Bees Swarm a House in Ledroit Park

Imagine waking up to this? Def. worse than this. I’m told that 911 was called who said to call pest control. Then pest control was called and they said it was not their problem. Maybe a private beekeeper was called? Scary situation. Ultimately I’m told:

“In the end the landlord finally got involved and sent out a pest control guy. No one got hurt but it was oddly dicy for a while since the inhabitants couldn’t be contacted and the city wanted nothing to do with it.”

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  • its to bee expected. with all the new development there is so much buzz.

  • I’m less concerned about the swarm itself than I am about the fact that bees have learned how to assemble themselves into the shape of a hooded individual standing at someone’s doorstep. And I use the word “mimic” purposely here:

  • Oddly, the bees swarmed in the outlined shape of a dwarf fisherman lost at sea in the 1920s. Coincidence?

  • 🙁 Wish they could have gotten a beekeeper. A swarm of bees is ironically the most harmless form of bees. They have no hive to defend, and will practically never sting you in this situation. Also, they would have left within a couple of hours if they were left alone.

    • lol forgot my icon is a bee. Typical.

    • Hey everyone– the bee here wants everyone to know that a swarm of bees is totally harmless and you have nothing to worry about. I see no reason to be suspicious!

    • a beekeeper was called. he made the decision as far as extermination vs removal went and was under the impression that there was a second queen born and scouts were looking for a new hive location while the swarm rested (as in picture above). when he arrived, the bees were no longer swarming at the front door and were beginning to build a hive in the roof of the same house at which the picture was taken.

  • Why would anyone think that the city would remove bees on private property? Oh, nanny state. Definitely not a “call 911” sort of event.

    • You’re right, I say let’s get rid of pest control altogether. I think rats and rabid raccoons are kind of cute!

    • Umm, I don’t know .. seems slightly unsafe to have bees massing there. But you’re probably right. I bet the bees know where the property line is and won’t bother anyone else.

      Dude, public safety is exactly why we have local government.

      • If you re-read the post, a person was alarmed at bees swarming on *another person’s* home, panicked, called 911, and then called the landlord of the other person’s home. The landlord then called a pest control company, which probably killed the bees.

  • Deep in the middle was the queen. Definitely an opportunity for an aspiring urban beekeeper. Honey bees are good and need our love!

  • definitely call a bee keeper. pest control will probably spray toxic chemicals all over the bees (and your house). remember, bees pollinate nearly all the fruits and vegetables that we eat. killing them won’t help anyone.

  • “Let’s be friends…. it says ‘be’ and there’s a picture of a bee on it!”

    -Ralph Wiggum

  • In case this happens again – try calling DC Beekeepers alliance at 202-255-4318. A quick google search is all it took.
    Save the bees!

    • We were on the roof of our building on Fri April 20 and a swarm came over one side passed over – never seen anything like it.

  • orderedchaos

    Ralph Wiggum, hooded-figure-shaped-bees, an undercover bee telling us that swarms can be trusted… man, this thread has it all—what a fun way to start the week. 🙂

  • Let me get this straight, you were scared of honey bees on someone else’s house? Ok. Got it.

  • Bees, bees in the car, bees everywhere! they’re huge and they’re sting crazy! They’re ripping my flesh off! Run away, your firearms are useless against them!

  • Anyone with knowledge know why this happened? I mean knowledge of these particular types of events.

    • It’s a normal part of the honey bee’s life cycle. Wikipedia swarming (honey bee) for a long description. As someone previously stated they will move on in a short time.

  • Maybe they came from the, “Dogs with bees in their mouths and when they bark they shoot bees at you.”

  • anon. gardener

    Sorry, I’d be more freaked out by a daytime bat than a bunch of swarming bees. Bees are awesome. I hope they didn’t kill them.

  • What I want to know is: HOW’D IT GET BURNED? HOW’D IT GET BURNED?

  • EEK. Y’all who are like, “Bees, psshaw!” have clearly never seen My Girl.

  • So that bee person is going to walk straight through the wall?! This should be Gray’s first priority. Nobody is safe in this city!

  • All joking aside, were these bees killed by the pest control person? If so, that is incredibly sad. Not only because honey bees are typically harmless, but also because the honey bee is under incredible stress right now and we need as many as possible to survive. A beekeeper would have been happy to come out and set up a hive that could have been transported.

  • If that happens to my house, I’m calling the cable guy. “Right this way Comcast, use the front door. Doorbell is on the left.”

  • Reminds me of a great book: “The Secret Life of Bees.” A great read. Save the bees!

  • anybody know exactly where this happened

    • 3rd st. Was in the house 🙁

  • Yup, this was definitely my house! The cops were called and we also contacted an emergency bee keeper who came and assessed. For 800 bucks, he found a colony in our roof that had up to 20,000 bees!

    • Yikes. maybe you can get a booth at the U street farmers market and sell local Ledroit honey

    • That is so cool!..Please tell me they survived? I know $800 bucks is a lot of money…but man, I hope they survived. I would have kicked in $100

  • these are some of the funniest comments on PoP in a long time.

  • My favorite Youtube video ever.
    Bees on the porch

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