Dear PoPville – When Do Politicians Have To Clean Up Their Signs?

Dear PoPville,

I’m curious who is responsible for cleaning up all the election signs and handouts that magically appear and then become democratic dandruff post-elections? Living near the Park View Community Center (afflicted with littering issues on its own) I find it both sad and ironical (sadronical?) that the people promising change and improvement are the same that are responsible for neglect and litter. Fail. The end.

According to BOEE:

“A sign, advertisement, or poster related to a specific event shall be removed no later than thirty (30) days following the event to which it is related. This subsection does not extend the time limit in subsection 108.5.”

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  • orderedchaos

    Someone was removing signs on 16th Street on Saturday, which was great to see. Of course, for those who won the primaries, I think they could technically leave up their signs until 30 days after the *general* election…

  • And when do people who have lost pets need to take down signs? I feel bad for poor Dobi every time I walk down the street and see him, looking up at me block after block, month after month…

    • Seriously. Dobi’s people should be embarrassed. That dog was recovered very quickly after the signs went up (I know, because I saw an unattended dog that sort of matched the description; when I called, they acted all surprised and said he’d been home for a week.)

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