Stabbing at 14th and T St, NW Sunday Afternoon Update: Arrest Made

MPD tweets around 4:15pm Sunday afternoon:

“3D is working a Stabbing at 14th and “T” NW. LOF a H/M with Tattoos and a White T-shirt. Traffic is blocked in all directions.”

They later write:

“MPD reports a road closure at 14th and 15th T ST NW, due to the shooting investigation.”

DCalerts seems to confirm a stabbing:

“Police Alert-Stabbing/1600 hrs/ 14th & T St. N.W/lof a h/m DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911″

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More info as it becomes available.

Update: A reader sends the photo above and writes:

“Stabbing at 1431 T NW around 3:30pm today.”

Reader also reports the whole street remains closed to traffic and:

“Ambulance took someone away.”

Update from MPD:

“Officers were on patrol when they discovered an individual stabbed. The victim was transported to a local hospital.

Officers canvassed the area and located the suspect, who was placed under arrest.”

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  • They apprehended a hispanic male (shirtless with tattoos) at 14th & S.

  • Just when I thought I was having a rough day. Christ at least I didn’t get stabbed.

  • Anyone know the circumstances? If this was a random stabbing, I’m freaked out. This is my block.

    • I don’t know the situation, but to put your mind at ease, there are VERY few random attacks in general. No matter what the alarm companies would love you to think, the chances are you know the person who’s going to stab you.

      Unless this is a robbery gone bad, but I still stand by my original conclusion.

      • “Unless this is a robbery gone bad” – yeah, that never happens. This “criminals only stab/shoot people they know” fallacy is naive to say the least. I’d like to see the data you have to back up your assertion that “VERY few” attacks occur between people who don’t know each other. Sounds more fairie tale than reality.

        • Fairy Tale? I’d say that more than a fair amount of the violence in this city is retaliatory in nature.

          There is always the “wrong place at the wrong time”, but I generally assume most stabbings/shootings are over a smudged Puma.

        • It’s no “fairy tele.” As a ten-year neighborhood resident I can tell you that violent street assaults are exceedingly rare. Does it happen? Sure, but not very often. It’s a very small percentage of street crime. Any cop will back this up.

          The last thing most street robbers want is a violent confrontation. That said, the standard advice about giving up your wallet, purse, phone, etc., always applies. You don’t want to run into the guy(s) who is/are the exception.

          I don’t blame “U St” for wanting to know what the circumstances were. Random attacks — no matter how infrequent — are much scarier for all of us than assaults between people who know each other.

        • Agreed with other responders. Where’s the data to back up your claims? I’d have to agree that the general concept that people get shot/stabbed/beaten up are somehow associated with their attackers. But if you want to go ahead and be afraid of your life all the time and that everyone’s out to get you just for walking down the street…well non-enjoy yourself, I hope we never cross paths cause you’ll just make me depressed.

        • Well, there’s a study from 2009 on male violence on women and this shows conclusively that the vast majority of women are killed by someone they are close with.

          Now property crime is done to strangers, which makes sense when you think about it. But if you really believe that you are likely to just get killed for no reason on the streets of DC, then I feel sorry for you.

          Almost all the homicides and rapes I investigated involved known perps. This is just how it is.

      • Judging by the responses here, The evidence necessary to prove the cherished faerie tale true does not exist (unless all crime in DC is committed by men on women they know). I’m not sure from where the canard of fear at random crime arose in the conversation, or what purpose it serves other than to obfuscate. Anyway, I suppose the idea that “criminals only stab/shoot other criminals” is valuable as a coping mechanism even if it defies logic.

        • Stranger violence is a minority of criminal assaults: . Actually, the evidence is clear that you’re most likely to get assaulted by someone you know.

          But, of course, we do not have any info on this incident. This case could involve financial fraud. After all, the alleged perp does seem to have lost his shirt.

          • Thanks for bringing facts into the conversation!

          • Thanks for the link. Very interesting statistics. According to table 27, 47.2% of “crimes of violence” are committed by strangers. That certainly demolishes the myth that “very few” crimes like the one above are committed by people unknown to each other.

        • I notice you’re offering no data backing up your claims, either. Must be tough going through life so afraid.

          Do us a favor, though. Don’t spread your irrational fear.

          • Again with the fear thing? You do your credibility no favors by creating a straw man rather than speaking to the issue. Also, what claims am I making? I merely stated that the generalization that street crime very seldom is random is without foundation. Asking someone to prove his assertion is hardly “making a claim.”

  • Scorned Lover? At least there were no bullets flying to hit bystanders.

  • Call me cynical, but I think we can start counting down the seconds til some bleeding-heart judge gives him a lollipop and a slap on the wrist sentence…

  • do the police officers have any responsibility to the neighbors to explain what happened? i live on the block and approached them to ask what was going on and he wouldn’t reveal any details. he told me “it’s nothing to be alarmed over and it would probably be on the news”. this was on a Sunday in broad daylight. kind of alarming if you ask me.

    • further, i just saw that they tweeted about it at 4:15 and i approached the officer at 5:45. how is it responsible to post on the internet but not address the issue in person?

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