Chick Fil A Food Truck Coming to SW Waterfront Today!!!

Photo by flickr user Adam Kuban

Back in March 2012 we learned Chick Fil A would be launching a food truck in DC. Folks have been emailing ever since to find out when. NBC’s @darcyspencer shares the big news:

“Get your chicken on today! Chick Fil A mobile food truck will open 11:30am today near the SW waterfront metro.”

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  • but no waffle fries. so boo!

  • Will there be a protest about how their sandwiches are completely homophobic? Really, this is the Adolf Hitler of sandwiches.

  • Cue the anti-Christian comments in 3, 2, 1…

    • I don’t think anyone will be making anti-Christian comments so much as anti-anti-gay comments. Most people who are Christian are not virulently anti-gay like Chik-fil-A execs seem to be. I hate that I love their sandwiches, but I have given them a ton less business since I learned about their donations.

    • Is not about being anti-christian. Is about them being anti-gay rights.

      If you choose to buy their food, just make sure you are ok with who they will support with their profits.

      • Awesome! More chicken sandwiches for me!

      • Sam Harris wrote in his now quasi-famous “The End of Faith” that religious moderates are the real problem, and I tend to agree.

        If one believes the Bible’s account of something so fantastic as the son of the Hebrew god defeating death, then it seems that one should also accept its relatively clear condemnation of homosexuality. Picking and choosing Bible passages to believe, the modern secularist believes, is the real problem.

        So kudos to Chick-Fil-A for being mainstream about their belief in the absurd and shame on those who perpetuate the lunacy of religion by believing that only the parts of it that are socially palatable are the Divine Truth.

        • You gotta be kidding me. Modern Americans, even most the majority of the most observant Christians, pick and choose which Bible passages they observe and which one they don’t every single day of the week. Our society would look much different if the majority of people followed the laws set forth in Leviticus and other books of the Bible. Seriously, you holier-than-thou schmuck, get a clue. So much for humility.

        • I certainly don’t hope christian’s go back to believing everything in the bible, but this is kind of an excellent point. I mean, what’s the point of this religion again if you can just make up the rules however you want? Mr Poon is pointing out the obvious hypocrisy and ridiculousness that is religion. Kudos for that. People are so afraid to come out against religion when it is the dominant force behind hatred and ignorance in the world.

        • saf

          “relatively clear condemnation of homosexuality”

          It’s not that clear.

    • Don’t confuse being in favor of gay rights as being anti-christian.

    • saf

      Hardly anti-Christian. Anti-bigotry.

      (says the church-going Baptist.)

  • No, Adolf Hitler making sandwiches would be the Adolf Hitler of sandwiches. Let’s enjoy it!

  • I hate to take something as wonderful as a chicken sandwich and make it political, but how we spend our money is (in my opinion) more important than who we vote for. Chic-fil-a actively donates to anti-gay organizations, and I do not want to be a part of that contribution, even indirectly. Here’s one source:

    • who is your cell phone provider? who do you pay for cable/internet? do you boycott these as well?

      • I think you’ll find consistency absent from the discussion. many of the biggest civil rights warriors in PoPville change their spots when WalMart (or Shell, BP, or other bad corporate players) is concerned. I guess that’s because shopping convenience, low prices and increased development trumps social conscience more than delicious chicken does.

        • Oh, yeah. I forgot about that other corporate giant reviled for its donations – Whole Foods. I’m sure no moral PoP’er would ever give his or her money to such a company, though.

      • Your comparison makes no sense.

        Most, if not all, cable and cell phone providers are publicly owned companies. In all likelihood they have corporate anti-discrimination polices protecting LGBT employees.

        Chick-Fil-A is privately owned and the owners clearly hate on gay people.

        How about this comparison: Target made political donations to an anti-gay candidate, but quickly changed its approach when the ensuing outrage threatened its bottom line. Chick-Fil-A has been criticized up and down for its owner’s anti-gay contributions but hasn’t even apologized for its backward views.

        • Sure, it wasn’t meant to refer directly to gay rights, but other issues I’m sure plenty would have problems with supporting directly (and plenty of course would not). Convenience often trumps conscience it seems to me.

