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  • U.S. Steel?

  • I love this building – I think it is beautiful, right down to the detail of USSCo. I love those windows – so old-world lovely.

  • I used to work for Fried Frank, part of who’s office was located in the floor of arched windows on top of this USSCo building. I am driven to drink just thinking of the many awful late nights I spent alone and despondent in this “beautiful” building.

    • Every day you worked there, did you want to eat hot dogs? Fried franks, specifically.

  • I think it was something like “U.S. Security Company”. I”ve always liked how they incorpoarted it into the new bulding, making it look a like a great arched triumphal entrance. (Though the old part is much better than the new bulding.)

  • tonyr

    The USS Co was a prototype. They made a few design changes before going into production with the USS Enterprise.

  • This was a furniture warehouse, built in 1909 for the United States Storage Company.

  • It makes a nice façade. What remains of this grand structure is more of a hood ornament than a “building”, though.

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