MPD Announces New Speed Cameras

Photo by PoPville flickr user [F]oxymoron

Thanks to a reader for sending the link from MPD:

The Metropolitan Police Department announced today the deployment of new automated speed enforcement locations beginning on or after May 7, 2012.

The deployment locations for the Photo Enforcement Units will continue to be at sites with the highest number of crashes and injuries, calls for police service, and high speed volume. MPD also considered recommendations or requests from the Department of Transportation, Advisory Neighborhood Commissions and civic or citizen associations.

The 30-day educational phase will commence on May 7, 2012, when violators will begin receiving warning citations. On June 6, 2012, MPD will begin issuing live moving citations to violators. The new photo enforcement locations are as follows:

Full list after the jump.

Southwest Frwy SW @ Exit 4 westbound 40mph

I395 SW after Exit 4 eastbound 40mph

400 blk 14th St SW northbound 35mph

200 blk 17th St NE southbound 25mph

800 blk Maine Ave SW northwestbound 25mph

1300 blk 4th St SW southbound 25mph

9th St Tunnel NW southbound 35mph

3000 blk Foxhall Rd NW southbound 25mph

1800 blk Harvard St NW northwestbound 25mph

7600 blk Georgia Ave NW southbound 30mph

4800 blk Georgia Ave NW southbound 30mph

1700 blk North Portal Dr NW southwestbound 25mph

2800 blk Bladensburg Rd NE southwestbound 30mph

3100 blk Bladensburg Rd NE northeastbound 30mph

2200 blk South Dakota Ave NE southeastbound 25mph

S. Dakota Ave NE westbound prior to V St 25mph

700 blk Franklin St NE westbound 25mph

1400 blk New York Ave NE northeastbound 35mph

1500 blk West Virginia Ave NE northeastbound 25mph

2000 blk West Virginia Ave NE southwestbound 25mph

3100 blk Minnesota Ave SE southwestbound 25mph

3000 blk Minnesota Ave SE northeastbound 25mph

3700 blk Massachusetts Ave SE southeastbound 25mph

3900 blk Pennsylvania Ave SE southeastbound 30mph

4300 blk Texas Ave SE southbound 25mph

4800 blk Texas Ave SE northbound 25mph

5000 blk Sheriff Rd NE westbound 30mph

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  • Is there a map out there somewhere that includes all the red light and speed cameras in DC?

  • The 1800 blk of Harvard camera will catch plenty of Metro busses hauling ass down the hill, I’ll wager.

  • More cameras. Lower fines. Win-win.

  • I was wondering why there were cars w/cameras sitting inside the 9th St tunnel every morning. Guess I’ll have to start slowing down. wah wah.

    • That one camera is so sketchy… It’s placed right around a hidden curve and before a merge area, guaranteed revenue. I can’t imagine how many tourists they get as a “thank you for leaving DC” move… For shame DC.

    • clevelanddave

      Is there a place to complain about the cameras? While there is lots of speeding goin’ on in the 9th Street Tunnel, I have never seen an accident…yet. You think it is a real good idea to have a flashing light go off ’round a curve, in a dark tunnel with lots of cars, all of them putting on their break lights, some of them not knowing what is happening? First multi-car crash in tunnel backing up traffic for miles courtesy of MPD! Safety first!

      • ClevlandDave, maybe you can complain to Congress. They still have oversight over the District affairs.

      • brookland_rez

        I saw a close one one night about six months ago.

        I was going through the tunnel and this Audi R8 supercar with Michigan plates was trying to race me through the tunnel. We started off at Constituion and we were both at the light together. I took off like I usually do if I’m at the front at that light, I wasn’t trying to race or anything, just having some fun late at night. Well I guess he wanted to show off so he took off after me and tried to catch up. He was in the far right lane, and right before you get to the exit ramp to get onto 395 heading in VA, there is a lane that merges in, but it’s separated by a wall so you can’t see what’s merging until you’re there. I knew that was coming up because I know the roads, so when we got close I backed off, let him get ahead and got all the way in the left lane to give myself some distance. Well, there was a car merging in that night and he came damn close to colliding with the merging car and wrecking his supercar.

