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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: Beautiful weather
    Rant: My State department contract fell through. Anyway know of staffing agencies that work with DoS / USAID?
    Rant 2: My neighbors kept me up until 3am!

  • Rave: I’m the first rant/rave! (perhaps second by now?)

    Rant: It’s pretty sad that I’ve been sitting here waiting for this post…because it gives me something interesting to do/read.

    Rant: My eyes have decided that they detest any and all contacts and were hurting before I got to work this morning. Thankfully I packed my glasses!

    Rave: Looking forward to another lunch outside!

    Rave: Sore from my dance class last night–guess that means I actually worked hard!

  • Rave: After positive reviews of District Kitchen, I tried it for dinner and had one of the best steaks I have had in the city. Bartenders were knowledgeable and friendly. Cheese selection was very good and steak was cooked to perfect temperature (medium rare). Check it out if you haven’t already.

  • Rave: The picture is great. Love how crisp the shadow is.

  • Revel: I get to work from home on this beautiful day.

    That means I get to the spend the morning at The Blind Dog Cafe, and I just had the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve had in years.

  • Rave: Job interview this Thursday

    Rant: It’s for the same contract job I got laid off from last year, one that I really didn’t like.

    Rave: That job beats being unemployed.

  • Rant: I am such a b before my morning coffee.

    Rant: Took our dog on his first road trip this weekend. We stayed a pet friendly hotel, and the first thing he did was…urinate on a down pillow! Arrrghhhhhh!!!!!!!

  • Rave: Beautiful weather. I’m looking forward to eating lunch outside and going for an afternoon run.

    Rave: My sister got a great job offer yesterday for a co-op program. She’s a junior at a tough engineering school and is doing really well. I’m so proud of her!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: My violets are coming back! I’m still surprised when plants come back after winter.

    Rant: Weaponized pollen

    Rant: Dropped iphone and the glass shattered.

    Rave: I’ve been wanting a new iphone for purely aesthetic reasons, now I can buy it guilt free!

  • Rant: Allergies or whatever it is that makes me sneeze and sniffle.

    Rave: Witnessing the physical transformation of the neighborhood!

    I noticed on the way home from work last night that Sherman Ave is getting fancy new tree box fences, the new street lights are looking classy, and I feel like a half dozen new rehab projects have started in the last week alone on some of the sad, old buildings that line the street.

    I’m psyched to look back in 12 months and not be able to remember what it used to look like before it was beautiful!

  • Rave: $20.99 Buffalo Trace at Lion’s Liquor store
    Rant: Unnecessarily frustrating experience on the Yellow line this weekend. Upon entering the Metro system at Georgia Ave-Petworth as I usually do on Saturdays to catch the Yellow line to Alexandria for work, this morning there was none, and absolutely no indication that none should be expected. At Mt. Vernon the wait bordered on 30 minutes and still no indication that service would be altered aside from “single track between Reagan and Braddock Rd.” on the animated next-train light board.

    I asked the station attendant why there were no signs upon entering the Metro system that would alert passengers (though the metro lady still refers to us as “customers”) of disruptions in service and his reply was “it was on the news and in the papers.”
    I am not sure what papers or sections of said papers he was referencing to and it seems unreasonable to expect passengers to TiVo and screen local news broadcasts in anticipation of possible service issues and weekend track work does not seem like a front burner issue for CNN/MSNBC/Fox/CSPAN …etc.

    While waiting for the elusive Yellow line at L’Enfant Plaza I asked the station attendant why there was nothing (announcements, signs) to indicate to passengers that the Yellow line would be sporadic and/or difficult to locate. He was more candid in his reply: “I don’t know.”

    Ok…Got it.

    Upon exiting Georgia Ave-Petworth I asked the station attendant whether or not the Yellow line would be running at all from the station on Sunday. He said it would start at Mt. Vernon. When asked why there was nothing at all to indicate to passengers that their usual weekend life-line to work and back would not be running so that they can make alternate travel arrangements, I was referred back to last week’s ambiguous “News” and “papers.” When pressed as to why there was not a sign or something in print at the top of the escalator (continuously running without a passenger in sight, or not running at all) before entering the system he sort of shrugged and said that “…Metro does not have the financial resources to print signs.”

