Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Mt. Vernon Square

This rental is located at 437 New York Ave, NW:

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The listing says:

“Beautiful Condo in the Historic Yale Steam Laundry. Amenities include:Gym,Rooftop Pool, Conf.Room, Billiards.Amazing Views from Private Balcony,Hardwood Floors,Stainless Steel Appliances,Washer/Dryer. Blocks from Chinatown&Convention Center Metro.1 Block from Safeway, Starbucks, Retail. Tenant pays utilities,1 Garage Parking Space for $200 monthly.”

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $2,500/Mo.

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  • I think it’s a bad deal. There are a lot of buildings with similar amenities and layouts in this area that are around $2k.

  • With parking that comes to @2700/month. Who pays that to rent a 1BR except people who want to live in Georgetown/Dupont/K St?

  • This seems high to me!

  • Beyond that point is a pretty desolate area; they must be cracker jacks asking that much.

    • It is alot. but its not that desolate. city vista is right around the corner and china town is like 5 blocks

  • Even with the amenities and it looks decent enough, the price seems high. I also didn’t see any photos of bedroom and bathroom (maybe I missed them). Regardless, still seems high b/c you are also responsible for utilities and if you want parking, an additional monthly charge.

  • Between the lack of included amenities (utilities/parking) and the less than ideal location, this is one of the worst deals I’ve seen on here in a while.

    • Less than ideal? City Vista is more convenient than any number of popular locations. The Y/G line is sneakily awesome to be on (so easy to get Columbia Heights, Petworth, Nats Park — aka all the places you probably don’t want to walk to, unlike red line stops). Grocery store across the street. Plenty of restaurants popping up. 10 minutes away from Chinatown.

      Now, the price on the other hand, definitely less than ideal. $2,200 tops (because of the balcony).

    • No new buildings include utilities. They are all individually metered.

  • the additional $200 for parking is egregious. this is off-market and the listing agent should have advised his client as such. agree with the poster above- this is one of the worst deals I’ve seen on PoP in awhile.

  • Clearly these ‘new neighborhood/new building’ apartments know what they’re doing, because they seem to be full enough in places like NoMa, Mt Vernon Triangle and Near SE. We all think it’s not much for a lot of money, but someone rents them.

  • For this kind of money I’d think you could live in Penn Quarter.

  • I agree with Brian — I frankly have no idea if this is a good deal or not for a rental, but this is a sneakily good location. Not only is City Vista across the street, but the Y/G line metro is a 5-7 minute walk from here. Parking sucks, admittedly, but you could also walk to GP/Chinatown for the Red Line in about 10-15 minutes.

  • I get it that a roommate/group house is not for everyone, but I’d rather pay hundreds less, live in a basement or a studio, save the money for a downpayment on a TWO bed place that has a mortgage of $2,500. I guess luxury rentals like this are good for well-paid short-timers?

    • yeah.. i think you are right… with DC’s turnover rate being what it is… they probably are going for the well paid folks that have a 2 year stint at some law firm downtown.

  • Awful deal. I think you can almost get a 1-bedroom with panoramic views of Manhattan in that Frank Gehry tower for this price. Photos are totally underwhelming. If anyone takes this for $2500-2700 they deserve to be shaken or slapped.

  • Ha! I’m happy with that price. Of course, I live right behind it, and I rent a basement 1bd apartment for $1800 (w/ utilities included) (~$1600 sans utilities) so I don’t mind if the area average prices go up.

  • yep… way to high

  • Well Gah dammmn..For that price I would expect high-end luxury and prime location.

  • These new buildings in Mt. Vernon Square are insanely priced. Granted the private apartments in townhouses don’t come with pools and gyms, but I live in a gorgeous 2 bedroom/two bathroom in the neighborhood and the rent on this place is more than the entire rent both my roommate and I pay put together.

  • Unfinished English basements are going for around $1800 on the 400 block of M st, so I’m guessing a Class A apartment in a high rise should go for $2200-$2500.

    The historic Mount Vernon Square district has definitely flown under the radar. City Vista is right across the street, it has easy access to public transit, and you are within about a mile of many downtown areas including Capital Hill, the White House, and NoMa.

    We just bought a rowhouse in the neighborhood and are hoping all of the renovations and development continue. If this 1 bedroom rents out for $2,500, I’ll sleep much better at night.

  • The rents in Mt. Vernon Square are insane in these new buildings. However, I went to Yale the Lofts apt building and they told me they were only 13% full after being open for months! Same with the new Meridian building on L Street – The neighborhood is nice, but doesn’t warrant a $2500 1bd or $3800/month price tag for a 2bd. Good luck renting these things to suckers, but you can rent a nice 2-3bd in Dupont or Georgetown for those prices…I have a feeling these buildings are going to sit empty until the property managers bring prices down to market levels….FAIL

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