  • Cna’t we just pay a monthly tax fee to the cops instead of playing the camera “gotcha” game every day? I mean, c’mon people… This is really getting out of hand…

    The city is being overcharged to put up overpriced cameras that only serve to control our rights to drive at the normal pace of traffic. These speed limits were set all the way back in an era when it took 2 city blocks for a car to stop. This is uber lame.

    • Wow, that’s the best justification I’ve heard for speeding in a long time.

    • I don’t know if you’re serious, but this is crazy talk.

      • +1. “Two city blocks” for a car to stop??

        • Have you ever seen a car without anti-lock brakes make an emergency stop? You may be too young to remember that era… A classic ford mustang used to take around 12feet max to stop. Avoiding hitting a pedestrian would be almost impossible from 60MPH in a classic car. Today’s mustang stops in 109 feet from 60 mph. It’s a big difference.

          • CORRECTION — Have you ever seen a car without anti-lock brakes make an emergency stop? You may be too young to remember that era… A classic ford mustang used to take around (CORRECTION) **1,204** feet at a minimum to stop from 60MPH. Avoiding hitting a pedestrian would be almost impossible from 60MPH in a classic car. Today’s mustang stops in **109** feet from 60 mph. It’s a big difference.

    • The companies who own and maintain the cameras more out of it than the city and the police.

    • Actually, I’d much rather you keep paying speeding tickets, which keeps me from paying higher taxes. Thanks for your contribution.

      • Don’t worry, you’ll pay taxes AND get tickets now that cameras are going to be everywhere… Win-Win! You’ll be working 60 hours a week just to pay for the bloated city budget, and they’ll continue paying an unrestrained budget to thousands of employees so that they can take dumps and read newspapers on a job. At least there’s no points on your record! (until phase 2) You’re much safer on DC streets now! Just wait until toll roads pass a vote, then you’ll have more space in your wallet for business cards (freed up by all the missing money).

  • It would be nice if they instituted the speed cameras with a coordinated light timing system, something along the lines of what they do on the west-side highway in NYC. You can drive a consistent 25-30mph and make it through every light. A coordinated light system would reduce speeding if everyone knows they dont need to rush to get through the next light and if they do rush they will end up having to wait anyway.

    • We need more red-light cameras for bikes, and I’m not talking about Harleys.

    • I wholeheartedly agree. Instead, we’re stuck with a system where no matter how fast you go, you get stuck at a red light at the next block. Driving eastbound down U Street, NW on a Saturday morning at 8 am will show that you stop at 6 consecutive lights.

    • There is (was?) at least one main artery into DC where this is (was?) the case but from what I could tell, few drivers actually slowed down enough to figure it out.

      • 15th St NW used to be – but that stopped long before the bike lanes. You could go 26 mph up 15th, and you did not stop from MA all the way to U.
        It was nice… provided you stayed outta the way of the people doing 50 (and stopping at every other light).

    • If by West Side Highway you mean every avenue in NYC then yes. I don’t get why they can’t time lights in the city…in fact it seems that they are set the exact opposite. Is that because they want them to act as stop signs to keep speeds down? Sometimes it seems like every policy decision made in DC results in the worst possible decision that could’ve been made…it’s uncanny.

      • I don’t think its a secret that they’ve made the light timing purposefully off in order to “slow cars down”, but really I think its because there are some anti-car zealots in DDOT’s leadership that really just want to discourage car usage.

        You can’t get lights timed as bad as they are on U Street or some other major roads without trying.

        I never noticed such poorly timed lights under Williams.

        • austindc

          I think many of the lights were set up and timed awhile back when there weren’t as many cars coming into the city. My understanding is that there is interest in re-engineering the lights system, but that that this will be a huge undertaking to update and network the equipment for the whole city. I don’t think it’s a conspiracy to slow us down–just outdated stuff. Maybe some more speed cameras could help to pay for updating the signal timing. . . jk.

  • Gouge more citizens. Good job People’s Republic of DC

  • Don’t want a ticket? Don’t speed.

    Driving is not a right, it is a privilege.

  • 40 mph on the SE freeway is a joke. There’s no reason it shouldn’t be at least 55.

    • Not only is it a joke, it’s downright dangerous to go that slow on the SE/SW Freeway. I usually do 50 and people blow past me like I’m standing still. If theyre going to set the speed cameras there, then they need MUCH better signage to let people know the speed limit, so maybe 40 won’t get you rear end by some Maryland yutz doing 70.