    Huh…What a pity.

    Really now, can’t Metro executives with home printers spit out a couple copies of some notifications or even a hand written sign saying something akin to:

    “Not much in the way of Yellow Line today.
    Maybe Mt. Vernon.
    Good Luck.”

    It seems absolutely unreasonable, unprofessional and exceedingly inconsiderate on Metro’s behalf not to inform passengers who rely on and pay to use the system. The excuse of empty coffers leaves me wanting and ill-tempered, particularly in the 21st century and with a CVS (reputable purveyor of stationary, post-its and pens) on every 5th block and station attendants left in their tanks with little to do.

    • I actually thought metro has gotten a lot better at advertising track work lately. It’s always in the express and I also look on their website at: http://wmata.com/rail/trackwork.cfm before I use the metro on the weekends. That doesn’t mean it will be a pleasant, short, convenient ride, but at least they are trying to keep people more informed.

      • It looks like the trackwork link you provided only has a list of major work (i.e. with station closings) rather than the single-tracking work that Anon encountered. I always pay attention to the delays listed by DCist, and I’m pretty sure they are pulled from WMATA press releases so you can find them on their website in advance of the weekend and plan accordingly.

        Here’s what they said about the Yellow Line last weekend: “Beginning at 10 p.m. Friday and continuing through system closing on Sunday, Yellow Line trains will single track between Reagan National Airport and Braddock Road for tie and insulator renewal.
        Throughout the weekend, Yellow Line trains will operate every 24 minutes between Huntington and Mt. Vernon Square. Customers traveling to/from stations north of Mt. Vernon Square should use Green Line trains to complete their trip.
        Customers should allow 15 or 20 minutes of additional travel time.”

        • Couldn’t Metro have posted this info — even if just on an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper — at Yellow Line station entrances?

          Seems like information on the Web ought to be offered _in addition to_ information posted at the affected stations, not instead of it.

    • claire

      Good taste in bourbon you’ve got there. Buffalo Trace is my standard “every day” bourbon (in quotes because I don’t actually drink bourbon every day). Now I’m more compelled than ever to check out the new Lion’s.

    • They’ve gotten a lot better about publicizing their repair work. I sympathize with you, but honestly if you ride Metro (regularly!) on the weekend and you don’t check the WMATA website in advance then you really are making things unnecessarily difficult for yourself.

      • I don’t think that’s quite fair.

        Sure, it would behoove the OP to check Metro’s website before heading to the station on a weekend… but are things really at the point where the website should be the _only_ source of such information? And where riders should be _expected_ to check it all the time?

        I think Metro has quite a way to go in improving its signage just to explain the REGULAR operation of the Yellow Line, let alone nonstandard operation. As someone who lives on the Green/Yellow Line, I’m still perplexed to see Yellow Line trains running all the way to Greenbelt, when according to the Metro map they should be going either to Mt. Vernon Square (during rush hour — which isn’t explained very well on the map), or to Fort Totten.

        I feel really sorry for any tourist who shows up at, say, Columbia Heights on a weekday morning during rush hour expecting to be able to take the Yellow Line to Reagan National Airport, and who is perplexed as one Green Line train after another goes by with no Yellow Line trains shown in the list of upcoming trains.

        It seems like weekend single-tracking on the Yellow Line could have/should have occasioned a message on the electronic screen. That wouldn’t even have required printed signage.

    • try the new Metro Alerts. I had no idea there was so much track work on the Green Line …

  • Rave: Had a wonderful walk to work this morning. So very beautiful.
    Rant: I am becoming aware of how much I drink. How many happy hours can you go to before you start to get a little concerned? I certainly don’t get blitzed after work but I’m averaging two drinks a day, even on weekends. I think I need to course-correct.
    Rave: This means I need a new after work and weekend plan. Looking for suggestions involving physical activity. Someone mentioned a dance class?

    • Wow. Well your post just made me feel guilty – I average WAY more than tow a day. :-/

      PS: I could be wrong – not a counselor here – but I think you’d have to be having a few more than two drinks a day to fit the profile of an alcoholic. I don’t think most alcoholics could even get a decent buzz going on two drinks. I’m guess though….

