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  • I LOVE District Kitchen. I’ve been a few times and always order the same thing–the Cincinnati Chili made with lamb and homemade fusilli pasta, just because I can’t imagine that anything else on the menu can be better than that. It’s on the Small Plates section, so I usually order a salad to go with it, but if you weren’t very hungry, you could definitely have just that as your meal.

  • I second S. The Cincinnati Chili was an absolutely must. Also of note, the wine list was good, staff was really friendly. The only thing I didn’t love is that minimalist loft look – that really means the restaurant just doesn’t have good insulation and makes it really loud and hard to hear people. But probably folks without hearing difficulties should be ok.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Awesome, I love Cincinnati Chili.

  • I’ve been a couple times and think it’s a great addition to a neighborhood lacking good dining options. I thought the food was good. Both the duck confit and pork shank were delicious. And the chocolate pot de creme for dessert was very good.

    • It’s good, but way overpriced for the food/neighborhood. Don’t confuse this with me saying it’s expensive. I’m rich. I don’t mind expensive. I mean overpriced.

      Also, it’s insanely loud in there. Imagine trying to talk to your dining companions while on the floor at the 930 club.

      • How is it overpriced for Woodley Park? One of the richest neighborhoods in DC? Or for the food? Inspired and delicious foodie fare? Nothing on the menu is over 30 bucks.

        • Because nothing on the menu (at least what our group had tried) was tasty enough (or unique enough, at the very least) to warrant me paying $30 for it. It doesn’t matter what neighborhood you are in – if your product doesn’t compete with other places charging the same amount, then you are overpriced. It’s especially noticeable when you can walk to places that charge less and taste better…

      • Agreed about it being overpriced. Quite the contrary, I am not rich at all. However, I don’t mind spending a bit of money for an exceptional meal. For the price point of an entree at DK I could eat at Central or Mintwood Place – two places where I could get a plate for $25 and feel like it was a worthwhile dining experience for that extra dollar. District Kitchen left me feeling like my money could have been better spent…

    • Woodley Park has more than it’s share of weak chain restaurants, but it’s not completely “lacking dining options.” Afghan Grill, Open City, and Mama Ayesha’s are all very good.

      • I didn’t say there weren’t any other good dining options, but I do think this fills a void in Woodley Park. The three you mentioned are nothing like District Kitchen. Not to mention the fact that there are only so many times you can eat at those three places.

  • The whole thing with putting “District” in your name is kind of played out for me. We now have:

    District Kitchen
    District Chophouse
    District Taco
    Yoga District
    District Commons
    District of Pi
    District 2
    District Grill
    and plain old “District” in Adams Morgan.

  • Went here late and got a bunch of desserts and drinks — they were both awesome and way above the standard of most places in Woodley Park. Even got a fancy $12 port on the house. The service was also friendly and helpful.

    Would definitely go again, since most places nearby have limited late night food options (New Heights, which sucks because it always has the best service), aren’t going for that sorta-swanky atmosphere (Open City), or don’t have a decent amount of people after 11pm (most every other place in Woodley Park ….)

    • Uhhhhhhhhh, when did New Heights get the best service? Service there is HORRIBLE. They do have the best bartender in the area (my opinion of course) based on her mixology skills. Don’t get me wrong, I love New Heights, but their service is by far the weakest part of the place. Good reviews of District Kitchen though. Many thanks for the honest responses.

      • Sorry — shoulda been more clear. I meant the bar @ New Heights — it’s always the same one or two bartenders and they are the best.

  • I only had a couple of small plates, but someone else in my party ordered the Kennett Square Mushroom French Dip and said it was fantastic. (It certainly looked it and I think it will be what I go with next time I’m there…)

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