  • Eventually, all cars will be required to have a GPS which automatically sends you a ticket or fine every time you go above the speed limit.

    • They might as well just require all of us to use golf carts with pillows on their front from now on… They max out around 30mph, it makes good sense.

    • I was going to propose (sarcastically) something like that. Why not have a drone patrolling the entire DC so we don’t have to guess if there is a camera on that street or not?

      • austindc

        I think EZ Pass was toying with that idea for awhile, and then they dropped it because everyone screamed at them. But the idea was that if you passed through toll plaza A and then got to toll plaza B too soon, they would know that you sped, and they could calculate how fast you had gone on average and ticket you. It wouldn’t be fair to delorean drivers though.

  • why doesn’t anyone blame lanier for this excessiveness?! its ridiculous that she is still cheif, let alone popular with an absurd salary.

  • me

    I don’t want to see any more “Rant” posts about how people on this blog get a ticket from a speed camera, now that you’ve seen the list. Just follow the rules. You’re not that important that you need to get where you’re going THAT quickly.

    • exactly.

      Somehow speeding is not considered breaking the law. But if you litter… whoa! That is just wrong.

      Both are wrong. Both are illegal. Don’t do either, and this world will be a better place and you a better person.

      • Following a speed limit is not a law based out of necessity, it’s a law based out of opportunity. If it was based out of necessity they would put everyone who breaks the speed limit in jail, or take away drivers licenses… DUI’s are treated the same way in the US. It’s not about safety, it’s about feeding the system with cash, otherwise the people convicted of DUIs would never drive again, and it would be an automatically “sticky” case…

        Wake up, this is a restriction in personal rights and freedoms. The majority of people in this world speed, if that was the root cause of accidents, there would be a lot more dead bodies on the streets here.

        The speed camera response is purely a tactic to raise more money for the city. It’s barely yielded any solid revenue, and based on all the taxes people are paying – Income tax, gas tax, sales tax, sin tax, bag tax, etc… ti just further highlights the opportunistic way that law makers see citizens as ATMs to feed their lack of fiscal budget control. Proof? Pedestrian deaths were FAR lower prior to speed cameras and red light cameras in the 80s all across the US.

        Wake up people, this is a classic case of city mouse and country mouse.

        • “Following a speed limit is not a law based out of necessity”
          Yes it is. Roads did not have speed limits when we were in the horse and buggy. Speed limits came with cars.

          “The majority of people in this world speed,”
          If you do the crime, do the time. If you speed, you get ticketed.

          “Pedestrian deaths were FAR lower prior to speed cameras and red light cameras in the 80s all across the US.”
          The speed cameras and red light cameras do not cause pedestrian deaths. Dangerous driving does. (and dangerous walking too).

          Slow down, you’ll get there.

          I’ll repeat it for you to catch up to:

          Driving is not a right, it is a privilege.

    • I don’t anyone particularity cares what you want.

  • The corporations that sell and maintain the cameras get a high percentage of the tickets you are paying. You should be offended. Large amounts of your ticket money are not going to schools or libraries or public safety as it should. Instead, your money is leaving DC for corporate pockets. This is a short sighted and foolish way to earn revenue for the city. Typical DC.

  • Anyone know what the “buffer” is with speed cameras in DC?

    • ah

      I have heard/read different things, but I have heard +11 and +9.

      If someone has received a ticket for <+9, I'm sure they'll post.

      • I got mine for going 36 in a 25…on a six lane road that I was unfamiliar with that did not have a speed limit sign on any of the seven preceding block (which is where I turned on to this street). I’d never have guessed the limit was 25 based on the road and the other traffic.

        These speed cameras would be much less annoying if speed limits were rationally set and well marked. (How can there be no speed limit sign for *at least* seven blocks leading up the a speed camera???)

        • The speed limit for every road in DC is 25 mph unless otherwise posted. Just remember that and you’ll be fine.

          • …and 25 is completely unreasonable on non-residential streets. Bikers pass cars doing 25…

        • ah

          How? You really need to ask? The camera company probably took them down.

          I would have disputed the ticket on that basis alone.

  • brookland_rez

    Good. Something needs to slow these cars around, especially the Virginia and Maryland commuters.

  • Someone needs to create an app that alerts you when you’re nearing a camera.

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