Dear PoPville – Assault on the 1400 Block of W St, NW Yesterday Afternoon

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A few readers have requested I share the following letter after a brutal assault in the alley behind the 1400 block of W St, NW yesterday afternoon:

Dear PoPville,

I wanted to make you all aware that one of our residents was brutally assaulted while entering the building from the alley at 4:45 p.m. today. The resident was taken to the hospital by ambulance and is being treated for multiple injuries. MPD responded quickly and they have viewed the footage from our security cameras.

One of the police officers assigned to our neighborhood can be reached at:

Lt. Vanessa Moore – (202) 673-7357

I urge you to contact these individuals whenever you feel unsafe.

Lastly, I suggest contacting Councilman Graham to express your concern/outrage at [email protected] and John Detaeye at [email protected], as well as Juan Camilo Barragan with the Mayor’s office at [email protected] They must address this hideous crime and prevent this from ever happening again.

As always, please be very careful of your surroundings and practice caution. Keep the resident in your thoughts and prayers.

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  • Wow, the violence we see in our city is so intolerable. When will it end?

  • So like literally RIGHT NEXT to Fast Gourmet, during the day? I run right through there three times a week

  • Thanks for posting this. I used to live at 14th and Florida and would often go to W street for Fast Gourmet. The assault happened in the alley from V to W street between the building and Fast Gourmet.

    There is a police camera on 14th and W so hopefully that caught something.

    I would often see people loitering in this alley at all hours of the night but didn’t think much of it because loitering isn’t illegal and they weren’t bothering anyone.

    Hopefully this is just a very very isolated incident. But still it’s always scary to hear stuff like this.

  • I can’t believe how brazen this is. With the large construction site across 14th Street, this area is a hive of activity during the day.

  • Please tell me this wasn’t part of some DYRS graduation ceremony or crew initiation? Hope it wasn’t a broken jaw again. Or a hate crime against the G&L community.

    • Or a single mentally unbalanced person who committed an act of violence – like hitting people over the head with a hammer – because he’s crazy, as opposed to graduating from DYRS, getting initiated into a crew, or hateful of gays and lesbians. Just one more possibility to think about.

      • When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras.

        • Just wondering, does anyone have any actual recidivism data to back up all the shit talking about DYRS that occurs on here?

          • Yes, but its harder to come by than it should be because the way DYRS calculates recidivism is a FARCE.

            Here’s a good primer from 2010. There haven’t been any high-profile reforms.


          • There was an analysis recently that showed something like 1/3 of all homicides involved DYRS folk. Last I checked it wasn’t the kids from Arlington coming into town to break the jaws of gentries.

          • The kids from Arlington just join gangs that murder people in Northern Virginia.

          • I concede that DYRS is a mess. It’s been that way for a long time. Colbert King of the Washington Post has spilled lots of ink on that topic. There have been a number of high profile murders that involved kids who were supposed to be under DYRS supervision. This includes the recent mass shooting that started over the belief that someone had stolen a piece of costume jewelry. The defendants were recently convicted.
            I just find it funny the conclusions some people jump to when there’s no indication of what happened, who it happened to, or who was involved. Someone asked the same question about a “gang initiation” after the 3rd or 4th hammer attack in Petworth. It turned out to be one crazy guy.

  • Scary. Any more details? That’s 2 scary posts this week — the previous one w/ the three girls near 14th/Q was also not late at night.

  • With the increase in the number of these events, don’t you think that we should be seeing more police on foot in the 14th & U area and other transitional areas?

  • instead of contacting the councilmember’s office, what about directly contacting the Third District Commander, Commander Jacob Kishter ([email protected] / 202-673-6820), Captain Andre Wright ([email protected] / 202-671-6777), and PSA 305 Lt. Daniel Harrington ([email protected] / 202-673-7404) where this happened since these are the folks that actually make the policing decisions in the neighborhood.

  • I definitely never walk on the south side of the street on 1400 W block. There are a lot of young folks that have nothing to do all day long but sit around outside and make noise. Especially where the alley is. Bored youths often end up getting into trouble so best to just steer clear. They don’t really pay much attention if you’re across the street.

  • Is crime actually up, or is it just more widely discussed on internet forums then it was 10 years ago? Murder rate is down 75% in 20 years. Random crime happens in major cities. Especially when young rich people brazenly move into historically high crime areas.

    • Murders defintely are down but I think robberies are up. Generally, DC is safer than it used to be, but non-deadly street crimes are more publicized (a good thing). Also, whereas terrible crime had afflicted many parts of the city for decades, the media usually ignore it until it occurs in wealthier neighborhoods. That’s why simple “crime” becomes a “crime wave” when well-to-do people (usually whites) start to be victimized.

    • Random crime happens in major cities. Especially when young rich people brazenly move into historically high crime areas.

      How does one “brazenly” move into an area? And what does the term “random crime” mean? Are you suggesting that this crime was accidental or that there is no pattern to be observed here?

      It sounds like you’re saying a bunch of stuff but have no idea what it actually means.

  • Some more information would be nice. Did the victim describe the assailant? Are there still images from the security camera that could be shared with the community?

    • The security camera is mounted on a utility pole on the southeast corner of 14th & W. It was installed to rid (successfully) the neighborhood of an open air drug market that was on the northwest corner in the vacant lot. If this incident happened in the alley, I doubt that there is a security camera in that area. This doesn’t surprise me since the 1400 block of W has lots of sketchy looking people hanging out in front of their Section 8 buildings.

  • Um, PoP, if you post this kind of letter, some kind of background would be helpful.

    I appreciate the effort to share this type of information, but without details or context it’s about as useful as those random “Stabbing on 4th St SE” texts I get from DC alerts. Maybe those readers who asked you to post this could have given you that information?

  • me

    And it’s right next to the “Good Deal Or Not?” that is your previous post.

  • Not surprised. I live on this block and there are always some shady people hanging out near that alley – and the south side of the block in general. I woke up one night last month at about 2:30 and heard loud noises. My roommate opened the blinds and saw two guys beating another with a 2×4. He called the cops and an ambulance came, but no idea if they ever found the people responsible.

  • Wow, I’m amazed nobody has blamed the people who live in subsidized housing on that block or the subsidized housing on V Street.

    Clearly they’re the ones who committed this crime since they’re poor and like to hang out on their stoops.

  • This could have happened to anybody anywhere, but this particular corner gives people a hightened sense of insecurity. This was a case of a neighborhood resident who noticed someone hanging around outside his building and the resident did what we should all do is react rather than turn away. Unfortunately, the man had no respect for other another human and brutally attacked him. This true disrespect and incivility is the problem and quite the opposite, respect and civility is the solution.

  • Is this the incident where a man threw a can or trash on the ground and a gentleman asked him to pick it up and not trash the neighborhood? If if so, according to NBC 4, the man slapped the guy and knocked his teeth out. I see people throwing trash on the ground in my 16th Street Heights neighborhood all the time or trashing the Carter Barron field. However, I don’t say anything to these individuals because they might pull out a gun and shoot or kill you. People are crazy in today’s world and road rage is getting worse.


    I am still shaking my head at Jim Graham’s comment at the end of the article.

    • Enough is enough. You Ward 1 residents just HAVE to mobilize and see to it that Jim Graham is not reelected. The future of this community depends on it.

      • You got that right…he does nothing about the corners fo v st or the side of the municipal center where people congregate in the evenings after… getting off of work no one wants to see that…..people are paying to much money to live in this area for this .

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