          • When you figure out how to be absolutely morally consistent in all of these circumstances, please let me know. 😉

          • I don’t see the problem with that. If refusing to spend my money at a business only means skipping a delicious, cheap meal once every month I will do that. And I’ll tell others about it. It is an easy target, and that’s the point. I will have a lot more impact on that company. Compare this to something like spending my money on products from China. The government of China is anti-gay rights (more so than the US), but it is very difficult to buy non Chinese products, more expensive, and very few people are going to boycott Chinese goods because of it. But I could easily see someone reading a random comment, learning something new, and deciding “hey it’s not very difficult to cut support for this one business”. It is doing something effective in a world where I am less and less important. I do my best (or at least try to in situations where it is convenient) with the hope I can do better, and maybe spread some info too.

    • +1. Do the right thing, people. It’s junk food anyway.

  • I just wish Roy Rogers had a food truck. Their Gold Rush Chicken Sandwich makes Chik-fil-A taste like a pile of puke.

    • I LOVE LOVE LOVE ROY ROGERS!!!! I wish they would make a comeback! Their food is AMAZING! I go up to Germantown once in a blue moon just for the delicious nostalgia. Yes, Roy Rogers puts Chick Fil A to shame and their roast beef puts ARBYS to shame! DC needs better fast food options

  • Psst…. Chick-fil-A. As long as you’re being whimsical, you’re protected from criticism. So be more whimsical! Maybe install a knit cover (better known as a hipster cloaking device) for your food truck.

  • Allison

    Stopped eating at Chic-Fil-A after the one in my hometown gave discount coupons to Christians only.

    Chic-Fil-A foodtruck, bringing anti-atheist sentiment to a block near you!

    • Are you serious? That is f’ed up in a major way. You might even be able to make a case against the franchise owner that he’s violating the law.

      • Allison

        It was years ago, so meh. Being an atheist from Texas, that was nothing in comparison. Did tick me off enough to give up those waffle fries, though.

    • How could they tell who was Christian and who wasn’t?

      • Allison

        You had to bring in the weekly bulletin from your church to get the discount. Granted, anyone could probably just walk into a church and grab the weekly bulletin, but the message they were sending was very clear, and it was the message that bothered me.

        • Yikes, that’s terrible (fellow atheist here)!

        • Yes…I recently experienced the exact same thing at a Zaxby’s in my hometown in Georgia. Zaxby’s is another chicken chain in the south.
          When approaching the pick up window at the drive through, the lady at the window asked if I had my church bulletin to receive a 10% discount.
          I sat there dumbfounded…did I just hear that?
          I was tempted to draw a picture of the flying spaghetti monster on a post it note, and say here ya go…this is who I worship. Where’s my discount?

  • Honestly, DC was one of the first places to legalize gay marriage. If Chick Fil A had a serious problem with it, do you really think they’d allow a food truck here?

  • I’m gay and I eat at Chic-fil-A–(That might look good on a t-shirt). I do not like that they contribute to anti-gay organizations, but they make a good chicken sandwich and as long as I am spending my own money I will choose where I eat. Additionally, I wonder if there is a statistic to show how many people that are against Chic-fil-A also live in a state where anti-gay laws have been passed (12 and still counting). Aren’t these people paying tax dollars to live in a state that passing laws against them?

    • Allison

      The very first election I was old enough to vote in was Prop 2 (Texas’s Prop 8). My county was the only one that voted against it. Got out of Texas as fast as I could, and took my tax dollars with me.

    • “Aren’t these people paying tax dollars to live in a state that passing laws against them?”

      Horrible argument. There’s a big difference between the ease with which you can make the choice to not eat at Chick-Fil-A and the ease with which you can uproot your life, move your family, break your lease/sell your house, find a job, leave your friends, and move to another state because you don’t like their policies.

      What people typically do is vote.

    • “Anyone who doesn’t sell his house and move when a discriminatory law is passed is a hypocrite”, said the guy who’s unwilling to buy his fast food somewhere else.

  • Do the right thing !!!! These folks are BAD, not a mere political disagreement.

    • Boycott is completely the wrong tact imho! Get as many gay friends as you can to go to chik fil a as often as possible and be as FLAMING as possible!!! That woud piss them of way more than a boycott!!

      • I don’t know what Chick-fil-a you’ve been to but the two in the DC Area are filled with high school and college students who could care less about flaming attitudes. It’s a job and cash source for them not a soul-searching conviction.

      • Allison

        Heh, I suddenly have a whole new point of view about the burger chain and mall food court staple “Flamers” — teehee. hee. hee.

