Get a Free Glass of Wine from Cafe Sorriso in Woodley Park When Italy wins a game Euro 2012 – Get Two Free Glasses When They Lose!

2311 Calvert St, NW

From the owners:

We are showing all the games for the Euro Cup and we are having a special – if Italy wins a game we will buy every customer a free glass of wine (the day the game is played) and if Italy loses the game we will buy every customer 2 glasses of wine (assuming the customer is 21 or over of course)


Cafe Sorriso recently opened up at 2311 Calvert St, NW in Woodley Park.

Italy plays Croatia today at noon.

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  • That’s kind of a cute deal. Wonder how many people will actually be able to take advantage of this, I know I won’t.

  • I like how it shows (not unreasonable) faith in their national team’s abilities. Assuming they can avoid defeat against Croatia or the Republic of Ireland, and having already drawn with Spain, Italy will only lose one game – unless they go on to win the entire thing…in which case they won’t lose any games at all.

    If this was an Irish pub offering the same deal, I’d wager they’d reverse the offer and make it one drink for a loss, and two for a win. Otherwise they’d be giving out a lot of free drinks.

    Saying that, I still fancy Trapattoni’s Green and White Army to do the business against Spain today…CYOBIG!

  • i walk by every morning and can’t imagine they’re around a year from now. awful signage and it’s impossible to see inside.

    not to mention, they say they serve breakfast all day long, but they’re closed every morning on the way to work…

    • AGREED — let the 6 month countdown begin… Woodley Park is DESPERATE for a deli or bagel place. What is so hard about that?

      • The guys who run this place are really nice and their gelato is delicious. I sincerely hope this place does not disappear in six months. I do agree though that a bagel place or deli would be nice. The old Cafe International space would be perfect for that.

    • It’s actually pretty good! The menu isn’t huge, but it’s very well-done inside, and the people are all really nice. Maybe not exactly what the area needs, but they did a good job.

    • Why don’t you just add in some comments about it being overpriced and having terrible service to go for the PoP comment cliche trifecta? The fact that it’s all untrue shouldn’t stop you.

      The neighborhood needs good, inexpensive establishments that cater to locals as well as the conference crowd. This place does just that so I’m a fan. Hopefully it thrives.

  • How about anyone who actually sits through a full soccer game gets three free glasses of wine? Maybe by the end of the third glass the sport would be bearable to watch.

    • you should get a free bottle of whine.

      Americans hating on soccer is sooo 2002.

    • Hello? 1994? The past is calling.

      C’mon man, you can’t be serious. Ignorant maybe, wait, definitely.

      • You’re right, so many people in this country like soccer now. I saw upwards of 4 figures at the last DC United game!

        • I didn’t say anything about this country. How about the rest of the world loves it and gets it. But I forget, we Americans are always right and we know best. If we say it sucks, it sucks and if we don’t like it, well, it sucks.

          There is a reason soccer is the most popular sport in the world.

          Lastly, are you trying to use DC United to validate soccer as a whole? #Fail. The MLS while it serves a purpose (meager at best) is nowhere close to the level of international competition.

        • I will add this though, as someone who has played on many levels including D1 college, the sport has come a long way in the last 10 years, I am not even going to go back to the 90’s.

        • DC average attendance is around 14,000.
          MLS average attendance is around 18,500.

          US Women average attendance is around 13,500 (goes to @25K in WC years).
          US Men average attendance is around 25,000 (goes to @40K in WC years).

          Yeah, the sport is growing just fine. Don’t like it? Fine. There are many others that do.

    • you probably like baseball or golf or some other painfully dull non-sport.

  • Forza Azzurri!

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