Pete’s APizza Looking to Open a 4th Location on Capitol Hill

301 Massachusetts Ave NE

From ANC Rep TonyTGoodman:

“ANC 6C voted to support expanded outdoor seating + enclosed seating at 301 Mass NE for Pete’s Apizza.”

If all gets worked out this will be Pete’s 4th location joining Columbia Heights, Friendship Heights and Clarendon.

The White Tiger Indian Restaurant had been on Capitol Hill since 1997. Were there any fans?

Loopnet still shows the property for lease:

“Best restaurant corner in DC. Rare Capitol Hill Prime Corner Restaurant. Huge Patio with Over 100 Outdoor Seats! Less than five minuets walking to Union Station trains and metro, Capitol Buildings, Senate Offices, and the Supreme Court!”

More on Pete’s APizza moving there as info becomes available.

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  • Some of the best Indian food I’ve had in DC and I only discovered it a couple months ago! Very disappointed to hear it’s being replaced by Pete’s. Go now while you can, and use one of the regular Groupon Now deals if you do.

  • Sorry to see the White Tiger go. I’d say it’s on par or above average with most casual Indian-type restaurants. It’s not Rasika but it’s not trying to be. The outdoor space is awesome and the prices were hard to beat. The service was always friendly. Although I like Petes, too bad something with a better fit couldn’t utilize the space. I’m sure people will be excited and think it’s a great fit (pizza, outdoors), but I think the space could do better than a pizza joint.

  • Shame to see one restaurant replace another, but White Tiger is far from notable Indian. This part of the Hill is dying for some decent, fast lunch options so Pete’s will do extremely well. Especially since they serve slices. Bar and outdoor seating will do well too – this is coming to a veritable desert for good food and beer.

    • Yeah, white tiger was, at best, passable. The outdoor space was great, but the food was pretty forgettable.

  • Hmmm, I’ve worked near White Tiger for over 10 years and the last few times the food has been really bad–very bland and didn’t taste very good. I last ate there about 6 months ago and swore I wouldn’t be back. I like Pete’s!

  • love pete’s! excited to have a decent pizza delivery option on the hill!

    • Oh yes, do they deliver? That would be awesome. I live over near Eastern Market and still haven’t found a good place to get pizza.

      • we the pizza, seventh hill.

        • I’ve tried both and wasn’t impressed by either. Despite the amazing smells coming from inside, We the Pizza is just basic mediocre pizza. Seventh Hill is so expensive and frou-frou, yet they still can’t make an acceptable crust. If I want brick oven style I make it at home, and for pizzeria style I’m sad to say that Pizza Boli’s takes the top spot in the neighborhood. I’m one of those Italian-American NJ pizza snobs who will probably never be satisfied, but I’ve heard good things about Pete’s.

          • Bistro Italiano tops all the above-mentioned pizza places, delivers, has food other than pizza and delivers, to boot.

          • Somehow I’d never heard of Bistro Italiano– will have to check it out! Though the Yelp reviews indicate they might not deliver even as close as Eastern Market. 🙁

  • While always sad to see a business go, OMG yes please. And please Pete’s, please deliver up North Capitol.

  • This isn’t even close. Huge upgrade.

  • I tried to get lunch at White Tiger once. I stood in the lobby for 5-10 minutes and nobody arrived to seat me. Haven’t been back since.

  • I loved White Tiger. Bum bum bummer.

  • White Tiger was passable. This part of the Hill doesn’t have many good casual options like the Penn Ave SE stretch. Most of the places on this end are sit-down restaurants or bars, so I’m excited. Plus, it’ll be nice to not have to walk all the way to 7th Hill for good thin crust pizza. We the Pizza, while okay, is just to thick for my liking. It’d be super awesome if they deliver, though it would be only 4 blocks from me, so I think I’ll live if they don’t.

  • while they dramatically underutilize their space, the buffet at white tiger is the best. meatballs, vegetable fritters, and that delicious green sauce. pete’s is fine but they’re all over. it would be nice to at least have a unique option replacing the ol tigero blanco if it has to close.

  • Oh PLEASE make this happen!!! I went to White Tiger once for the lunch buffet and “meh” describes it to a T.

  • The white tiger has been around a long time, but that doesn’t mean that it should stay open forever in my book. I think Pete’s will be a great addition to the neighborhood and I’m happy to see a nice building renovated to be useful for another 100 years

  • Another pizza place on the Hill, just what we need!

    • I take it you’ve never been to Pete’s. It’s much more than just another pizza joint.

      • Actually it is another pizza joint. Most pizza places also served variations of salads, pasta and sandwiches, so it is just another pizza joint.