  • thebear

    Chick-Fil-A actively supports candidates and efforts that oppose womens and gay rights, and a slew of other efforts such opposing environmental protection and food safety regulations. If you consider yourself socially-conscious and concerned, spend your money elsewhere. (It’s a damn shame because I used to eat there…it never bothered me that they were Christian until they decided that discrimination, hate, and greed somehow are core Christian values.)

    • + 1 million billion.

      Let’s show the world consumers can make a difference and not just wait around for our ineffectual gov’t to make baby steps. Put them out of business!!!!

  • I would like to think I am an equal opportuntiy offender. I will gladly support my local Chick Fil A by eating their addictive sandwiches just like I support my local addict every morning on the way to work by giving him a buck.

  • orderedchaos

    I do not understand the appeal of a Chick Fil A truck, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

    A truck named Souvlaki Stop also debuted today (at Franklin Park). *Excellent* beef-souvlaki-topped salad, and they threw in free Dolmades which were delicious.

  • For what it’s worth, the McDonald’s Southern Style Chicken Sandwich is a pretty good imitation of the Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich.

  • I dont really find the anti-gay crap from Chick-Fil-A anymore destructive or offensive than the attitude of the armchair activists that say stuff “if you even CARE about the rights of LGBT people you’ll never even look at the chick-fil-a food truck”

    I do care about LGBT rights, I dont care about the prejudices of the people making my chicken.

    • Thank you. They’re on the wrong side of history and even though they’ll win some battles now (It’s not like NC wasn’t going to pass that stupid amendment without Chik-fil-A), but they’ll lose the war.

    • “I do care about LGBT rights, I dont care about the prejudices of the people making my chicken.”

      They aren’t mutually exclusive, my friend. You certainly don’t care about LGBT rights as you do about fast food chicken.

      • Right… the first paragraph was aimed at that. Small mindedness is no more endearing when its attempting to advance the right thing.

        If you’re not going to eat Chick-Fil-A, also dont go to starbucks, costco, whole foods, dominoes, marriott, Las Vegas’ Venetian, Sands, and Palazzo, any Mars Candy, anything with Lycra in it, Brawny Paper Towels, Target, Wal-Mart…

        Do you want me to go on?

        • Again, thank you. Every time this topic comes up, the self-righteous bloviating becomes, if I may channel Cory Booker, more and more nauseating. It’s great if you want to boycott businesses. But the holier-than-thou attitudes, when everyone ends up supporting causes they don’t believe in through consumer choices, really tarnishes the people who are on the right side of this issue.

        • Also, since gay rights are important to you? What about child labor? Gap, Spalding, Apple, Nestle, Nike. You boycott all of those too, right?

          Give me a break. You are all hypocrites.

          You can either decide your consumer habits make you socially responsible and you act accordingly or you understand that we’re surrounded by a bunch of people who do and think bad things and if you’re going to lead a halfway normal life, you have to accept that sometimes you’re going to buy something that results in a few pennies going to someone you cant stand.

        • Sure, ’cause so far I don’t do any of those things…

  • Disgusting “food” with a giant corporate structure that claims to be Christian but is suing the Eat More Kale guy just like any other money hungry organization.

  • Boycott Chick-Fil-A; Boycott religion. Both take your money and give you very little in return.

  • Hey Chic-Fil-A defenders: Gay, lesbian, bi, and transgendered victims of so-called reparative therapy everywhere thank you.

    Would you feel the same if it was revealed that Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy paid the hunters who clubbed baby seals to death? Or tortured chimpanzees in labs so they could test their so-called food? No difference. I don’t condemn you for not bringing politics into your choice of fast-foods, but don’t pretend that your consumer choices don’t come with moral implications.

    • So you’re saying you don’t use Shell, Exxon, or BP gas, shop at WalMart or Whole Foods, or any other company that promotes right wing ideology, is implicated in murders, or exploits its workers? Where do you shop? As such a self-righteous beacon of consumer responsibility please enlighten us. Any other of the faux civil rights warriors on this thread can feel free to tell us all where it is “moral” to shop and eat as well.

      • Oh not this crap again. I recall you using this same, tired drivel – practically verbatim – on the last inflammatory Chick-fil-a post. Get new material please. It’s tired.

