Jamba Juice Coming to Former Ben and Jerry’s Space in Dupont Circle

1333 19th St, NW

Back in Oct. 2011 the Ben and Jerry’s closed in Dupont Circle by the south metro exit at 1333 19th St, NW. I finally found out who is moving into the space – Jamba Juice.

In March 2012 we learned that Jamba Juice was coming to Union Station (I think they’re supposed open at the end of May or shortly thereafter.) I hear that the Dupont Jamba Juice will open in the beg. of July. You can see their menus here.

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  • Long-timers may recall that Jamba Juice had an outlet in the P Street Whole Foods store back in the early ’00s, when it was still Fresh Fields. They occupied a space on the east side of the store that was initially an espresso bar and later a sushi bar. (Now, it is roughly where the beer and wine are stocked.) Can’t remember a great hue and cry when they left.

  • HECK YEAH! I love me some Jamba Juice.

  • So excited, I love Jamba Juice!

  • I think Ben & Jerry’s is way better than Jamba Juice, so a bit of a disappointment.

  • yay! now i no longer have to book flights with connections through charlotte just to get jamba juice 🙂

  • Absolutely thrilled about this! While I like Jamba Juice smoothies, I most especially love their steel cut slow-cooked oatmeal. The texture is completely different from any other oatmeal I’ve had. Since I live just 2 blocks away, I’ll probably be there often.

  • It won’t last long. There have been many before in DC. All closed.
    The problem is…no one wants a Jamba Juice Nov- Feb.
    This buisness works in LA or warm climates where you may crave a cold juice (most of the menu is not even real juice;everything mixed with HIGH sugar syrups or “yogurt”).
    It’s a lock this will not be around in 2 years.

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