      • *Two, not tow….

      • being an alcoholic doesn’t really have much to do with how many drinks per day you have as much as it is about how you feel. do you have to drink? do you crave it? can you stop after one or two? do you black out? do you get drunk alone? do you hide/lie about how much you drink? you can be an alcoholic and get drunk just once a week.

        If you’re a man, 2 drinks a day isn’t necessarily that bad (though not great), but if you’re a woman then physiologically that might do harm over the long run.

        • Wistful,

          If it concerns you … well, then it’s of concern. Recognizing that it may not be the best business plan is a great start. Maybe take a renewed interest in your job/ stay late and bust ass; reading and going to some these artsy things around town can keep you out of the bars.

          It’s not the quantity but the frequency that bothers you. I get it. Trust me. I get it.

    • I say go with how it feels. If two feels like too much, then consider it too much. Doctors are saying 1/day for women, 2/day for men. Just skip a few days a week, and that average drops right off. But I like to account for seasonal variations, and spring has to be a great beer drinking seaon.

      Past Tense has yoga at 530 most evenings, probably other studios do too.

    • I think alcohol is a problem only when it’s a problem. If it’s not negatively impacting, work, school, social interactions, your health, or sense of well being, then I wouldn’t sweat it. If you just want to do something different with your time, that’s of course totally legitimate.

    • Wow. Thanks for all of the perspective. Yes, I am concerned because I am starting to crave it and I can’t remember the last time I had water or iced tea with a meal instead of wine. Time for a different strategy.

    • If you’re interested in dance I’d try Joy of Motion! They have studios in Friendship Heights, Bethesda and at the Atlas on H Street. They have intro classes for newbies, fun classes like Beyonce dance/Britney Spears dance, and everything in between. I’ve been there on and off for a few years now.

  • Rave: decided to finally take a spanish class.

    Rant: i work till 5:30 in the almost burbs, so i’m having a hard time finding a class that starts later in the evening.

    • claire

      You might want to check out this program run by GW: http://www.thegln.org . I’ve been contemplating taking Spanish there myself. Apparently, the classes are really hard to get into, but if you manage to make it in, they’re scheduled after 5pm, and they end up free (you pay a $150 deposit which you get back if you attend 75% of the classes). The next session is the summer one starting on June 4 though (registration opens up 2 weeks before the start date).

      I don’t know what your current Spanish level, but personally (as a beginner who’s been studying on my own a bit), I’ve really enjoyed using this free online series to help with my learning: http://www.learner.org/series/destinos/ . It’s basically a little TV show in Spanish that’s geared towards beginning Spanish learners – kind of cheesy but they actually do a pretty good job of integrating conversational dialects, vocabulary, etc, with the story.

      Anyway, let me know if you find a good evening Spanish class option – I may be interested too!

      • I’m in my third semester of Russian with GLN, and haven’t had a hard time getting in (granted I’m sure there is less demand for advanced Russian than Spanish) but I really recommend it. I’ve met nice people, and the exposure to the language on a weekly basis has been helpful. It’s not comparable to a private tutor, or even college classes, but there is an emphasis on speaking and utilizing the language.

        • Claire – I have to have homework and a monetary investment, otherwise I will not study! 🙂 I’ll let you know if i find anything. I’m a complete beginner, plus some food words. Queso, anyone?

          Ew – ty govorish’ po russki?!

          • Да, я стараюсь. После 4 года учиться русский язык в университете, я хотела заниматься. Не хочу забывать так я часто практироваю. Я бы была грустная потерять етого.

          • Понятно! Я с Киева, русский – второй родной язык. Молодец что занимаешься! Не будет alzheimer’s disease when you get old. 🙂

      • Ditto on the GW program. I took Arabic there 2007-2008. The registration process may have changed but I followed the registration opening time religiously and was able to get into classes (I think I found myself registrating after midnight on a weeknight right when it opened). I suspect it has only gotten more popular, esp for classes like Spanish. The teachers can be hit/miss since they’re volunteers (though this, too, may have changed) but I had a very positive experience there. If I had more time I would continue taking there for sure. Also, when I took there there was a cap for class size so it was a decent teacher/student ratio. Suerte!

