Judging La Tomate’s Prosciutto Bar

Speaking of sandwiches, back in Aug. 2011 La Tomate launched a Prosciutto Bar at 1701 Connecticut Ave, NW in north Dupont Circle. Their Website says:

The Prosciutto Bar at La Tomate offers a connoisseur selection of imported and domestic cured meats, cut to order on an artisanal hand slicer. Enjoy Italy’s finest prosciutto, like San Daniele and Prosciutto di Parma, as well as more curious flavors like our Prosciutto Iberico, imported from Spain. Vegetarian options including fresh and creamy buffalo mozzarella, a selection of cheeses balanced with homemade confiture, and mediterranean treats like seasoned olives are also available.

For lunch on the go, try our Prosciutto Bar Panini, a selection of sandwiches served on a fresh baguette, hand-sliced to order and available to-go daily.

Any fans? Anyone try the Panini?

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  • Went recently and really enjoyed it. The proscuittos and other various meats are really good quality and all come with extras, i.e., bread, cheese, etc. You get a lot for the price, too. The panini was good and the bread fresh. I would definitely return.

  • am i the only one who finds it a little dubious to have an italian restaurant with a french name? i have never understood this.

    • so true! quite a few dc restaurant names seem random, meaningless, lazy (using the numbers from the address) or just strange.

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