PoP Pre-Preview: Maple Modern American/Italian Restaurant Coming to Columbia Heights

3418 11th St, NW next to Columbia Heights Coffee

Yesterday I had a chance to check out the progress at Maple coming to 3418 11th St, NW next to Columbia Heights Coffee. And now I see how they got their name – check out the bar:

The detail is amazing:

So chatting with the owners revealed that they will be opening by the end of the month. They also confirmed that they will be serving modern American/Italian dishes. But what I hadn’t realized was that they have a Enomatic wine dispenser which will hold 8 bottles:

And they’ll also have two beers on tap:

Stay tuned for an exact opening date in the next couple of weeks. How ’bout that bar?

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  • and an old growth tree meets a timely death.

    • It’s probably not “old growth” but it was a pretty big tree! Just think of all the young trees that are growing quickly, and happily, due to this large opening in the canopy created by the harvesting of this tree. Gorgeous coutnertop!

    • austindc

      You can also often get these planks from folks who salvage trees that naturally fall down. Community Forklift sometimes has some nice pieces. I remember seeing a beautiful maple counter in one of the Solar Decathlon houses that was from a tree that blew over in a windstorm.

  • I hope they consider doing one night BYOB, like Mondays or Tuesdays.

  • I hope when these few blocks of 11th fill up some of a a few new venues will open up and dsiplace at least a couple of those dozen-or-so 99 cent stores over on 14th.

  • I love the fact that Columbia Heights/Petworth/Parkview are sprouting up shops and restaurants. Makes so much sense given all the housing that’s sprouting up there too. Now where the streetcar at?!

  • Wow!! That looks amazing! Can’t wait to check it out!!

  • Really excited for the way 11th street is shaping up. When I moved here the only place to eat on 11th was El Rinconcito and the chinese takeout restaurant. Now we have RedRocks, Room 11, Meridian Pint, CH Coffee, and soon this place, a mexican place and Tryst. Woo hoo!

  • perfect timing with this post! i just ran by this place this morning and wondered when it was going to open 🙂

  • totally stoked.

  • Great news, looks gorgeous, and I can’t wait to try it! I just hope quality of food is not an afterthought, and they bring in a good chef, because ultimately inconsistent food won’t overcome a great atmosphere (see Rumberos). If they can just manage to create really fresh, tasty pastas and paninis (keep it simple as there really is no competition in the area for that type of food, particular the pasta dishes) and focus on doing that well and affordably, they will be perpetually packed.

  • Looks great. I hope they have spaghetti!

  • Looking forward to it, but please don’t let one of those two taps be Moretti.

  • Tiz the end of the month! Any update on opening date?

  • I need updates! How is it?

  • Went there tonight. The caprese was delicious, with soft Buffalo mozzarella and sweet olive oil. The bruschetta with truffle oil and asparagus was very good, as was the prosciutto with bleu cheese and sweet jam. The aperol spritz was a bit watery, but the red wine from Tuscany I had was very good. The beer selection, while small, is top notch…at least the bottles, as they had only peroni and Bell’s Two Hearted on draft. I wish the prices were a bit lower, but who doesn’t.

  • So are they open on a regular basis now, or just a soft-opening? Noticed activity there recently.

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