      • There’s also a HUGE difference between something for which there are easy (and better) alternatives and something for which there is not… for instance, people generally have to shop at a grocery store and probably all grocery stores have funded horrible things. But it’s just SO EASY not to eat at Chick-Fil-A and that’s why I have a problem. I don’t really blame people when their hands are tied because there’s not enough competition, but I do take issue with people who consume crap for no good reason even though it makes the world a worse place.

        • You’re right, there’s no competition in grocery stores. You just have to shop at Whole Foods.

          For the record, Safeway is unionized and has split their corporate political donations fairly evenly between Republicans and Democrats.

          Maybe you should be socially conscious and shop there instead of Whole Foods?

          I hope you dont buy pizza hut, taco bell, or KFC either.

          What about Angel Soft, Dixie, and Quilted Northern paper products?

          Do you source the building materials you buy? Odds are they came from Koch Industries.

          That reminds me, I hope you never go to Home Depot and only go to Lowe’s. Oh wait, Lowe’s sells a lot of Georgia Pacific, which, of course, is a Koch company. But, Home Depot is up there with Chick-Fil-A in terms of their founders…

          So you only go to Fragers and Ace, then?

        • Are you serious? No one makes you buy anything or shop anywhere. If you expect people to take responsibility for their choice in fast food, take responsibility for your choices in other areas as well. The hypocrisy on this thread (as well as denial of its existence) is do thick you could cut it with a knife.

  • ‘Dem da Devil’s Sammiches. No thanks.

  • I’m gay and don’t eat at Chick Fil A–partly becouse of their views but also because their food is just processed c**p (below are the ingredients for their simple chicken sandwich–thank GOD they add yellow and blue food coloring to keep those pickles green!). DC has such good local food now–from trucks as well as brick and morter–why send your money to some corporate headquarters out of the District for this:

    Chicken (100% natural whole breast filet, seasoning [salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, spices, paprika], seasoned coater [enriched bleached flour {bleached wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid}, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, nonfat milk, leavening {baking soda, sodium aluminum phosphate, monocalcium phosphate}, spice, soybean oil, color {paprika}], milk wash [water, whole powdered egg and nonfat milk solids], peanut oil [fully refined peanut oil with TBHQ and citric acid added to preserve freshness and dimethylpolysiloxane an anti-foaming agent added]), bun (enriched flour [wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate {Vitamin B1}, riboflavin {Vitamin B2}, folic acid], water, high fructose corn syrup, yeast, contains 2% or less of each of the following: liquid yeast, soybean oil, nonfat milk, salt, wheat gluten, soy flour, dough conditioners [may contain one or more of the following: mono- and diglycerides, calcium and sodium stearoyl lactylates, calcium peroxide], soy flour, amylase, yeast nutrients [monocalcium phosphate, calcium sulfate, ammonium sulfate], calcium propionate added to retard spoilage, soy lecithin, cornstarch, butter oil [soybean oil, palm kernel oil, soy lecithin, natural and artificial flavor, TBHQ and citric acid added as preservatives, and artificial color]), pickle (cucumbers, water, vinegar, salt, lactic acid, calcium chloride, alum, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate [preservatives], natural flavors, polysorbate 80, yellow 5, blue 1).

    • I’m gay and I love Chick-fil-a. Yes, maybe I’m a hypocrite, but I grew up in and around Atlanta, so it’s a little taste of home.

      Also, I could care less about it being processed chicken and pickles with food dye in them, I just want the best meal science can create! If you told me that Chick-fil-a scientists had bred a chicken that had 12 breasts and sprouted pre-fried nuggets out of its back, I’d be first in line to try it.

  • Awful food and I’m the supposed target demographic. I don’t care what they do politically if the food is just horrible crap.

  • Why are there no chick fil-a’s in DC except for on college campuses? Always wondered that. Chick Fil-A food is usually nasty at the express locations such as Howard University so I can’t imagine how gross the food truck would be. The food isn’t as fresh. What happened to the rumor of Chick Fil-A coming to Columbia Heights? This is how I feel about the Christian damnation of gays

  • I used to live at the one inn City Springs. No fries, no drinnk, just all white meat. The Preacher wouldn,t allow spikes on Sunday…

  • Yeah, when I see the government lining up gays and people who support gay marriage and gassing them, I’ll speak up. In the meantime, you assume I’m against gay marriage, and your hyperboles are a disgrace and insulting to those that truly suffered.

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