Beuchert’s Saloon Coming to Former Capitol Art and Frame Space at 623 Pennsylvania Ave, SE

I feel like the old Capitol Hill Art and Frame shop has been vacant for ages at 623 Pennsylvania Ave, SE next to Pound the Hill. It finally has a tenant – Beuchert’s Saloon. The liquor license application posted out front says:

“A full service restaurant & Bar serving local, farm-fresh menu items prepared for lunch, brunch and dinner 7 days a week with a seating capacity of 47 for patrons and a total load of 61. Request a summer garden with 20 seats.”

Sounds promising!

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  • What is Pound The Hill?

  • yay — another restaurant

    • I hope that you are not being sarcastic! We need more quality restaurants in the Eastern Market area… for dinner and weekend brunch. Particularly because Barracks Row has to shut down so early. I look forward to stumbling over to this new place to continue the festivities.

      • I agree. Pennslyvania Avenue, in particular, needs more and better development– there are still a lot of run-down bars and depressing stretches of stores that don’t attract many customers– just look across the street for a good example. As Barracks Row fills up I predict that more restaurants, bars, and retail will open up along Pennsylvania. Hopefully places like this (and other successful businsss like Pound and Labyrinth) will open up the floodgates. I’d love to see a true nightlife spot come to this area, something that isn’t a dive or a restaurant bar that closes early.

        • As un-hip a sentiment as it is, this is why I’m actually kind of excited for the new Hawk ‘n’ Dove to open up. I love me some Tune Inn and Cap Lounge every once in a while, but sometimes, it’s nice to enjoy my alcoholic beverages in non-divey surroundings.

  • Sounds a lot like the SŪNA restaurant that’s coming soon (did you ever find out exactly where that will be?) but at least it’s not another Xavier establishment! It will be nice to have another brunch option near Eastern Market– hopefully with some of the crowds diverted the wait times won’t be QUITE as long.

  • Looks like this wasn’t the only Beuchert’s Saloon

    • Wow, that’s really interesting. I wonder if that’s the where the Rite Aid mostrocity stands or the slightly less horrendous Foot Locker building.

  • I ran into one of the owners of Beuchert’s last week as he was leaving the building. They seem to be hard at work, hoping to open this fall, and he was super nice and answered all my questions. I think three local guys are opening the place, and they seem to be legitimately embracing the local food concept, but don’t want to shove it down the customer’s throats. I am really excited to see how this turns out!

  • This place is going to be awesome!!

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