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  • bfinpetworth

    I am heading to the vet this week to get some doggie antianxiety meds because of the 4th madness.

  • Back in 99′ when I bought my house it was difficult to tell if the noises around the 4th were firewotks or gunshots well into August… Now the noise into August is just extremely annoying… Thanks.

  • Just an FYI for new DC residents. The fourth gets quite over the top, with seemingly every single one of your new neighbors lighting off fireworks from about 2pm on the 2nd, through the weekend, with the worst of it obviously on the 4th.

    If you have the opportunity, July 4th is a terrific day to be out of the city. Your dog (if you have one) and your sleep patterns will thank you!

    • Depends on the neighborhood, though. It was like a war zone when I lived in SW, but no one does it where I live now.

      • It’s still rambunctious. 5 nights out of the week there’s random fireworks around midnight or 1am. Doesn’t bother me too much, I just kind of wish they had better fireworks to make it worth the noise.

  • Who thought this was a good idea?

    • I have so much hatred for this “holiday.” It goes on entirely too long and too loud and too close. Residential neighborhoods sound like war zones and are full of debris and smoke. Would love to leave town (with our dogs), but feel best to suffer through to protect our property.

      • Wondering about this one. I don’t understand the protect your property line.

        I assume you have homeowners insurance? What is the issue otherwise? The only thing I can assume is fire risk, but once again, homeowners insurance.

        Not meaning to snark, just trying to understand.

        • I’m assuming Anon wants to be around so that if anything happens to his/her house, he/she can call 911 right away instead of waiting for the neighbors to notice that something is on fire.

          Just because you have homeowner’s insurance doesn’t mean that you’re comfortable with the idea of damage to your house or possessions.

          • Thank you. That’s exactly what I mean. Just because I have car/house/health insurance doesn’t mean I throw caution to the wind because “they” will take care of it.

            Also, there’s a lot of drinking, drugging, general carousing that goes on around that time, even more than usual. In addition to the threat of fire, there’s more risk of B&E, vandalism, and just general stupid crap going on.

            I hope it rains the entire week. :p

      • I have lived here all my life and cannot remember one example of a house catching fire from random fireworks being shot off by someone else. Sure you have to protect your property, but you also have to keep some perspective.

  • Doesn’t council debate a ban on these the sell of fireworks in DC every single year? how come it never gets approved? or a minimum, reduce the number of stands. I am certain that the firework stand outside of Sweet Mango does not have the required public space permit to operate. How about we at least get some enforcement of existing laws. let see, we made Z burger in CH go through a year of public space permitting BS, yet a makeshift plywood stand selling fireworks is ok?

    • Ha, good point!

      • Totally agree. Walked by on the way to metro, and saw a 13ish year old kid standing on the roof of this thing.

        That tells me all I need to know right there about whether this thing should be allowed.

        Unfortunately, my guess is that this one is like the Sunday church parking thing. A big enough contingency loves them, and as such, a majority of our CM’s will not want to rock the boat.

        • So, the firework stand is capable of supporting a 13 year old standing on its roof? Seems like a pretty suitable temporary structure to me.

    • Well, the small firework stand didn’t completely defile a classic dc landmark theater….(I hope that place never opens!!!!) look at it that way

    • Clearly ZBurger should not have been put through that torture – the lesson is, if fireworks stands can be approved so (apparently) casually, why do permanent businesses have to jump through so many regulatory hoops?

  • For the love of all that is good, WHY.

  • I love 4th of July. The key is to pool your fireworks resources into one big show.

  • Are they ever going to finish that picture of Chuck Brown? Or did that Citypaper photographer who was going after them with a copyright violation claim force them to stop?

    • It looks finished to me. Then again, I don’t live there and maybe the photo tells a different story.

    • You can’t see it in the photo because the fireworks stand is blocking it, but in the lower right-hand corner, they put the names of the teachers and the school(s?), and then below that: “Photo credit: @darrow_m.”

      (Or something like it; the capitalization might have been different.)

    • And like Kam, I think the mural _is_ finished.

  • I know this is contrary to what others here might feel, but this- and 4th of July in general- are one of the many reasons I love DC.

    Yes, its loud and probably dangerous, but isn’t this the Capitol of the United States? And shouldn’t the birthday of the United States be celebrated in a more robust way in the Capitol?

    I’ll admit that I’ve headed out of town for the 4th and as a parent am concerned about my little one messing with fireworks, but I would whole-heartedly oppose any effort to restrict sales of or lighting of fireworks in the District for the 4th.

    Enjoy the holiday and get some earplugs! It’ll be over before you know it!

    • I don’t mean to sound like too much of a jerk, but if you’re not going to be in town for the holiday, I automatically discount your opinion. It is a much milder version of those in upper NW who support Chairman Phil’s policies on crime because 1.) it makes them feel like humanitarian do-gooder liberals and 2.) the crime never seeps into their neighborhoods anyway.

      • You must have misread my comment so I’m not going to take your ridiculous bait.

        I said “I have gone out of town” for the 4th of July weekend before. Not this year, not every year, but I have previously. I’ve been in DC for 8 of 9 possible 4th of Julys. Does that meet the threshold to share an opinion?

    • “Yes, its loud and probably dangerous, but isn’t this the Capitol of the United States? And shouldn’t the birthday of the United States be celebrated in a more robust way in the Capitol?”

      Independence Day IS celebrated robustly in Washington, D.C…. in a safe environment on the National Mall.

      None of the other stuff should be necessary. And I don’t think many of the celebrants are really all that excited about the nation’s birthday per se; it’s just an excuse to set off fireworks and party.

    • I am with you. The fireworks are fine with me. The angst and anxiety expressed by the other posters here, and those who think like them, is much more bothersome and unwelcome noise than the fireworks ever cause.

  • Seriously? With all the row houses, trees etc, people are ALLOWED to shoot off fireworks in their yards? I barely have a yard (or an alley) and if folks do this, isn’t there a good chance that a nearby house can catch on fire?

    • Great point! I hadn’t thought of this. We have a nice native wildflower garden in our front yard, but it’s pretty dry and I’d have to have it go up because some infantile 30 something guy wants to shoot his burning money all over the neighborhood!

    • The only fireworks that are really legal in DC are those that don’t explode or leave the ground. In other words, sparklers and fountains. But for some reason, local law enforcement has always turned a blind eye toward both the stands that sell the other stuff (firecrackers, roman candles, rockets, etc.), and the people who light them off in the streets. And because it’s so prevalent, I’d bet that most people don’t know what’s illegal and what isn’t.

  • Coming from NH where people light off fireworks in the woods next to campfires and lighter fluid, I have to say that I haven’t lost all sorts of limbs or seen a forest fire. Fireworks are beautiful and watching them in DC is one of the best things I’ve seen. And I’m talking about the little ones going off all across the city. More fireworks!

  • We need to be on the look out for non-licensed firework stands in Ward 4. According to the DCRA web-site, only 3 have been approved in Ward 4, 6201 New Hampshire Ave NE, 4140 Georgia Ave NW, and. 3701 New Hampshire Ave NW. I have reported and illegal firework stand at the corner of 7th and Kennedy Sts NW.

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