Updated Look at New Modern Row House on the 3600 block of Rock Creek Church Rd, NW

I’ve been looking forward to getting an updated view on this new building locate on the 3600 block of Rock Creek Church Rd, NW (south of the Petworth metro.) You can see what it looked like in Nov. 2011 here.

So how do you think it turned out?

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  • still looks like a prison to me!

  • I expect it to go “EXTERMINATE” at any moment.

  • And how long is this eyesore going to be with us? Oh yeah, probably the rest of my life 🙁

  • doesn’t fit. i’d be pissed if i were attached to that house.

  • I think the foamstone covered house looks much worse than this one.

  • i’m not a fan of this style, but sadly, this whole bock is pretty fugly. probably better that it doesn’t “fit in”.

    did it used to be an alley?

  • i love modern architecture but am very hesitant whenever anyone tries to build a row house to match whatever style is popular at that time. It always looks outdated in 5 years. With all that being said – this is just ugly; modern or not.

  • If it had bigger windows on the front side of the house, it wouldn’t be that bad. Is the front yard finished? It looks… odd.

  • Actually I like it! It blends with the neighboring buildings – probably because of the horizontal lines in the design that imitate the lines of the brink next door. Plus the reddish color on the bottom fits the color of the brick of the fence next door. Well done!

  • I like it! washingtonians are so afraid of anything new that isn’t the most mediocre offensive architecture that is rampant all over this town (walmart, anyone?). wake up, y’all! take a damn chance! wear mismatched socks one day! you’ll feel better, I promise.

  • I’m not wild about it, but I will remind readers that the likely reason for the lack of glass on the facade is the shit-for-view across RCC Rd to the garages and rears of the row facing NH Ave.

  • PDleftMtP

    I feel the same way I feel about the PT Cruiser – I don’t really like it, but I give it points for at least having a personality.

  • I like it. Looks much better than the houses adjacent to it. It obviously doesn’t “fit” with the neighborhood, but in this case, that is probably a good thing. I remember when you first showed this one a while back. It turned out better than I thought it would.

  • If they painted it blue it would look like Robocop.

  • sadly terrible. one day this city will have better architectural review.

  • All you haters can suck it. Yes the house is weird. I might even go to the extent of calling it fugly form the front (thanks to previous commenter for reminding me of that word) and that’s saying something cause I LOVE modern architecture. But, homes should be as unique as the people who live in them and as a veteran realtor, I can tell you that this city is filled with many beautiful albeit boring homes and I’m ready for some new stuff to arrive in this old as dirt city. I have about 20 buyers who’d buy this house if it weren’t on that street. Development is just that…its a story of a place told over time. Things should change…since change is the only constant in life. What’s more ridiculous…a well thought out home that says “today” or some ridiculous historically accurate renovation where people go out and chop down trees to carve replicas of original windows, treasure trove on ebay and community forklift for the exact right crystal doorknobs and walk around getting splinters because their heart pine floors are too old to refinish? If you dont like the ability for people to create modern/interesting/different homes…go live in an historic district…Logan…Ledroit…Dupont…Cap Hill…but not mount pleasant…cause nobody enforces any real violations there despite the HMP board’s best efforts. And I digress…

    • i agree with much of what you said, but this house does not speak of TODAY. it is already a design of the past. this look is done. expired. rejected.

      something of today would be fine.

  • Love it and want to see more modern houses blending in with the others.

  • The last time I saw a house like this, Hitler shot himself in its basement.

  • I live a few houses down from this new place. Even though the house is pretty ugly, I give it points for being LEED gold certified! It was sustainably made and will be incredibly efficient. That’s more than I can say for my drafty rowhouse, where the 20 year old windows leak air like crazy & there’s a 20 degree difference between the 1st & 2nd floors.


  • brookland_rez

    I think it looks cool, but so out of place in that row of houses.

  • I do think it would look better if it had bigger windows in the front, I still like it. It breathes fresh air into a block of houses that are pretty unattractive. I’d like for this house to spur the development of more modern houses on that block but I won’t hold my breath on it.

  • I like it! And the houses around it don’t match at all so I don’t know why this would would have to. I think it’s much better than trying to create something that “blended” while also adding that extra level. I certainly like it better than any pop up I’ve seen.

  • This is absolutely horrible. I’m all for clean lines for interior design, but it’s a major fail here.

  • this is awesome to have in the neighborhood. does anyone know how much it cost ? specs?

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