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  • I hope that “chicken salad” is grilled chicken CAESAR salad with arugula. Otherwise, they’re doomed. And they don’t serve brunch? Whatever, crazy people.

  • thank you. thank you. and good old fashioned fried egg breakfast sandwich. thank you.

  • We need more places like this. The prices are weirdly cheap in many instances. Salmon over rice with a side for $10? I’m in! Shrimp and grits for $9? I’m in! You pay $7 nowadays for a “value meal” at McDonalds…

    • Yeah, they’re going to need some serious volume to make rent with those prices. I wish them luck.

      • Yup. Those are Cap City Diner prices. If past successful eateries are any indication, those prices will eventually double too keep away the riffraff and portion size will be halved to attract the “American tapas” crowd. You can also get a side order of yak butter or panther sweat coulis for an additional $8. Parties of more than one will be charged an automatic 20% gratuity. Bottled or still water? Are you savoring your meal?

  • What type of food is this, exactly? Any chance that chicken is Peruvian style, or an El Pollo Sabroso variant (please say yes, please say yes)

  • Nice people are working there. I tried their rottisserie chicken, it was very good. My friend gave a rave review of their omelette too.

  • i’ll take the French Toast with a side of French Toast, and… for my other side, French Toast. thanks.

  • Why does 1/2 chicken cost less than 1/4?

  • First trip in, they are a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Service could have been a bit smoother, but not bad for a first few days.

    They more than made up for it in being pleasant and friendly (some of the nicest discussions that I’ve had on H Street). Having them open for breakfast and lunch is a very big plus. Hopefully, they can add outdoor seating to compliment their very small seating area.

    We will return back, frequently.

  • They should rock out on Saturday mornings while the market is in season. Very glad to see them here.

  • There is a farmers market every Saturday from 9 am- noon. They block off a short block of 13th street in from of the Corner Cafe.

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