  • Rant: After a mouse decided to pay a visit to my cubicle yesterday, I’m constantly checking my peripheral vision.

    Rave: NYC in three days! Very excited.

  • Rave: This weather, while totally abnormal in terms of climate change, is stunning.

    Rant: I think my stomach is trying to revolt from my insides. I can’t enjoy coffee, have been in pain since early in the weekend, and fear lunchtime. IBS? Ulcer? Appendicitis? Unsure, but it sucks.

    Rave: I finally broke down and bought the $18 Joanna Newsom album on iTunes, Have one on me. Worth every single penny.

    • Thought that was going to be a quick rant-sandwich, but I’ve got another rant.

      RANT: My brother-and-sister-kitten duo believe the corner of my bed is a scratching post. At 2 am. In the morning. They go at it at 15-minute intervals. Brats–You have a scratching post. LET ME SLEEP.

    • claire

      Just want to say, that is an amazing album. Makes me feel all kinds of things…

  • Rave: To the moped driver who yelled at a cyclist today in Columbia Heights; your retort of “It’s too small” as you zipped away made me chuckle all the way to the office. Thank you. Friends?

  • Rave: What beautiful weather!

    Rant: I just want to be outside. I have tons of work that I could easily just sit outside to do but then there’s no ass seated in my desk chair in my office and my boss is just down the hall. As if that matters!

    Rave: Ducking out hopefully for an hour or two at a time to do my work outside!!

  • Rave: Weather.

    Rant: Someone pulled all the flowers off of our daffodils, leaving one on our doorstep. WTF?

  • Rave: I left work at 7:30 last night and there was still an ever-so-slight hint of sunlight!
    Rant: How the *F* is it only Tuesday?
    Rave: All of the new home decor blogs I’ve found. I’m obsessed. There needs to be a demand for blog reading as a profession. I’d be the best employee for that job. I would give PoP all the credit for starting my addiction, too.

  • Rave: Second interview today after I thought I blew the first interview last week.

    Rant: Thinking too much about how people change. What happened to the good old days?

    Rave: Planning on taking the week to catch up with old friends that I don’t want to disappear from my life.

  • claire

    Rave: Not sure if it’s the weather or something else, but I’m feeling a bit extra energetic and optimistic lately, and it’s great!

    Rave: Signed up for the free online Stanford NLP course, and I’m really excited to take it. Work in the field currently (but don’t have the technical background) and am planning on getting a masters in it soon, so it’ll be a good low-commitment start to immersing myself. Just hope that picking up python to do the assignments won’t be too hard.

    Rant: A little worried about overcommitting myself… may have to quit my second job…

  • rant: making big life decisions. i can’t make decisions on what to wear in the morning let alone big life ones!

    rave: knowing, that whatever i do decide, things will most likely be “okay” in the end. what is the worst that would happen? we grow by doing, and succeeding, and failing at things and picking ourselves back up again.

    rant: spending wayyyy to much money in the last couple months.

    rave: an interesting PT weekend job opportunity that came to my inbox last night. I feel totally flattered that this unsolicited opportunity came my way. something is working for me.

    rant: got back from vacation and still in a fog. waking up in the dark again? funk this!

    • I always tell myself that not making a decision is making a decision. It seems to take the pressure off!

  • Rant: Tried posting this question when I joined last week (not sure I was successful): What kind of sign ordinance does DC have? I’m increasingly visually assaulted by restaurants, especially, on U Street adorning themselves with all manner of banners, rope lights and the like. E.g., Alero now looks like crap and extremely tacky.

  • Rant: Two women in my exercise class talking on and off for the first 15 minutes; one was also texting/emailing/something on her phone. I said something to the instructor & he said he’d talk to them next time. What about this time?

    And I thought I’d go for a swim after class but realized I’d forgotten my bathing suit.

    Rave-ish: I ordered something from Amazon yesterday, regular delivery, and it came in today’s mail.

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