Four Fields (4Ps) Irish Bar Closing June 23rd in Cleveland Park

“Dear PoPville,

The owners extended the lease to the Four Fields through the end of June 2012. The latest info from the bar staff is that the 4 Fields will close on June 23rd, 2012.”

Back in Nov. 2011 we learned that the Four Fields (formerly 4Ps) Irish bar had their lease extended until March 2012 and could possibly stay open longer. Looks like the final date is June 23rd according to a reader.

Susie Taylor, President of the Cleveland Park Citizens Association writes on the Cleveland Park Listserv:

“Unfortunately the news about McFaddens is true. They have purchased the Alcoholic Beverage Control Administration (ABRA) license from the owner of Ireland’s Four Fields.”

In Aug. 2011 the owner of Four Fields confirmed he’d be closing:

“The requested increase in monthly demands will not make it economically feasible to remain at this location. It is my understanding that the building will be leased to a chain restaurant.”

More info on the new tenant and their concept as it becomes available. Should folks want to tip one last pint, I’ll be sure to remind folks of the Four Fields last day when it is officially announced.

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  • Hear that once before.

  • Wait – what? McFaddens is coming to Cleveland Park?

    Here’s the thing. Cleveland Park is one of DC’s Classier neighborhoods; families, some puppies, elder folks. That strip of Connecticut Ave. is a fun little collection of shoppes and pubs for your work-a-day 30 something-types to grab a pint before going back to finish up that report. Maybe stay later on Saturdays.

    Might have a wild rumpus at CPBG or get carried away at Nanny O’s, but Four-P’s was only as crazy as a place can get when it’s the kind of bar where everyone sits down the whole time.

    McFaddens? Whoa, man. McFaddens is where the knuckle-dragging dregs of fratty broheads go to mouth-breath on obnoxiously loud gaggles of undergrad girls. Fake-ID wielding girls with broken stilettos and credit cards masking daddy’s disappointment crying on the curb next to plastic-hair jersey boys.

    What’s sadder than ending your night at McFadden’s? Starting your night at McFaddens. I’ll be interested to see how this works out in Cleveland Park.

    • Your comment made me laugh. Having been to both places, I think you are probably right. Although the clientele at Mcfadden’s may also be driven by its proximity to two universities. The kiddies may not trek up Connecticut Ave to get there. Or maybe they will. Still probably harmless to the area though since the 30 something’s will be home working on their reports when the action starts, or fast asleep.

  • well, supposedly it’s not mcfadden’s, but a mcfadden’s run place.

  • Sing it with me now … well it’s no nay never (clap clap clap clap) … no nay never no more … (clap clap) ….

  • Couldn’t have said it better. This is a sad development for Cleveland Park.

  • Eh, just go to Nanny’s.

  • Maybe the inevitable Red Lobster should go here instead of completing the trifecta of downmarket suburban chain restaurants coming to Columbia Heights. No, just kidding. I wouldn’t wish that on Cleveland Park

  • Bet it ends up as a Potbelly

  • I predict that in a few months it’ll go the way of the cereal ‘restaurant.’
    Unless Mildred and Mortimer want to throw an open bar luncheon for the neighbors – I just think this place won’t generate the kind of revenue that MCFaddens is used to. It will be the worst performing of all the chains locations. Hopefully after this expirement it’ll revert back to what it is and what it should be.

    Perhaps there is a chance that it’ll McFaddens plans are more like into Four Courts in Corthouse. A nice, chainy, ‘authentic’ Irish Pub for the brown flip-flop crowd.

  • Had some fun times at this place, but its time has past. There were some really douchey people working here in recent years. Nanny’s across the street is about the closest to an “authentic” Irish pub in DC.

  • This is the saddest I’ve been since I heard Empire Records was about to become a Musictown!

  • Let’s be real…4 P’s was a truly bizarre “pub” for the last year. The food was terrible, and nothing was particularly cheap. This business gave up on being successful and has kind of been an eyesore. Even if it is a McFadden’s, the general manager will certainly understand that the Georgetown model will not work in Cleveland Park, and will adjust accordingly. Hate on McFaddens all you want but they are clearly much savvier business owners than that of 4P’s

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