trapped. Blah.

  • More is More

    Here in NE (Deanwood area), the powers went out around 10 PM last night and still hasn’t come back on. Pepco updates only state that their “assessing” the situation but they haven’t even bothered sending a crew this way. They keep telling us things like it may take DAYS to restore our power. I mean, seriously, I just moved to Ward 7 and the rumor was that things aren’t typically prioritized over this way but this is bordering on absurd! We’re talking record heat for today and no A/C or fans? Crazy!

    • Anon

      BGE, Pepco, and Dominion all have more than 400k outages so chances are you would be dealing with this situation regardless of where you live…im sure pepco is working just as hard (if not harder thanks to all the media criticism) than the other utilities to restore power.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was just a normal summer storm until I got on the internet this morning. Only damage I saw in Columbia Heights was a single branch that fell down.

  • Hoodrat

    Tree down on 700 block of Harvard – Banged up one car pretty bad. Also kenyon was closed off near 13th by a large branch

  • b

    It’s hard to tell, but that might be a deck rather than a roof in the first picture. If it were a roof, there would be plywood and roofing materials (depending on the roof, that could be asphalt, sheets of metal, etc.)

    Hopefully it IS a deck, because that would mean there wood be less damage for the unfortunate folks who live there.

  • Anon

    Wow. Hope everyone is alright.

    It wasn’t much of a storm for us near GA and KDY. Last Friday night was actually much worse around here. Just hoping the power stays on during the heat wave.

  • On my run this morning, there were tens of fallen trees and countless branches along the rock creek trail. A huge tree snapped next to Lincoln Memorial and some of the tents in prep for 4th were down. Storm was worse than the overhyped hurricane last summer…

    • Anonymous

      That was my thought as well. I was looking out the window and trying to remember if I had been anywhere near so nervous last summer. I don’t think I was.

      Anyway, I’m so so glad to have underground power in my neighborhood.

  • FulanoDeTal

    What a night. We lost power on New Jersey Ave. NW around 9 pm last night, before the storm hit (first time that’s happened in the seven years I’ve lived there). I figured I’d just go to bed since the house was still cool and I didn’t feel like going to a movie. The storm hit like a freight train around 10:30. Once it calmed down a little a went back to bed, and power was restored around 3 a.m. A couple of huge branches landed in my yard, but the cleanup was relatively easy. Unfortunately a nice little shade tree at the corner of New York Avenue and New Jersey Avenue snapped at the trunk. That tree was a real survivor, but the storm was just too strong.

  • Anonymous

    The first picture was on my block. It was funny seeing a Metrobus (that obviously didn’t get the message about the downed tree) trying to get down the street last night. Everyone got out to assess the situation, and then one of the passengers directed the driver as he backed the bus out.

    Today the area’s been buzzing with news crews and general onlookers. Since 8th Street is a major thoroughfare they had the tree cleared pretty quickly, but every time I walk down there are half a dozen people are taking pictures of that poor smashed-up truck.

    Some guys at Eastern Market said there’s another bad storm coming tonight?

  • Anon5

    “District residents are reminded that trees and branches that fall on or from private property are the responsibility of the property owners.”

    This is incorrect. If a tree is located on public land, but falls on private property, it is the job of the public entity/municipality to clean it up.

    Strictly speaking, if a city-owned tree falls on your property it constitutes an act of trespass.

    • Anonymous

      Correct, but you didn’t address the entire quote.
      If a tree falls on private property from private property (from your neighbors yard to your yard) it is the responsibility of the property owners. The city has nothing to do with this property.

    • Anonymous

      A large portion of a city tree fell into my yard. It is blocking a relatively busy sidewalk completely, and is wedged/being held up by my fence. The workers who were just here today said it is not their responsibility, and they are not allowed to come into my yard to retrieve their tree. So the tree is still here, blocking the sidewalk. I have two 311 requests in, but I’m wondering if I will get any help with this? Has anyone had a similar experience, getting a fallen city tree out of your yard?

      • Anonymous

        Yes, during Tropical Storm Irene. The firemen came within an hour of the tree falling, during the height of the storm, to cut a path from my door to the street. Then a few hours later, very early in the a.m., they came by to clear the sidewalk.

        The remainder sat in my yard for a few weeks, but then some department came by to remove the biggest chunks, leaving a few light-weight branches that I moved to the tree-box.

  • profchris

    Neighbors had friend with chainsaw. It’s self help time.


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