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  • pablo .raw

    Nice detail in the back!

  • Joan was a hipster? Ack!

  • She’s going to burn up in that sweater today.

  • It looks handmade to me, although I’d have to see it up close to know for sure. That must have taken forever to make, though.

  • Seriously, WTF? Yall think this is cool? Leave shit alone people! To me all of this tree knit bs and knit graffiti bs is just the same as tagging and other forms of vandalism. It isn’t any better because you all think it is cute. I am sure I will get the “Calm down Kam, get off your high horse” comments but some of you really need to check yourself? Where and why is this OK to you?

    • It’s okay because I like it. Same goes for graffiti. If it’s tasteful and it looks good, then chances are that I’ll like it.

      Also happy she finally got her sword back.

      • My point exactly, “It is OK because I like it”. Not sure if you were being sarcastic or not but either way you nailed it.

    • Um, whats YOUR deal? Why are you always so high-strung about anything that goes on? It’s a freaking sweater on a statue – what’s so rage-inducing about that? I think it’s funny and kinda cute, although I’m sure it won’t last there very long, which is also fine with me.

      • Yeah, I think it’s silly and unattractive, and I can’t believe people have the time to do things like this, but it doesn’t make me angry.

        • Its very sad that you can’t believe people have time to do things like this.

          • A sweater like this would take me nearly a year to make. A faster knitter who dedicates an hour or so to knitting every day might be able to whip it up in four months, but that still strikes me as a huge time commitment for a temporary anonymous art installation. Why not do volunteer work 8 hours a week instead? Or use your excellent knitting skills to make things for people you care about?

            I’m making the assumption, of course, that this was handknit. If they just sliced open a store-bought sweater and sewed it on it obviously didn’t take much time at all.

        • Not sure if you meant it towards me but I am not angry at all. I just don’t see where people get off and then the people that defend them are I am sure some of the same people to throw a shit fit about something that they don’t like. But again, because they like it, everything is good in the world.

      • The sweater “shocks” the statue.

      • Entitled much? “I think it is funny and kinda cute”. How about the statue belongs to everyone, not you, not me, everyone. Gang members and taggers think what they do is cool but I’m sure that you won’t think that is cute or funny. People should just leave stuff that doesn’t belong to them alone. Plain and simple.

    • Dude, your comparison is a joke. It takes no effort or money to remove a tree-knit – just a simple snip of the scissors and its gone. Have you ever tried removing spray paint from a brick building? It can take hours of repeated scrubbing w/ a costly removal product and even then it isn’t always successful. And you don’t see any groups of thugs marking their territory w/ tree knits. You may not like them, but they are in no way the same as tagging w/ spray paint. A more apt comparison might be people that put up “apartment for rent” signs on street posts w/ a little piece of tape. Not necessarily pretty, but hardly the same as a costly crime.

      • How is it a joke? It isn’t about the effort it takes to clean it up. I think that is a very simple-minded way to look at things. It was put there for all to appreciate, not someone’s personal barbie. And on top of that, I and many other people may consider it an eyesore so it is the same thing. Vandalism is about how much it cost to clean it up.

    • Kam = Troll. No one in his or her right mind could seriously suggest tree knits = costly urban crime.

    • Park maintenance will have it removed most likely before this post is posted. Still at war with the meter maid? Methinks you like the online battles.

    • Looks like somebody is off their meds.

      It’s just one art piece on top of another art piece. Deal with it.

  • i saw park folks cutting the sweater off her this morning around 8:30 am 🙁


  • Emmaleigh504

    It’s mean to put Joan in a sweater in the summer time.

    I wonder if the guerrilla knitters or the people doing this go back and remove these when they get all weather beaten and gross.

  • I don’t ever want to hear people around here complaining that they don’t have time for this-or-that, if they’ve got the time to knit a sweater for a statue.

  • John Aschroft is going to be pissed that they undress her. He might just take the sword away and give her a knife.

  • Why are people always in such disbelief when someone has time to “do something”?

    A funny public prank/art like this = a few hours of knitting after work for a few weeks. Done.

  • As if the armor wasn’t hot enough! What are you trying to do knitters, burn her at the steak?

  • this is dumb. Why not spend time knitting some sweaters, blankets socks etc for kids in DC homeless shelters (or the 1000s of men and women too). All that effort for the glory of a photo in PoP (no offense to Pop) just so it can be cut off a day letter. This is a really silly trend in DC.

    • Yeah, there are a lot of needy recipients you can knit sweaters for (including penguins!). Or I’m sure this person must have a friend or two that could use a nice hand-knit hat or baby sweater. Or if you’re more into creating art, be serious about it! I’ve seen some great pieces of art that incorporated knitting.

      I don’t think some of you realize that knitting a sweater takes a huge amount of time and money. It’s not something you can whip up in a few hours.

    • +1

      Finally, someone with common sense.

    • Why is it any of your business how other people spend their time and resources? I’m sure there are plenty of recreations you could cut from your life in order to better serve your community. Why aren’t you making sweaters and blankets for the homeless?

  • It’s too hot for a sweater and besides – Jeanne was French – I can’t imagine she’d ever wear that sweater, summer or winter.

    • The National Park Service were forced to remove the sweater, because the sweat was making her rust. And had just been restored.

  • no one knitted the sweater for this purpose. they likely took two sweaters, cut them up and sewed them together. still a bit of effort for a 2 minute thrill…

    whatever floats your boat

  • Please stop doing this.

    Leave statues alone.

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