  • There are already two pizza places within a block of the White Tiger. I mean Armand’s is terrible, but nothing beats Bistro Italiano, which delivers to northern and western parts of the hill.

    And Pete’s is annoying because they don’t cut their slices evenly. They did let me swap the sliver they handed me for the biggest slice, but I had to make a stink to get it, because the guy who served me disappeared and the woman remaining said that only he could deal with it. How hard is it to properly cut a pizza if you sell by the slice!

    • Bistro Italiano is spotty in its delivery, at best. Went there one night for dinner shortly after I moved here from Florida, and it was fine. Went the next night (lazy, yeah, but I’d been moving and unpacking all day and was tired), and it absolutely sucked. Ain’t nothing about Bistro Italiano that can’t be beat.

      • I disagree with your assessment of Bistro Italiano. Sure, there is better Italian out there, but it is a neighborhood spot with a loyal following. Their delivery is usually great, and eating there is almost always a pleasure with neighbors and friends. I love how it is tucked away from all the tourist madness on the Hill.

        • Bistro Italiano is a far better option than Pete’s, and it’s not close.

          • The last time I went to Bistro Italiano, a mouse scurried across the dining room. Yuck. I personally like 7th Hill, but I’m partial to Neapolitan style pizza. I just hate that it’s trek for me when I’m in the mood for takeout.

  • Big improvement for this underutilized space. Sure the White Tiger had its regulars but I expect Pete’s to be packed especially with its proximity to the Hill. I just hope they have delivery as well. I think parking to grab to go will be impossible at this spot.

  • Lived at 2nd and F a decade ago. Went on “fancy” dates at the WT. Will be missed by me.

  • thebear

    Hey, if anyone from Pete’s is reading: There’s a vacant retail space on 22nd at P in the Westpark that would be perfect for a Dupont location! 🙂

  • I would love to see people minuetting to Union Station. Awesome.

  • I just talked with the manager, who tells me that the restaurant actually isn’t closing.

    I don’t take that at face value — maybe they just haven’t told their employees yet — but I really hope it’s true. Our family really loves this place. And we all agree that there is nothing like their Murg Makhani (chicken in red sauce), which is fantastic.

    Meanwhile, the LAST thing we need is another pizza place. Bistro Italiano is excellent, and there are plenty of other pizza places nearby.

  • I’m really against Pete’s expanding any more, for two reasons (one serious, one selfish):

    1. As they have expanded, the consistency and quality of their apizza has gone down. When they were a single location in Columbia Heights, they had a consistently good product that was worthy of the “New Haven style” apizza label. Since expanding to AU Park and Clarendon, they are far less consistent (though still better than almost all the other pizza joints in the greater DC area). I’d hate to see them spread too thin, especially given that Capitol Hill is fairly saturated in artisan pizza places, of late.

    2. Having Pete’s in NW has allowed me to force the hand of my Cap Hill friends to leave their cliquey enclave to have apizza with me in Columbia Heights. Give them a Pete’s on The Hill, and they’ll never go back to the original location. That’s not cool.

  • My boyfriend and I walked by The White Tiger last night around 9 p.m. and there were no customers that we could see. One of the staff who was out on the sidewalk stood watching us, looking like he was hoping that we’d come in. I hope the rumors of their closure haven’t prematurely ended their business.

  • White Tiger is serviceable but inconsistent (service and food). I’d miss it but not greatly. The underutilized patio space would find the opposite problem with Pete’s. I’m also willing to bet they better manage their trash, as White Tiger’s dumpster situation on 3rd St. is currently pretty foul and exposed.

    I’m a big Pete’s fan, and would appreciate it as much for delivery as for a good casual sit down option. It’s well run, very family friendly, and good quality pizza. Nice draft beer options too. As much as I like 7th Hill it doesn’t travel particularly well and is usually best eaten hot and on site (yet does surprisingly ok cold the next day). With Petes’ in the neighborhood I’d probably never step foot in We the Pizza again.

    Make no mistake though — it will draw large crowds, tour buses or not, but probably no larger than some of the other spots on the 300 block of Mass.

  • Sorry to tell you that the last time I ate there, a rat ran along the (inside) wall as we left. Ew.

    That said, we have enough pizza already. How about something a it more creative? I like Pete’s in Columbia Hts just fine, but I can get pizza at 7th Hill.

    • We still need good pizza on Capitol Hill. 7th Hill isn’t great (I can make better pizza at home), and it’s very expensive on top of that.

  • I love white tiger. I will miss it. We don’t need more pizza places in this neighborhood.

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